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by Bruce Cole

This book gives the necessary background for the study and appreciation of Italian painting and sculpture from about 1250 to 1550. It tells how the artists learned their craft, the organization of their workshops, and the guilds they belonged to; how their customers or patrons treated them and where their work was displayed—churches, civic buildings, or private homes. The book discusses how art was made—tempera, oil, panel, canvas, fresco; it surveys the characteristic types of Renaissance art—altarpieces, portraits, tombs, busts, doors fountains, medals, etc.
Download The Renaissance Artist at Work epub
ISBN: 0719540704
ISBN13: 978-0719540707
Category: Photography
Author: Bruce Cole
Language: English
Publisher: John Murray Publishers Ltd (July 31, 1983)
Pages: 208 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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Bruce Cole has a well-deserved reputation for high quality scholarship and exposition. This book is an excellent synthesis of current knowledge about the role of the artist in society, his materials, and the types of work he might create.

Sadly, the illustrations accompanying the text are worse than any I've ever seen. They're of unbelievably low quality. If you took a low-quality scanner from the mid-90's, kept it on the 'text' setting instead of 'graphics', you would still get better images than the mess that's in this text. It's more like a fourth-generation mimeograph.

They are basically unusable. And that is unacceptable in an art history text. There is no grayscale - just large blurred black blobs. It's as if a creeping fungus made a home in the book, and refused to be dislodged. The fact that this book is in print as such is an insult. With even pedestrian-quality greyscale images, this would be a fantastic text.
Freaky Hook
I did not buy this book new, but bought the used version at a low (affordable for me) price, and was pleased with its reasonably good condition. I wanted this book because I had taken an online course on European art 1400-1800 that touched on the subject of artists' workshops in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance periods, and I wanted to delve into that subject more deeply. This book is well written and describes the subject in a clear, interesting way. I've enjoyed it.
Bought it because my family name is Pisano….however, the photos of the artworks did them no justice. lois johnson
Prince Persie
Excellent book for researching my thesis
great ant
good deal
Snake Rocking
bought this book for a class. it came in handy for that class. how much more can I say about a class book?
Over the last 30 years there seems to be a greater interest on the part of art historians in the nuts and bolts issues of how art is created. The works of E.H. Gombrich come to mind, or "The Academy and French Painting in the Nineteenth Century", by Albert Boime. This rather disconnected set of essays by Cole examines the material issues facing the Renaissance artist.
What did paintings cost? How was the artist valued? What expectations surrounded the conception and construction of the work of art? How did the original setting differ from our encounter with these works today? These are some of the questions addressed here. This is not a coffee table book, and the illustrations are low quality black and white (at least in the paper back edition).
Like the other book by Cole that I have read, "Titian and Venetian Painting, 1450-1590", I wish this book was twice as long. Many of the questions touched on here are only given a brief answer, but the information that is here is fascinating. I am not an Art Historian, so I can only guess at the authors reputation (now head of the NEA). My sense is that he is one of those historians with a breadth of knowledge that is quite rare in these days of specialization, and that his viewpoint shows a high degree of originality. My only complaint (aside from the 100 or so color illustrations that could have provided more details) is that the writing style is not as graceful as some of the masters of this genre.