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by Howard Harrison

How to Play the Flute is a new kind of flute tutor. It combines over fifty carefully selected musical pieces with illustrations, diagrams, and text to give students a full, clear explanation of the basics of flute playing. Progressing in easy stages, How to Play the Flute takes one from simple melodies to the music of Bach and Scott Joplin.

How to Play the Flute covers all the basics, including:- Purchasing and caring for your instrument- Reading music- Breathing techniques- Improving tone

Download How to Play the Flute epub
ISBN: 0241108756
ISBN13: 978-0241108758
Category: Photography
Subcategory: Music
Author: Howard Harrison
Language: English
Publisher: Elm Tree Books (January 1, 1983)
Pages: 96 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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I received this book a few days ago because of the good reviews that it has for beginner flute players. I was teaching myself the flute but had laid off it for awhile and need to get back to it. I really want to be able to play this instrument! My first day using this book was just what I needed, to start from scratch. The beginning of the book discusses the basics in depth and goes into how to properly hold the flute and where to put your fingers. This is no joke! It may sound easy but this is vitally important. The only downside that I have experienced thus far is that the diagrams in the book which reflects how to hold the instrument has a lot to be desired for a beginner. I "googled" a better, clearer diagram. I do like this book and the forthright way that the author discusses learning to play. I'm excited to take this journey.
Gave this book to our 13 year old daughter for Christmas along with an inexpensive flute. She had never touched a flute in her life until Christmas morning.

By Christmas night, she was playing simple songs and now, 2 months later, she plays as well as the kids in the band/orchestra who have been playing for 2 years! Her band director is astounded. Disclaimer: she did know how to read music and does play the clarinet - but this book 100% helped take her from "never touched a flute" to "I play the flute" in just a few weeks.

Gives very basic beginners information about how to hold the flute, how to position your mouth, etc along with reading music basics and then has several beginning to intermediate pieces in it. If you have a very motivated child and want to see how interested they are in the flute before shelling out the ???? money ???? for flute rental and lessons, or if you homeschool and want a good beginning flute lesson book, I think you'll be pleased with this.
After 6 months, I'm up to page 82 of the book, and in my daily practice, I usually go back and play all the melodies starting with "Ilkerton Ridge". I like Harrison's book a lot -- it's working very well for me. (But the diagrams and illustrations are pretty crude.) I've also used "Essential Elements for Band", and it's interesting that the first practice pieces in Harrison's book use notes from the lowest octave, which are easiest to play, and the later practice pieces introduce higher notes, one by one. But the "Essentials" book starts with notes in the second octave then introduces lower notes later. I guess that's because the flute played in a band typically plays higher notes, so it can be heard above the other instruments. Since I don't play in a band, I like Harrison's approach better.

Also, the pieces in Harrison's book are melodically more interesting than the little ditties in the "Essentials" book. However, as compared with some other introductory books on the flute I've looked at, for both Harrison and "Essentials", explanations are at a minimum, and the music is the thing. Harrison starts early with phrasing and articulation.
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How many flute books can one buy? ... well, I despite a whole stack I bought this one too and am glad I did. I will say it is more suited for the amateur adult beginner who wants to "get on with it quickly" to enjoy playing - recreationally. I've found some really useful tips on embouchure control and tone production (air speeds and angles). Not quite your rigorous Trevor Wye classic (very highly recommended), but nevertheless fantastic angle from which to intro the flute for those into self-experimentation or without a musical background.

Rather than the run of the mill presentation that one can come to expect in most beginner books, this one approaches

instruction different yet refreshingly so - one is eased into the basic rudiments along the way. One would find oneself

progressing without being bogged down or too concerned with rigid pedantics which maybe necessary for those seeking a more

formal music education.

Great illustrations, preemptive descriptions on what to look out for when starting out what to expect and avoid and

how to improve. Love this book. Recommend depending on your needs.
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This is a great book for learning to play the flute. It has complete and detailed instructions for the beginner and really helped me get started. Within a week of getting my book and following the instructions, I was playing a scale! My tone still needs work but thanks to the instructions in this book I know what to do to improve it. I bought several other books at the same time as this one and none of them including the Band Essentials book that is used in most school bands, was even close to the instructional quality in this one. This is the only book I use now. The illustrations are clear, easy to understand and it teaches you the simple fingering first before progressing to the more complex. It adds one finger at a time which was really good for me and made learning the fingering easier than the Band Essentials which starts with the key of Bb with two flats. It also demistified reading the fingering charts and clearly explaines how to play in different octaves. It even has breathing exercises to help you develop your breath control. I already knew how to read music but if I had not known, the instructions for that were in there also. This book is the next best thing to having your own private instructor at your beck and call. A Very comprehensive learning tool for the beginner.