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Download Chord Melody Method for Uke: How to Create Melodies and Chord Solos epub

by Jerry Moore

This book teaches you how to create melodies and chord solos on the ukulele. It is intended to help those players who love this instrument, and would like to increase their skills and enjoyment. The basic approach taken does not include music theory and rhythms, only the chords and notes necessary to create and play the songs. A "user friendly" approach to playing wonderful ukulele solos!
Download Chord Melody Method for Uke: How to Create Melodies and Chord Solos epub
ISBN: 078667718X
ISBN13: 978-0786677184
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Subcategory: Music
Author: Jerry Moore
Language: English
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc. (October 10, 2010)
Pages: 116 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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I really love the time and attention to detail that went into creating this book for advancing players. There are a few outright errors and some glaring typos (hence 4 stars), but on the whole, this book is full of good information.

Jerry Moore aims in this book to teach you how to make your own chord melody solos without teaching you much music theory or relying on traditional notation. As a player with a master's degree in music composition, I personally don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to read music (the system we have has had hundreds of years to develop and is the simplest/quickest way to transmit the musical information of pitch and rhythm), but I know there are those out there that don't want to touch it, and this book is for you.

Moore notates all the songs in this book with chord diagrams. I personally find a chord diagram for every note to be a little cumbersome, but for teaching the concept of a chord melody solo I can see the advantages - primarily that of designating fingerings on chords with added melody notes. The biggest drawback of the system is that you must know the timing for the songs in this book, as there is no mention of rhythm or attempt to notate it.

So, why four stars if I'm so put out by a 'chord diagram' method? Well, because this book will get you past the 5th fret, playing the higher inversions of all the common ukulele chords. Moore begins the book with a series of charts that are simply wonderful, charting all the common chords with inversions up to the 12th fret. Having it laid out so simply before you makes it easy to practice these inversions.

I've seen a chart of all the individual notes that can be found on the ukulele fretboard before (which can frankly be a bit overwhelming), but Moore gives you a seperate chart for each note, which is really cool (there is a mistake on the Bb/A# chart that leads you to believe it is notated traditionally where Ab/G# is, oh well). Yes, it takes up a few pages, but it makes it very clear and gives you something to practice rather than just a reference source.

The next set of charts help you transpose music from one instrument to another, offering common chord progressions side by side with charts for guitar, c ukulele, d ukulele and g ukulele (baritone). Useful.

Another set of charts shows clearly the concept of 8 moveable chord formations (4 major chord formations & 4 dominant 7th formations). Another useful reference.

Now that you know all the chord inversions and the various places to find all twelve notes on the fretboard, you're ready to start the process of making chord melody solos. I've often complained that certain author's 'methods' are not methodical at all, but Moore is ultra-methodical; he outlines every step of the process, really more than I needed (as a composer), but I can see the value for someone who does not have my background. Sometimes I feel things could be expedited/quickened up with the use of some traditional notation, but the chord diagramming is Moore's method and it does work to illustrate this type of soloing.

At the end, there is a nod to tablature, which I think is a less cumbersome way of notating a song without using a staff, but as I said before, you're then left without fingerings, unless you use the two together.

Anyway, I feel I got a keeper just for the awesome charts and reference materials.

M Ryan Taylor
This is a great book, if your looking to learn to play a fretted instrument this is the book for you. you can use this book with banjo uke or guitar the information is all there. Although written for the uke you can use the info for other instruments as well. best instructional book I have ever purchased.
I bought this book after reading so many rave reviews about it. I really don't understand why it got so many because it is not a good book to teach anyone to play chord melody. What the book does for you however, is give you some of the best chord charts I have found. If you want to know where to find all the possibilities for chords and the fingering then this book covers more than you will ever need. The CD is useless. He rushes through every song whether it should be fast or slow and he doesn't explain anything. There is no way to keep up or even understand what he is playing because it is not in the book the way he is playing it. He doesn't explain that either. To be honest, I didn't even like his playing. Just because you can find chords all the way up and down the neck of the uke, doesn't mean you should use them. None of the songs were written so they could be played in the way I was expecting to be able to play them. What was I expecting? I was expecting to improve my ability to play song melodies using the chords and single notes on more than just the first 5 frets and to understand how to add simple embellishments where there is blank space between phrases. When to strum to maintain a rhythm, etc. I do not want to be a professional, I just want to be able to play songs that are pleasant to hear and at a decent tempo and I want to do it correctly. I have played and taught piano for 50 years I also play the hammered dulcimer and the autoharp, so I know notes and chord theory. I do not recommend this book.
While this book sounds great, the price listed for $999.11 sounds a bit excessive, no matter how good.