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Download Jacko, His Rise and Fall: The Social and Sexual History of Michael Jackson epub

by Darwin Porter

From famed celebrity biographer Darwin Porter, this is the most honest and journalistically important biography of Michael Jackson ever published, with a roster of literary reviews that outnumber and outclass any other MJ bio on the market. After its original release in 2007, it was widely reviewed as the most thorough and comprehensive biography of the superstar published anytime during the previous 15 years. Following the superstar's death in June of 2009, Porter edited and amplified his already controversial texts to include startling new information about The Gloved One, adding a final chapter and a post-mortem epilogue reflecting the mysterious circumstances surrounding Jackson's death and an analysis of its aftermath.
Download Jacko, His Rise and Fall: The Social and Sexual History of Michael Jackson epub
ISBN: 1936003104
ISBN13: 978-1936003105
Category: Photography
Subcategory: Music
Author: Darwin Porter
Language: English
Publisher: Blood Moon Productions; 2 edition (August 17, 2009)
Pages: 600 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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Porter is not a good writer at all, and because of this, it's difficult to get through the book, which is filled with choppy, small paragraphs, not always written in time sequence. The pace of the book feels like a stumbling journey through a high-schooler's report.

Unsubstantiated "facts" are the main meat of the tome; sensational stories are preceded by such credibility-shatterers as, "a source says..." "an ex-employee reports..." "a music industry source claims..." "one irate manufacturer said..." "Michael was said to have..." "One reviewer said..." "Reportedly..."

So few of the "facts" and stories are documented with names or footnotes that it's evident from the start that what you're reading is -unless properly documented - is complete fiction. Whole conversations are shared; how does anybody share entire pages of dialogue and expect to be credible?

Should you be someone who has fun reading crap - as I sometimes am - this book is OK. If you're someone looking for well-documented pieces on Jackson, check out Taraborelli's fat biography, or something else. This is fiction, as far as I see it. Sort of fun if you can get past the poor writing.
Nothing personal
While I really feel that this author attempted to be both unbiased and accurate, he only writes second hand information. I read a lot of claims that he admitted could not a verified. When it comes to Michael Jackson and all the things that he has been accused of over the years, I say, if you can not confirm it, why mention it at all.
I can understand if this were a news article, but he advertised as someone who was an authority on the subject of Michael's "Social and Sexual" history and I really don't believe that he was. Some of it can be reduced to nothing more than an opinion, not even and educated guess.
For instance, all through the book he made it seem like Michael hated the color of his skin so much that he was bleaching it to be white. I don't know if this author is aware that one of the biggest shockers that was discovered about Michael after he died was that he did in fact have the skin disorder that ruined his pigmentation. I was waiting for him to mention that toward the end, but he never did.
Being a fan at one time, I was surprised that he picked up on something that I had felt. When the funeral first started and they were singing, "Soon And Very Soon, by: Andre Crotch, I was taken aback for a moment. I thought, Michael Jackson wasn't a Christian, was he? Then I settled it by hoping that he was and deciding not to judge.
I hope it wasn't a play on the fact that the song says, "Were Going To See The King, after soon and very soon. That song is supposed to be about Jesus. Not to be mean, but if the, "King Of Pop," was not a Christian, I don't ever want to see him again. I am not trying to go where Christians don't!!!
This was a good transaction .a bit slow due to weather but the seller was nice. The book I can't quite say. I do like the way it reads. It sort of takes you into a sleazy version of mj's world.i don't believe half the crap in it but it's a good read with pictures included.
I think this author lacks credibility. He makes basic factual errors like writing that Michael Jackson wrote the song "She's Out of My Life" when Michael Jackson, did not write that song he only recorded it. This is something you can verify by just reading the linear notes of the "off The Wall" album. I cannot trust an author who cannot get his basic facts straight. The author blantantly steals from Bob Jones's book, J. Randy Tamborelli's book and a whole host of other author's books.
I was hoping to read an objective book about Michael Jackson, not a compilation of tabloid gossip. The author seems obsessed with MJ "homosexuality" and doesn't leave any room for the possibility that he was a heterosexual man. There were several women in MJ's life and the most important for him were not even mentioned in this book. There's no cronological order in his story and he jumps from one subject to another which I found very annoying. What bothered me the most is the fact that the author doesn't give MJ any credit for hardly anything, and when he does, he does so reluctantly. This book is the typical fast-money-maker opportunistic publication. It seems like the author thought: "Whatever money I make out of it, is OK, I didn't have to make any effort writing it anyway, I just put all the tabloid garbage, mix it with a few real facts, and that's it."
I feel that this book was more about gossip than actual fact. I also felt that the author was biased on his views of Michael Jackson and he wanted him to be portrayed as the author himself felt.