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by Geoffery Giuliano

John Lennon was a legend in his own time. Deprived of life at a young age, Lennon has become a symbol of the '60s and '70s peace movement. But what do we really know about him as a person?
Download Lennon in America: 1971-1980, Based in Part on the Lost Lennon Diaries epub
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Author: Geoffery Giuliano
Language: English
Publisher: Cooper Square Press (July 2, 2001)
Pages: 320 pages
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I would like to preface my comments by saying......if the information in this book is true......I was surprised at the deep rooted issues John harbored as an adult...putting in mildly. I believe he had a good heart and cared about people, especially his fans. However, he had a very dark side that was most likely in the realm of mental illness. I refrain from judging because who knows what any of us would do if we were thrown into fame, fortune, an endless supply of mind altering substances and placed on a pedestal for all to worship. John is not here to defend himself so l am sure there were some creative liberties taken to keep the reader involved. I wish John had been a true father to Julian and better to Cynthia as I believe she truly loved him. This book made John human and in my mind/heart continues to rise above all others. John, I hope you are at peace.
I'm always a little skeptical of celeb bios which paint portraits of their subjects as being so totally dysfunctional that you can barely comprehend how they manage to get through a day in the real world. Giuliano's bio of John Lennon is on the thin, sharp edge of this territory, giving us a Lennon so sex, drug and Yoko-addled that he's lost virtually all of his creativity. What we're seeing is almost a walking corpse. It's almost a relief when Chapman kills him. Thats a terrible way to feel about anyone, much less someone who was a kind of hero. There's part of me that resents bios like this.
Giuliano, who is seen in photos being terribly chummy with Yoko and Sean, nevertheless trashes her as an artist and a human being with such apparent glee that the word "hypocrite" came screaming to mind. If you had bad feelings about Yoko, this book will only confirm them. If you had no bad feelings about Giuliano when you started reading, you might just have them by the time you finish.
Did I enjoy this book? No. But I did finish reading it, a tribute to Giuliano's easy style, and the prurient nature of the human mind. It's hard to look away from a train wreck.
While the book is interesting to a point it is very biased. A lot of Yoko Ono bashing and conjecture in my opinion.
If I could give it less than one star I would. All the so called information is hear say by people who claim to know John. I knew John and spent time with him everyday including December 8. People change things in their memories as time goes by. Interviews given by people in a book published in 2001 twenty one years after someone's death is clearly a money making shame. He "claims" to have read John's diaries. I actually saw the diaries and read them with John at my side. John was a complex individual and in a lot of ways "quotes" attributed to him are not what they seem to be to someone who reads something but did not know John. He had a habit of saying or writing something that could easily be misconstrued. Yoko was cheating on John for many many years. She even made it known to John that she wanted Paul. In addition she had a $5000.00 a day heroin habit and after John quit "cold turkey" she went back to it and knew John would be able to tell so she sent him on a trip. She constantly LIED about John and their relationship so what can you expect from the people supposedly interviewed for this book. If their statements weren't juicy enough they wouldn't make any money so take it for what it is. Sean is not John's biological son. Yoko told John that if a child is born on your birthday your soul will enter the child's. She arranged for a c section three weeks before her actual delivery date, so that Sean would be born on John's birthday. John knew which one of her boyfriends was the father. One thing that was difficult to understand about John was that he truly was intelligent. However he was also susseptical to the screwed up ideas of people he trusted or assumed they knew more then he did. John never considered himself to be a "normal" thinker and that didn't help. If you think about it no one is "normal" every one has their idiosyncrasies unfortunately in John's case they have been overblown and exploited especially after he was gone and couldn't speak for himself. Why can't people stop exploiting him and give him the peace he desperately pursued in life. I could provide more details but I would need a book myself. I have many many pictures of John and I together and he introduced me to many people so I can easily prove the depth of our relationship. The reason I haven’t done so is that John felt that he had become a dollar sign to his family and anyone who ever knew him or barely met him. I will not join that unscrupulous group including the ex wife that had her boyfriend in bed with her the night John was shot. Oh one more thing that phoney wedding ring story John NEVER I REPEAT NEVER wore a ring on his left had. Even pictures taken in the studio that night show no ring as well as other pictures from that night. John didn't wear rings often once in awhile when we went out some where special he might wear a ring on his right hand.