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by Jason Burnside,Molly Burnside,Jaime J Vendera

A new vocal instruction training system designed to strengthen and increase the range of your voice. This book presents a complete detailed description and explanation of vocal anatomy, and includes chapters on vocal health, breathing, and song mapping. Also included is a full unique vocal warm up called Vocal Stress Release, and the Raise Your Voice vocal strenthening and range increasing exercise system. Contains over 60 illustrations and 15 audio examples.
Download Raise Your Voice epub
ISBN: 0974941115
ISBN13: 978-0974941110
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Subcategory: Music
Author: Jason Burnside,Molly Burnside,Jaime J Vendera
Language: English
Publisher: Vendera Publishing (September 5, 2000)
Pages: 186 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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Wow. I'll start by saying I took voice lessons in music school as a secondary instrument (piano was my primary). I had a great teacher (she actually taught Vanessa Williams and some opera singers), but the way music schools are set up--learn 2-3 pieces for juries, repeat each semester--didn't leave a lot of room/time for learning technique. My personality type demands details and clear step by step instructions for learning. Enter Raise Your Voice. I can't believe how much detail Jaime packs into this book, not to mention the additional audio files and access to the RYV message board. This book covers everything from breathing, to proper vocal health/ care and even mind/body technique to help with stage fright. This isn't a new technique/ method, but is based on the Bel Canto's just explained in a very clear and easy to understand way. Here is what I have gained as a singer from this book:

-Greater range in both directions (Db2 up to Ab5). The isolation exercises did the trick
-No more pain or discomfort in my tongue or throat, because of the warm up and cool down exercises
-Natural remedies to soothe my cords and keep them in good health.
-Better breathing technique...something that was a mystery in college.
-Ease of singing higher worship songs in church.
-My first opportunity to sing the national anthem at a sporting event at my alma mater
-Knowledge of how diet affects the voice.
-New exercise routines perfect for busy musicians

THESE are all the things I desired in college, but could never dig into with my teacher, b/c of preparation for juries. This book is a labor of love by Jaime for all aspiring singers out there. Jaime is very holistic in his approach. If you're not a rock or metal singer (I'm not), this book is still for you. It will help with any style of singing as it is based in classing methodology. And for only $30, you can't go wrong. You can't even get a half-hour voice lesson for that much!!

I am now a student in Jaime's Vendera Vocal Academy (VVA), where this is one of the books we use in the VOX 101 classes. I'm very grateful to him for writing this book. I don't know where I would be vocally, if someone hadn't taken the time to lay everything out so well, for detail-oriented folks like me. Thanks Jaime!!
It's been years since I've read the book, but I love the exercises that come with it. I've taken voice lessons for years and I've never really like warming up or doing vocal exercises until this book. He has a lot of creative exercises that are fun to do like the Chewbacca one and witch's cackle. Even if you aren't a metal singer (and I'm definitely not) it's a lot of fun to make all sorts of different sounds with your voice and explore what it can do.
I bought this for my husband, he is incedibly musical but has never been a great singer. He says:


I'd rate it ten stars out of five if I could.

I never thought I could be a good singer, but Jaime proved me wrong and showed me the way. In less than a month, by practicing the methods he makes so accessible and easy to understand...

The notes I could hit (especially high ones) sound a lot better.
I can hold notes longer.
The break in my voice has all but disappeared.
I can hit notes that, for years, I never could. Seven semi-tones higher, and two semi-tones lower. And they sound great!

All within a month!

It is no exaggeration to say these tried and tue methods applied to my vocals are like the gospel is to the soul. I feel like, as a singer, I was dead and blind. Now I'm alive and can see! And everybody else can hear the difference, too.

If you want to take your voice to a professional level, don't hesitate. Of course it takes practice, but if I can do it so can you!

Buy this outstanding resource!

I can't wait to see how I sound a year from now. I've already made more progress than I ever thought possible!

Thanks, Mr. Vendera!
This guy knows his stuff but what is really awesome is how available this guy is to his readers. No joke. He has a web site set up that you can join which has all sorts of extra stuff, a forum, and other tidbits... for free with the purchase of his book. Unlike most other authors or specialists, when you address him, he writes you back. This guy must live at his keyboard... he's that diligent. Also, for touring vocalists, this book is a must. He has all sorts of methods for keeping your voice in tip top shape that I haven't seen discussed anywhere else. For those of you who are hardcore/metal vocalists, I highly suggest buying this, his diaphragm workout book, and The Zen of Screaming for the warm ups it provides.
Great book, great guy!
This book has been a huge help to me. I am professional singer who was recently diagnosed with pre-nodules (which I have since reversed). This book is loaded with valuable information. It's got extensive info on interesting ways to promote vocal health and hygiene (streamers, vocal sprays, natural remedies etc). The vocal exercises are excellent for growing your voice and for strengthening muscle coordination in your vocal cords. I constantly find myself referring back to this book. Big bonus- buying the book gains you access to his website, where you can download all kinds of vocal exercises for free. Oh, and he includes loads of articles written by other singers and singing coaches that are VERY informative, and also can lead you to research their work further if you so desire. HIGHLY recommended.
WOW!!!!!!! I've been using singing success for weeks, but one day of this is 10x better and way more informative. The price difference has me convinced that I got robbed. Singing success is okay I'm on the fourth or fifth CD and I use it 6 out of 7 days a week. When I'm done with singing success I'm going to use this more consistently. Brett and Jaime are friends because Brett has a small part in this book. Also singing success guarantees a full octave range upon completion. Also I'm using singing success not singing success 360. GET THIS BOOK!!