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by Ken Mondschein

This volume offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of late medieval martial arts, from wrestling to fencing with the longsword to the subtle tricks that could be employed when jousting on horseback. Using superb details of lively pen drawings highlighted with gold leaf, the book features some of the most interesting selections from Fior di Battaglia (The Flower of Battle), a manuscript by the renowned Italian fencing master Fiore dei Liberi depicting the knightly arts of fighting with swords, daggers, and polearms, on foot and on horseback, and in and out of armor.  

The copy in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum, created in the early fifteenth century, is the finest and most complete manuscript to survive. Offering detailed visual documentation of Fiore’s techniques coupled with the author’s genius for explaining sophisticated methods of offense and defense, the manuscript provides a comprehensive record of the skills by which men lived and died in the Middle Ages. Included are an introductory commentary, brief explanations of positions and techniques, and fascinating details about medieval arms and armor. 
Download The Knightly Art of Battle epub
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Author: Ken Mondschein
Language: English
Publisher: J. Paul Getty Museum; 1 edition (October 25, 2011)
Pages: 128 pages
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The fact that the original material is so rare makes this volume worth the purchase price! After studying many of the German & Swiss masters I find the Fior Di Battaglia ( The Flower of Battel very interesting & for any swordsman a valuable tome! Lets face it anyone who study's Martial arts knows the more skills you learn the better a warrior you become! This was true from the beginnings of the Olympics' seen in Pancration Combat ! Which has been rediscovered today under the name of Mixed Martial Arts & the U.F.C. ! After decades of studying mixed martial arts I was shocked to see in the rediscovered fight manuals from Medieval Europe what I had believed were Asian Martial arts forms, I saw Judo, Maui Thai, Karate, American wrestling, Greco Roman wrestling & Boxing as well as Jui Jitsu! Beyond that I saw advanced special forces death strikes!!! And that's all before you ever pick up a sword!!!! Well after more thought it began to make perfect sense to me because no matter where you are on the globe the human body remains the same! The Italian Masters techniques found in this fight manual are very complementary to the other styles as a lot of the guards found here are held in a more restful position, great knowledge for a fighter who is becoming fatigued. Where the majority of the other fight manuals tended to encourage a more aggressive style to set the pace of the fight or flat out overwhelm your opponent, this fight manual is akin to the counter striker filling in a much needed niche that was missing from my 5 other fight manuals. I will say any added trick of the trade is worth learning & this fight manual offers several!!! Every student I have worked with inevitably brings up throwing his sword at me so I tell them "Go ahead try it." After either side stepping or batting the flying blade aside I casually walk up & simulate striking them down, & tell them " This sword throwing business is only effective in melee combat when you can nail someone that's not paying attention & should never be done unless your carrying a back up sword!" So I was surprised to see this sword throwing technique shown in this fight manual! This is not the best fight manual for beginners as it lacks detailed description but is a gem to those with enough experience to mentally fill in the gaps & see what makes these techniques so valuable! For lovers of history and all things medieval this is a must have peek into the past! For the people interested in practicing swordsmanship and the use of medieval weapons this is a must have, if you only learn one effective new trick its worth the price & I will guess that you will pick up several new tricks!!!
This book is not a training manual, it is an appreciation of a medieval manuscript and as such it succeeds brilliantly. Probably intended to be sold at the Los Angeles Getty Museum gift shop, it is aimed at a general audience not just at HEMA practitioners. Thus it does not just preach to the choir but exposes the public to one of the obscure sources of medieval weapons training.

The book is mainly a picture book, each page showing an illustration from the manuscript with commentary on what the illustration was about, as well as on the accompanying text in the manuscript. The author believes the "Flos Duellatorium" was not a training manual, but rather a memorial of the fighting techniques of Fiore de Liberi.

I showed this book to a non-HEMA friend who is a history buff and he was blown away to find out such illustrated manuscripts had existed in the late middle ages. I know several similar such people who will be recieving a copy of this book for Christmas. Anyone interested in medieval, military or martial arts history will appreciate this magnificent book.
Cherry The Countess
As I'm currently working on a collaborative project that focuses on the topic of medieval knights, court, nobility, and war, this book is extremely helpful as a reference when we had to draw out the close combat scenes.

The book is mostly in color and clear images, which is a deal on the price along with free shipping.

Personally, as a martial arts practitioner that focuses on sword fighting (Japanese Kendo, Iaido, and fencing,) I am aware that this is how the warriors in the past used to fight and spar, with the intention of killing each other if not for practice. For those that complain about this being useless as a "guide", I've never looked at this book as an actual martial art guide. Seriously speaking, who walks around with armor and a sword / saber on his (or her) hip nowadays? This is not a self-defense manual, rather a historical reference and documentation about "how people used to fight". Get a legit professional trainer or a modern guide if you really want to practice the skill.