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by Norah Waugh

Corsets and Crinolines is a study of the changing shapes of women's dress and how these were produced, how simple laced bodices became corsets of cane, whale-bone and steel, while padding at shoulders and hips gave way to the structures of farthingales, hoops and bustles. Added are contemporary tailors and dressmakers accounts, illustrations, index, a glossary of terms and materials, appendices on the repair and manufacture of corsets and crinolines.
Download Corsets and Crinolines epub
ISBN: 0878305262
ISBN13: 978-0878305261
Category: Photography
Subcategory: Graphic Design
Author: Norah Waugh
Language: English
Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (January 2, 1991)
Pages: 176 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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I recieved a VERY old book, almost falling apart, but the info in it was priceless and worth every tear and yellowed page. There is so much to learn from this book and it is an incredibly pleasurable experience going through it. I have not yet found another book on corsets this well written. It is not for the beginning seamstress trying to sew a corset as far as patterns go, more for an advanced seamstress with some skill in this area but well worth having in your sewing library no matter what level you're at if you're interested in corsetry. It is also a fantastic book for those who are not seamstresses but who are interested in the history and makeup of corsetry over time. One of the best purchases in my rather large sewing library.
Exactly what's on the cover. Amazing book with a number of useful patterns for corsets and skirt supports. The lack of a grid system makes the patterns a bit more difficult to scale, but still a very good price for the number of patterns you get.
This is not a reading on the seller but on the book itself. The seller got it shipped fast arrive before it was supposed to and it's in perfect condition. This seller absolutely deserves five stars.

My problem and I wanted to rate this three stars but I didn't want to ruin the sellers rating because it's not a reflection of them as they are not the author, is I really didn't like the book. It's out of print so it's very expensive, I purchased this book because I'm very interested in 18th-century stays in 18th-century sewing, a lot of people who are in historical selling groups that I belong in use this resource and reference it frequently, however I didn't find myself very thrilled with this purchase at all there's a lot of new were books out there that have more information, and easier to read information.

There are quite a few patterns in the book available to scale up but I found the construction informational a little bit difficult to follow along with and understand. There's great historical information and historical references in this book so it is a really wonderful book if you're looking for a good historical resources being in multiple centuries but I was looking for one specific century and hoping for more construction and design information than this book offers which is probably why I was disappointed, there's great historical information and historical references in this book so it is a really wonderful book if you're looking for a good historical resource spanning multiple centuries but I was looking for one specific century and hoping for more construction and design information then this book offers.
I really like this book, although I do take the patterns with a grain of salt. I've read about this book so many times that I felt compelled to get it and I don't regret doing so. The information is interesting and reading what people had to say about corsets and farthingales and crinolines in those items heydays is very insightful and telling.
I would recommend this book to those interested in for example corsets and their history.
Corsets & Crinolines is great for many corset, hoop & bustle patterns, and will work well for most of your historic costuming needs, (1600-1920). Really great for 17 & 1800's.
The patterns are easy to scale up & the diagrams are very helpful for the finished product.
Here is a list of the patterns in the book:
early 1600's body, 1630 bodice, 1650 boned bodice lining, 1702 stays, 1730-40 stays, 1776 1/2 boned stays, 1780 1/2 boned stays, 1793 short stays, 1790's short stays, 1740 Hoop petticoat, 1760 pocket hoops, late 1820's stays, 1844 corset, 1860 corset, 1873 corset, 1880's corset, mid-1890's corset, 1901 corset, 1911 'corset', 1904 ribbon corset, 1918 girdle, 1925 corset, 1864 crinoline, 1872 crinoline (with bustle), 1876 bustle.
An experienced costumer may be able to gain more patterns from the other illustrations. The section on how to make corsets is a must-read for anyone interested in constructing these garments.
Ms. Waugh's sources are always entertaining & excellent!
Has vintage patterns for several corset styles through time. This was the text for a college level corset class, primarily for those patterns.
AWESOME BOOK! We used it as our textbook in my corset class and it was worth it. Such a small book but packed with patterns and information! Good for students or those interested in the history of corsetry!
I bought this because others raved about it (corsetry forums on LiveJournal) and i loved all the patterns it provided - just was i was looking for!!
To be honest, i copied all the patterns then passed the book on with out really reading it as id rather watch dvds with fashion history in it than read about it! haha too tedious for me. But heaps of pics and interesting text (what others read and shared with me) But i loved the patterns. I didnt have too much trouble redrafting from the patterns provided and piccs helped to get the overall shape. :)