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by William Sears

The best-selling authors of The Baby Book (Dr William and Martha Sears) have created a supportive and practical guide to coping with difficult and fussy children. The book contains proven methods for dealing with a multitude of difficulties you may encounter. Parents of fussy or difficult children, take heart, best-selling childcare experts William and Martha Sears have written a book just for you. Drawing on more than twenty years of paediatric practice and their experiences with their own high-need children, they provide: - Creative ways to soothe a fussy baby - Information on medical causes of infant fussiness -- from infections to food sensitivities - Effective ways of coping with common high-need personality traits and behaviour - Proven strategies for discipline -- getting connected to your child early, providing structure, setting limits, knowing when to say yes and when to say no - Tips on learning how to talk and listen - Real-life stories and advice from parents of high-need children In The Fussy Baby Book Dr. William and Martha Sears acknowledge the difficulties you face but show you how responsive parenting can turn these challenges into advantages for both you and your child. The Searses prove that difficult children can provide the most rewarding parenting experiences of all.
Download The Fussy Baby Book : Parenting Your High-Need Child from Birth to Five epub
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Author: William Sears
Language: English
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd (June 30, 2005)
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This book saved me during the first year after my high-needs son was born. The traditional tips and tricks weren't working for him. He wanted to be held and nursed constantly and would not sleep unattached to a parent. This book helped me let go of preconceived ideas of how he "should be" and what parenting has to look like. It was so reassuring to know that it was ok to parent the way I instinctually wanted to (co-sleeping, extended nursing, baby wearing, gentle/positive discipline). Not only ok, but beneficial. My son is almost 3 now and we have an amazing bond. He is still very active and intense and needs a lot of physical contact. He is also very empathetic and intelligent and so affectionate! I read a ton of parenting books and this was by far the most helpful (especially for that specific high-needs personality type)!
If you think your baby needs you more than a "typical baby", then you need this book! Don't hesitate, just buy it! My daughter is almost 2 and I still read and reread it to help better understand her!
This book is great for breastfeeding mothers who have a baby that is extremely attached and wakes hourly thru the night. I expected to not get much sleep but by eight months I knew something was different. Nobody had answers for me and I was becoming frustrated. This book really gives a better perspective about my baby!
This book has been a breath of fresh air for my husband and I. We are the proud parents of a very high-needs baby. This book has given me the validation I needed during some of the more difficult phases our baby has gone through. I'm a big Sears fan and have The Baby Book, The Discipline Book and his son's The Vaccine Book. This one's just as informative, well-written and accessible in its advice. It's a serious comfort and reassuring point of view... a nice change from all the know-it-all baby trainers and irritating in-laws with ill-informed advice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT for anyone with a challenging little one in the house.
This book saved my life thirty years ago and I've bought it to pass on to the next generation!
Vital Beast
All Dr. Sears books are worth owning, but this one in particular has been a lifesaver for me and my family. It softens the view on your "colicky" baby, and helps open your heart to your sweet little hard to handle infant. Some babies cry a lot, and this book helps you keep meeting your baby's needs. It was a huge boost to my confidence as a mother of a fussy baby, and I wish I would have owned it sooner.
I didn't know that My 2nd baby was high needs baby and I was so stressed, discouraged, and tired! I found info online and subsequently got this book and it helped so much!
This book has saved my sanity since my now-7-week-old daughter was born. Lots of great ideas for soothing my fussy baby, and it is comforting to know that I am not alone.