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by John Robb,Lynn Clark

SOS Help For Parents: A Practical Guide For Handling Common Everyday Behavior Problems is a book and parent education program, which helps children, two to twelve to improve their behavior and emotional adjustment. SOS is available in eight languages and is recommended by psychologists, pediatricians, and teachers worldwide.

SOS teaches over 20 methods for helping children and offers the most helpful instructions available for using time-out. The Video SOS Help For Parents, also available, is based on SOS and is used by counselors and parent educators in numerous countries. Quizzes, Index of 46 Problem Behaviors, 100 engaging illustrations, contains humor, and is enjoyable to read.

Download SOS: Help for Parents epub
ISBN: 0935111204
ISBN13: 978-0935111200
Category: Parenting
Subcategory: Parenting
Author: John Robb,Lynn Clark
Language: English
Publisher: Parents Press; 2nd edition (January 1996)
Pages: 254 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 814
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Another easy to read manual, if you will, written by someone who has been there not only as a practitioner but also a parent. Someone well known in the field As taking the time to share experiences and a great password for helping parents and their children.
I purchased this book because of a friend-of-a-friend's recommendation. I have been pleased from the start. First I'll describe our household, then the book, then our use of Dr. Clark's SOS tools. You can decide if it would work for you.
Our situation: Our 2 year old is a very head-strong and loudly opinionated gal. She's clever and knows what she wants, and gets frustrated when she can't make us understand or obey. So, she screamed and hit when things didn't go her way - of course! (grrr) I was mortified, humbled, and determined to keep my cool and not give in to her demands, no matter where I was. But, resolve wasn't enough, and although I think she would have eventually gotten the message that tantrums don't work, I don't know if I could have kept my hair, friends, and sanity until then! I don't think our tot is unusually easy, hard, or headstrong. She is unusually loud !
The book:
Is simply written and illustrated. You won't find glossy pictures or professionaly produced graphics. Don't worry about it, you don't need them.
There are 3 basic sections of the book, plus additional resources.
Section 1: Fundamentals of Behavior and Improving Behavior
Discusses misbehavior, communication, improving good behavior, introduction of time-out, and different methods of stopping bad behavior. Provides good guidelines for what methods are best for different ages and behaviors. Discusses spanking and why not to use it - if you are looking for a book on how to use corporal punishment, this is not it. I was glad to see that.
Section 2: Basic Skills of the Time Out Method
Complete discussion of how to implement time out, how to deal with common problems that occur in time out (such as the child not staying in time-out place), and what to do after time out. This is a very clearly written and effective set of chapters.
Section 3: Further Application of Your Parenting Skills
Discusses different ways to extend time out, use it away from home, rewarding good behavior without bribing, and communication. This set of chapters is very useful - you don't have to read it before you start implementing time-out, but once you feel confident with implementing time out and using the principles from section 1, you should read it.
Section 4: More Resources For Helping Your Child
Additional information - good resources if you need them.
The index is careflly arranged by behavior with SOS methods listed underneath. A very thoughtful addition to the book.
I read the book, discussed it with my husband, and we began using SOS tools. I was skeptical that time-out could be used effectively on a 2 year old. I was wrong - it began working immediately. I don't mean that she turned into an angel overnight - but time out clearly has a positive effect on her behavior. Dr. Clark even predicted her responses to time-out, and had described situations and methods for dealing with them. I've used time-out twice away from home, and it worked.
We no longer feel helpless when confronted with a screaming kicking tot. When we follow consistent steps that she can predict, it helps her regain control quickly as well. Even better, she understands what time out is, and can often tell us why she was in time out when we ask her.
I happy that we read this book NOW! I think any parent can use this book effectively and quickly. Dr. Clark recommends not starting time out if your child is older than 11 - so you might want to consider other books if your child is older.
Bottom line: Easy to read and implement. Very effective tools. Applicable to many behaviors and ages. We are very pleased.
This book has been immensely helpful to me and my family. I have carefully followed the steps outlined in this book for our 8 year old twins and 5 year old daughter. Our 5 year old has been especially difficult to manage, but this book has really turned around her behavior and has helped her become a happy child. All of our girls have seemed happier to have boundaries and predictable consequences for bad behavior.
I'm a child psychologist and now a mom myself. Hands down my favorite book to recommend to parents is "SOS: Help for Parents" by Lynn Clark. It focuses on discipline strategies for kids ages 2 - 12, when to use which kind of strategy, and gives very detailed information about what a time out is and how to do it effectively. He talks clearly about what do to with a 3 year old vs. a 10 year old, and which types of problems to intervene with in the most effective ways (for example, how to deal with hitting vs. not wanting to go to bed). There is also information about how to deal with squabbling siblings. Throughout the book there are cute drawings and lots of examples both from Dr. Clark's practice and his own experience as a parent. One of the things I love about this book it that it focuses on problems that almost every parent will deal with at one point or another - it's not just for "problem" kids, although the techniques are generally applicable. It's also very easy to find at any major bookstore and costs less than $12. I will be using this book with my son as soon as I need to! Every parent I have recommended it to has found it helpful, both clients and friends.
This is a terrific book for parents of 2-12 year olds!! It is clear, easy and fun to read, with little cartoons here and there to demonstrate important points. I used a lot of the pointers with my kids, and as a pediatrician, I recommend it for all parents!
Super quick effective strategies to correct behaviors IMMEDIATELY!!! Life saver!
Much of this book focuses on using "Timeout" and soft correction. It mentions firmer correction techniques but without many specific details.

Timeout does not always work. There should be some middle ground between timeout and spanking. I don't think this book covers firmer techniques. However, I'm not one for firmer correction.

Some excellent advice in the book is the 10 word 10 second rule of correction - choose the right words and keep it simple before sending children to timeout. Also, give praise within ten seconds of seeing behavior you want to encourage, and give it often. Also, create a timeout room that is not the children's room and make it a boring place such as a bathroom.

Overall I think the book is easy to read and offers a child friendly way of correction.
very easy to read and understand. i highly recommend reading the whole book before trying the tactics. they are some common mistakes that they address on just how to implement the tactics. it worked very well too