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by Ed Allen,Dana Allen

Finally, the long-awaited answer to the often-asked question, "How do I (or we) introduce someone to the swinging lifestyle?" This classy yet inexpensive booklet, by the authors of "Together Sex," is the perfect way to learn about the joys of the swinging lifestyle and to encourage hesitant folks to give swinging a try. Readers will learn the "Top Ten Reasons to Consider Swinging," have their questions answered, and be reassured about such concerns as morality, disease, and the impact on their relationships. Plus, a series of "Swing Scenes" attractively depict the variety of pleasurable experiences one can expect to encounter in swinging. "Considering Swinging" is written in a fun, laid-back style - sexy, but not blatant or pushy - designed to entice without offending. Keep a few copies of "Considering Swinging" with you wherever you go - you just never know when you'll meet the friends of a lifetime.
Download Considering Swinging epub
ISBN: 0971044813
ISBN13: 978-0971044814
Category: Parenting
Author: Ed Allen,Dana Allen
Language: English
Publisher: Momentpoint Media (February 22, 2010)
Pages: 56 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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Wasn't really what I was looking for but has great information, just not the information that I was looking for.
...for those considering this lifestyle. It was very helpful for when my wife and I decided to take the plunge, and the water's just fine.
Superficial and very lacking for the beginner and doesn't begin to address the basics a couple needs to share before even considering this lifestyle. Like many others, it fails to distinguish between 'swingers' as it has become commercially and crassly known and 'living this lifestyle'. The dangers of any insecurities that will be magnified in a less than perfect relationship are fluffed at best and yet the number one reason so many try and do more harm than good to their relationships. A very very thin and sadly insufficient discourse that addresses this intense social lifestyle as something one can 'dabble' in. The Lifestyle can be a truly rewarding experience but this fails in it's mission to assist those who cannot possibly run thru the 'what if's on their own. Great idea.... terrible guidance at best. Buyers... and dabblers... please beware and look elsewhere ... and NOT Gould's book either (THAT is one of the worst commercial attempts to appear insiteful we've read yet!) . Keep shopping.
The good: Gave it a 3 star because it arrived on time and the pamphlet was perfect binding.
Was not very pleased by the content, it had 2 many page fillers this was more of a pamphlet not a book.
And it only had about maybe 2 to 3 pages of good material all in all Shame on you.
If you are looking for a really quick guide to swinging, this is it. It is a quick read - I blew threw it in about 10 minutes - It gets right to the point and will give you the perfect things to discuss with your partner if you are trying to get him or her interested in the idea of swinging. The short stories that describe swinging situations could have been hotter, much much hotter, but I can tell that they we're doing their best to stay honest and not get too graphic with the details.

One of the things that was grossly missing from this book was the discussion of fantasy fulfillment what was far too briefly discussed on less than one page.

Of course it is only $5 and if you want something more in depth, pick up a copy of Ed and Dana's other book "Together Sex" of which this appears to be a Cliff Notes version of.
We've been swinging for about two years and have read pretty much every popular book on the subject We considered writing a book ourselves to introduce newcomers to the lifestyle. But, after reading Considering Swinging, we decided that as a concise and informative introduction to the lifestyle, it just can't be improved upon. It is short, really a booklet, and can be read easily in a couple of hours. Hence, it doesn't go nearly as deep in exploring the culture as Terry Gould's Lifestyle, which is also very well written. But for those simply wanting a peek into the culture for a minimal investment, we think it's perfect.
The writing is thoughtful, honest and informative without being preachy. They obviously write from the heart. They touch on about every issue that can come up for those approaching the lifestyle, from jealosy to communication to many of the emotional issues that are so deeply interwined with human sexuality.
Don't let the cheap price scare you away. It will be obvious upon reading that the book was created by the authors as an offering to serve others in their own sexual exploration, rather than simply as a way to exploit the growing interest in swinging, which does seem to be the case with some of the other materials available on the subject. If you are considering swinging, this probably won't be the last publication you buy on the subject, but as the first, you really can't do better.
...This book covers all of the basics, is well-written, well-organized, and makes swinging seem like a lot of fun and something that could really help a marriage. It is also very frank when it needs to be.
I bought two books at the same time, this...jewell, and [another]book of the same length called "The Ultimate Swingers Guide." If you are looking for a short book which is easy and fun to read and will let you know if your friend or spouse is interested, buy this book. Some times you do not get what you pay for. The Ultimate Swingers Guide is a...poorly-written and organized, especially compared to "Considering Swinging."
We are a bit curious about that lifestyle, so we have been looking at various sources of information. This short booklet really got us into the idea, especially my wife! We're not committed yet, but it gave us some degree of comfort that we were not alone, and not wrong for being curious.