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by Lilly O'Brien

"It's my 40th birthday today and I'm trying to smile, but as I look in the mirror all I can see is an empty shell, someone waiting to die... You could never tell that anything was wrong with me by just looking at me, as I dress clean and I keep myself tidy, and I have a smile on my face that hides my emotions and over the years I've become an expert at hiding behind it" This is the shocking true story of an innocent girl abused by the very people who said they would take good care of her. Lilly's family began the path to her destruction - they used and abused her - but they never ever wanted or loved her. The little girl was sexually physically and emotionally abused by many people around her who were able to hide behind the security of Ireland's Catholic Church-run institutions. She also suffered at the hands of other people around them who they called their friends. You only get one chance to live your life as a child, but Lilly was never given that chance - her childhood was taken from her before it ever begun. From the age of four, when she was first sexually abused, her life changed forever; when she walked through the institution's doors in Ireland, her life continued along the same path that has destroyed her soul. Her emotional pain is as strong today as it was the day it began and will never leave her alone. "When I go to sleep it's in my head and when I wake up I can see it in the mirror and I am only waiting to die." A child abuse story that will stay with you forever and one that you will talk about for many years to come, The Girl Nobody Wants is a harrowing true story that will appeal to fans of biographies.
Download The Girl Nobody Wants - A Shocking True Story of Child Abuse in Ireland epub
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Author: Lilly O'Brien
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Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd (February 1, 2012)
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I agree with the reviewer that said..."it can't be true". I too am having a hard time finishing this book. Come on...everyone is mean to her, hits her, and molests her? Everyone denies her food? Everyone? Even the nuns? At first I thought maybe this story was set in the early 1700's or something and maybe things were so horrible then with food hard to come by with the famine in Ireland. Then I realize it's a current story...I was shocked. Too many things caused me to question this story. One day she has her head shaved, then days later a nun drags her by the hair out of her chair. Huh? I agree most of this book is undoubtedly a work of fiction. I am not saying the writer did not suffer abuse during her childhood, and her story is probably horrific, she should have stuck to that. This book is just totally unbelievable to me.
April 5th, 2012-To all those who write a review saying you don't believe everything in this book, be prepared for some pretty nasty comments from the author. She is spending a lot of time defending this story. What is the saying by Shakespeare? "Thou dost protest too much"
I have never encountered such a fresh and rude child as I did in young Lily. Her delusions of grandeur are unbelievable. Over and over again rather than feeling sympathy about her care under the nuns I found myself asking who does she think she is? It isn't at all difficult to imagine why she didn't have an easy time at the orphanage. She ought to have been kowtowing to the nuns for rescuing her from her feckless mother and horrifically neglectful father, but every chapter is whining after whining about supposed daily abuse. For example she claims that a nun promised her a birthday party to deliberately embarrass her in front of her school friends then of course there's no party. Really now? If these nuns were truly so awful,why on Earth would Lily have ever thought she'd get a birthday party? Most likely she felt entitled,wanted,and probably demanded a birthday party but didn't get her way. She further contradicts herself when she claims that she was regularly dragged by the hair and beaten about the head so injuries would be concealed by her hair after previously stating that her long blond hair was shorn immediately upon entering the convent. Since her hair obviously didn't grow back overnight and was repeatedly chopped off in the years that followed kindly tell me exactly how it is possible to drag anyone by stubble or conceal cuts and bruises with that stubble? The included psych evaluations further discredit her as the doctor observing her quickly sees through her innocent victim persona and deems her defiant and manipulative. Lastly when Lily finally gets out of the convent and gets to return to her mother in England at age 14 she's barely out of Ireland for two hours when she suddenly wants to go right back there to the convent and in London begs to be sent back! Seeing as she'd just devoted so much time to bemoaning her maltreatment at the hands of the cruel nuns,it makes about as much sense as a fish riding a bicycle, that she'd want to go back there. Something isn't right and her head isn't on straight. I am hard pressed to believe any of the book,because the author simply cannot get it together and sounds much more like a sensationalizing attention seeker than true victim of abuse. If by chance this really is a factual account of her childhood, then it is not the nuns that belong on trial and in jail, but rather her sorry excuse for a mother and darling father. Avoid this train wreck of a book at all costs.
I did not enjoy this book. It was very badly written, and seemed to skim over important parts, yet dwell for pages on things like how her husband found the house she bought. This took so many pages up, yet was totally irrelevant to the story!
I dont doubt that Lily was abused and had a terrible childhood, but I think that it was embellished, for instance, she describes being abducted and thrown in a car.She says that it was locked and she couldnt get out, yet a nun was able to simply open the door from the outside! And no central locking system would have existed in the sixties, so why couldnt she get out?
Another odd thing is that she has sisters, she never mentions if they were receiving the same abuse, why was she always the target? Did they get sexually abused ?
I beleive that maybe a lot of things became distorted in her memory, leading her to add a few things here that maybe didnt happen, or did not quite happen the way she remembers?
Donot purchase this book. I read it on my kindle and became depressed. I will never believe this is true. Don't waste your money. It will make you want to jump of a cliff.....
I know this author seems to defend the validity of the outlandish claims, but I strongly question the integrity of the contents. I paid for this book so I'm going to give my opinion whether it offends the author or not. If you are into an imagination gone wild and poorly written sentences, this is the book for you. The book has no concept except for outlandish forms of sporadic abuse. I feel this person either embellishes what actually happened or feels she is a victim and no one believes her so she constantly repeats this unbelievable trauma. If this happened, this is tragic but it is a constant theme that she gets beaten by everyone and wets herself in every other paragraph. I read complete story but found it to be quite the tall tale. I cannot speak to whether it is factual, but I feel it just doesn't add up.