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Download The Antonio Gramsci Reader: Selected Writings 1916-1935 epub

by David Forgacs,Eric J. Hobsbawm

with a new introduction by ERIC J. HOBSBAWM

"Very usefully pulls the key passages from Gramsci's writings into one volume, which allows English-language readers an overall view of his work. Particularly valuable are the connections it draws across his work and the insights which the introduction and glossary provide into the origin and development of some key Gramscian concepts."--Stuart Hall, Professor of Sociology, Open University

The most complete one-volume collection of writings by one of the most fascinating thinkers in the history of Marxism, The Antonio Gramsci Reader fills the need for a broad and general introduction to this major figure.

Antonio Gramsci was one of the most important theorists of class, culture, and the state since Karl Marx. In the U.S., where his writings were long unavailable, his stature has lately so increased that every serious student of Marxism, political theory, or modern Italian history must now read him.

Imprisoned by the Fascists for much of his adult life, Gramsci wrote brilliantly on a broad range of subjects: from folklore to philosophy, popular culture to political strategy. Still the most comprehensive collection of Gramsci's writings available in English, it now features a new introduction by leading Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, in addition to its biographical introduction, informative introductions to each section, and glossary of key terms.

Download The Antonio Gramsci Reader: Selected Writings 1916-1935 epub
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Publisher: NYU Press (April 1, 2000)
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One thing becomes very clear when reading Gramsci, regardless of what you may think or believe about his politics: he possessed a brilliant mind...and that is precisely why Mussolini and co. famously wished to "stop this mind from working..." The fascist regime was toast intellectually as long as left wing thinkers such as Gramsci were free to analyse Italian history and politics.

In my understanding Gramsci puts to rest the common notion that Fascism and Communism were/are one in the same, or at least inevitably can lead to similar types of repressive societies. Gramsci causes that argument to quickly crumble because his thinking is creative and wishes the same for others. One gets the feeling that he believed that people should be free to figure out for themselves what sort of society and culture they want to live in. He represents a much more varied picture of leftist thought than other more hard-line, though no less important or interesting, thinkers such as Lenin or Trotsky. He realized how liberating free thought could be and, despite the many trials throughout his life, never gave up on that quest both for himself and for future generations.
He endorses dictatorship and I have the impression his insights regarding ideology and culture are pedestrian while he unfortunately is not very clear in expressing basic concepts. Much of it sounds like marxist gobley gook. It must be said, however, that Gramsci seems to have been a man with real integrity who gave his life to the struggle for human freedom and dignity. If youwrit REALLY know Italy in the period he was writing, I'm sure I would stand corrected in my assessment of his lack of ability to convey clearly.
The book arrived on time and in new shape. As far as the contents are concerned, it should be required reading for those of us not leftists. Gramski wrote the rules by which some people live and fool others. Those being fooled already may consider it a handbook; others should use it as an antidote.