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by Michael Lebowitz

“A good society,“ Michael Lebowitz tells us, “is one that permits the full development of human potential.” In this slim, lucid, and insightful book, he argues persuasively that such a society is possible. That capitalism fails his definition of a good society is evident from even a cursory examination of its main features. What comes first in capitalism is not human development but privately accumulated profits by a tiny minority of the population. When there is a conflict between profits and human development, profits take precedence. Just ask the unemployed, those toiling at dead-end jobs, the sick and infirm, the poor, and the imprisoned.

But if not capitalism, what? Lebowitz is also critical of those societies that have proclaimed their socialism, such as the former Soviet Union and China. While their systems were not capitalist and were capable of achieving some of what is necessary for the “development of human potential,” they were not “good societies.”

A good society as Lebowitz defines it must be marked by three characteristics: social ownership of the means of production, social production controlled by workers, and satisfaction of communal needs and purposes. Lebowitz shows how these characteristics interact with and reinforce one another, and asks how they can be developed to the point where they occur more or less automatically—that is, become both a society’s premises and outcomes. He also offers fascinating insights into matters such as the nature of wealth, the illegitimacy of profits, the inadequacies of worker-controlled enterprises, the division of labor, and much more.

Download The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development epub
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Author: Michael Lebowitz
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Publisher: Monthly Review Press (July 1, 2010)
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it was one of the most wise an effective books to change my look into life that I can start with a new perspective and develop myself.
This book is a concise summary of Marxist thought and presents it as a holistic human system. This book should be essential reading for anyone who wants to genuinely understand socialism and the necessity of its implementation in the real world.
Is this book just about getting elected and changing things through the state? That is what they did in china and the soviet union and Cuba. This simply can not be done. That's not the way the Capitalist's achieved power. They built up a new economy first THEN they sacked the King. So WHAT ARE THE SPECIFICS THAT THIS BOOK OFFERS? I have plenty of material on the problems of Capitalism but hardly anything on the solution. Only Cuba managed some kind of democratic socialism under impossible conditions. Marx said "...the point of philopophy or political economy (his works) is TO CHANGE SOCIETY NOT JUST UNDERSTAND IT. The review sucks as well as the summary/ No specifics-BORING, I can just read Marx for myself.