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by Elizabeth Kande Englander

What impels human beings to harm others--family members or strangers? And how can these impulses and actions be prevented or controlled? Heightened public awareness of and concern about what is widely perceived as a recent explosion of violence, on a spectrum from domestic abuse to street crime to terrorism has motivated behavioral and social scientists to cast new light on old questions. Many hypotheses have been offered. In this book Elizabeth Kandel Englander sorts, structures, and evaluates them. She draws on contemporary research and theory in varied fields--clinical and social psychology, sociology, criminology, psychiatry, social work, neuropsychology, behavioral genetics, and education--to present a uniquely balanced, integrated, and readable summary of what we currently know about the causes and effects of violence. Throughout, she emphasizes the necessity of distinguishing among different types of violent behavior and of realizing that nature and nurture interact in human development. There are no simple answers and many well-accepted "facts" must be challenged. This thoroughly revised and expanded second edition of Understanding Violence will be welcomed by all those concerned with violent offenders and their victims, and by their students and trainees. New chapters discuss: *biological and psychological factors in violence; *developmental and social learning factors in violence; and *youth violence, including gang conflicts and school shootings. New coverage includes recent research on: *children's use of violent video games and their relationship to violent or aggressive behavior--alcohol use and violence, and the role of alcohol and drugs in violent crime; *the types and causes of sexual assault; *spousal homicide, child abuse, and physical punishment; and *social and cultural factors in violence. Updated statistics on frequencies and types of violent crimes are also incorporated.
Download Understanding Violence epub
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Author: Elizabeth Kande Englander
Language: English
Publisher: Psychology Press; 2 edition (October 1, 2002)
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Excellent and prompt service. The book was just what I was looking for as a reference for a project on violence I am working on. Many sentences were bracketed in the text by a previous reader and i thought that might be distracting. To my surprise, I agreed with the importance of all these selections. It gave me a head start with the book
Product was as described and arrived on time. Looks great!!
Love the book, however its a little plain. I was expecting the book to have a lot of very emotional material , but I is a lot more mellow than what I thought, still a very good book.
A bit of a boring read at times, but if you have any interest in violence research, the book is a must read. Very well done.
I had bought this book initially a couple of years back for a class and recently re-purchased it for my Kindle. It is a wonderful idea to have text books for rent on Kindle, so keep that up, but maybe next time make the book in order. Randomly a paragraph will just cut off and then I'll find the rest of the chapter somewhere else in the book. It is terribly confusing and very hard to cite simply because I cannot be sure what goes where in concept.
This text would have been better if its author understood and wrote about how she perpetuates violence within it. Once again, we have a textbook on violence that construes cultures of violence that include Black peoples in the states as correlative to Blackness instead of, say, institutional oppression permeated by a white-forwarding society or historical persecution here and abroad. As well, neurodivergent peoples are once again delineated as persecutors, senseless abusers, and all around criminals. The target of most of Englander’s ableist allegations is people with ADHD, a group of people she defames not once but three times as aggressive and easily prone to violence. It’s deplorable.

New to any books I’ve read on violence and violence prevention, Englander also exhibits Intersexphobic delusions when it comes to Intersex folks and violent behavior, specifically people with XYY. Tagged to this idea is a demeaning and cissexist explanation of this group of Intersex people, referring to their chromosomal makeup as an “error.”

To understand violence, it’s important to recognize when we are being violent as well as when we repeat the violences of the systems we are part of, including and not limited to the educational system. This racist, ableist, and cissexist text does not address that gap in our comprehension of violence.
Elizabeth Kandel-Englander has produced a much improved second edition of her book "Understanding Violence". I took the course from Dr. Englander and used the first edition. Now as a Teaching Assistant for her were are using the second edition and I am amazed at it's span and how much it is packed with useful and reputable research. The second edition involves such new topics as school violence, keeping in mind how much the world has changed post-September 11th. "Understanding Violence" attempts to look at violence from every angle without bias and without trying to pin down a specific cause for violence. This is an excellent resource for Professors teaching Forensic Psychology and Criminal Behavior courses, as well as an interesting read for someone who would like to become more educated in what makes criminals tick. Englander comes across as intelligent and knowledgeable without losing you in statistics and jargon.