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by James F. Kasting,Robert G. Crane,Lee R. Kump

B> The first book that addresses the issues of global change from a true Earth systems perspective,this new book offers a solid emphasis on lessons from Earth history that may guide decision-making in the future. Offers an innovative systems theory approach that allows for a new way of organizing information from a variety of disciplines as well as of predicting responses of systems to disturbance. Utilizes an Earth history perspective that links the Earth sciences closely with modern global change problems. Includes two boxed features throughout the book that address topical issues related to the material in the text, of high appeal and that discuss advanced, especially quantitative, treatments. Features several computer modules available on the World Wide Web and free when packaged with the book. For Earth scientists who would like a formal introduction to Earth Systems Science.
Download Earth System, The epub
ISBN: 0131773879
ISBN13: 978-0131773875
Category: Other
Subcategory: Science & Mathematics
Author: James F. Kasting,Robert G. Crane,Lee R. Kump
Language: English
Publisher: Prentice Hall College Div; 1 edition (March 3, 1999)
Pages: 368 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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I use this book for my undergraduate course in Earth Systems Science. I'm enjoying the class and so far I like this textbook. Simple wording and easy to read diagrams for the most part. However I will say this particular version doesn't have the chapter on the cryosphere like the other version does.
I read this book outside of a class context. I am not well-versed in chemistry or geology (both are very important in earth science), but I was able to understand a majority of The Earth System. The book is lucidly written and provides a fine analysis of the dynamics of both small and large-scale planetary change.

I bought and read The Earth System with the goal of understanding the science behind global warming: little did I know what a tall order that was! Global climate is enormously complex and contains far more variables than the layman would imagine. Scientists do not and probably will not understand global warming in the same way that they understand less complex phenomena.

The climate system is Chaotic. The best we can do is understand the causal relations that exist within it, plug observed data into computers, and hope that the predictions based on computer modeling will be accurate.

Current modeling technology will predict today's climate by running simulations on what we know of conditions on Earth 150 years ago. The agreement between a variety of simulations that predict future climate based on current conditions is the basis of the scientific consensus that global warming will occur.
Book arrived on time, it is easy to read, but material is slightly different than the next edition although most is still the same
A good textbook if you are unlucky enough to need one. Quite possibly to find a comfy spot, sit down and read large sections of this book at a time.
Earth System Science is a new field, one that evolves much more quickly than textbooks can be revised. This one is as current as you can expect, and it approaches the field of science in a much better way than any other textbook I have seen. In particular, most earth system texts approach the field by morphing from a traditional discipline. Usually, it's a geology textbook revised to include atmospheric, oceanic, and climatic studies. But earth system science requires an interdisciplinary approach from the start, a problem based approach. Our global environmental problems need this approach, and this book covers them in a reasonably detailed and accurate manner.
Mysterious Wrench
I used this book for my Environmental Geology class. Overall I think it's an ok text. It's not as readily understandable an reader friendly as some of the other introductory geology texts on the market that I have read--it's somewhat obsecure at times. I think that it's rather overpriced as well for a black and white paperback textbook.
It does however cover a large selection of material in a succint manner, yet with enough detail to satisfy the curiosity of the interested student. Some of the stuff in this textbook is not common to geology texts--principally the aspects that have to do with the biosphere.
Overall, it's a reasonable textbook, besides the cost, which I think is inflated. Textbook prices are inflated in general in any case!