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by Allen Frances

This trusted practitioner resource and widely adopted text helps the busy clinician find the right psychiatric diagnosis and avoid the many pitfalls that lead to errors. Covering every disorder routinely encountered in clinical practice, Allen Frances provides the ICD-9-CM codes and (where feasible) ICD-10-CM codes required for billing, a useful screening question, a descriptive prototype, diagnostic tips, and other disorders that must be ruled out. Frances was instrumental in the development of past editions of DSM and provides helpful cautions on questionable aspects of DSM-5. An index of common presenting symptoms lists possible diagnoses that must be considered for each. The Appendix (which can also be accessed at the companion website) features a Crosswalk to ICD-10-CM codes plus links to coding resources.
Download Essentials of Psychiatric Diagnosis, Revised Edition: Responding to the Challenge of DSM-5® epub
ISBN: 1462513484
ISBN13: 978-1462513482
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Subcategory: Medicine & Health Sciences
Author: Allen Frances
Language: English
Publisher: The Guilford Press; Revised edition (August 16, 2013)
Pages: 218 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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An excellent antidote to over diagnosis. Please be advised this is a professional book. Members of the public looking for answers to distressing experiences will not find solutions. It is aimed at clinicians mostly, and perhaps public policy makers. I've been a Clinical Psychologist for nearly 24 years, and have observed that everything has become a disease, which in turn has a drug specific treatment. Medication is helpful some of the time, as does reassurance that a situation is a reasonable response to life stressors. Dr. Frances makes this point well. To my fellow clinicians bewildered by DSM 5, I recommend you read this book, and place it on the shelf next to DSM 4 or 5, and your ICD 10 code book.
The book is full with author's experience and personal opinions. The anti DSM5 flavor of the book is very clear and pronounced in many areas, up to stating some points not present in published DSM5. The author may pose his opinions as a substitute to DSM5 in some areas. But generally it is a very deep critique to DSM5 from an expert, but from a personal point of view, without good evidence exploring.
I couldn't recommend this more highly to graduate students or new providers. As a new psych nurse practitioner it has helped me tremendously with differential diagnosis. The case studies are typical of and relevant to the real world. I appreciate Dr. Allen's cautions of adding a psychiatric disorder "label" to a person as it many times sticks with the patient, affecting the overall course of their lives. Easy to read and digest. Grateful for this useful and wise addition to psych dx lit. Not a guide to treatment. More a diagnostic tool for your arsenal.
This book is pretty good. It's quite slender, really a handbook for the clinician. It is very influenced by the author's biases, which he has made known in numerous newspaper articles and the like. I was hoping for more depth and exploration of the topics. The author does have significant clinical wisdom, and does a good job of steering the clinician through recent diagnostic changes and debates to a thoughtful diagnosis.
With all the hoopla and worries about dsm 5, its no wonder a book like this was made. It makes understanding all the changes in DSM 5 easier. This is a must have for any clinician, whether they are new to the field or a professional. A must have. I think in time the price of this will go up becuase of its wide use.
I do behavioral research and I love how useful this book is in my experimental design. It is filled with jargon and isn't worded in the most understandable way, so the information may not be accessible to everyone. However, if you are heavily involved in the psychology/ psychiatry field I highly recommend it. I mean, you really don't need my review to tell you how well accepted this book is by the behavior world, but seriously, the book is great. There are flaws with the diagnostic system, for which I recommend getting an intelligent how to decipher guide for which ever field you are in (clinical, research, etc).
The DSM 5 has generated lots of emotion, fears and frustation. ALLEN FRANCES, MD., has booted the Boogey-Man out! The DSM 5 is made easy with this handbook. I have been to DSM 5 workshops and this book leaves those in the dust. You will not be disappointed.
Kind of a hard layout to follow. Recommended book for a class, barely used it but if used alongside DSM then it may make more sense.