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Download Rapid Review Pathology Revised Reprint: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access epub

by Edward F. Goljan MD

Get the most from your study time...and experience a realistic USMLE simulation! Rapid Review Pathology, by Edward F. Goljan, MD, makes it easy for you to master all of the pathology material covered on the USMLE Step 1 Exam. It combines an updated outline-format review of key concepts and hundreds of full-color images and margin notes – in print and online - PLUS more than 400 USMLE-style online questions! Rated A+ in First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2012!

Access all the information you need to know quickly and easily with a user-friendly, two-color outline format that includes High-Yield Margin Notes and Key Points.

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Tailor your exam by category, subcategory, or keyword: you can include new, corrected, or all questions, and you can take the exam in test or practice mode. Review the most current information with completely updated chapters and more than 675 images.

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Download Rapid Review Pathology Revised Reprint: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access epub
ISBN: 0323084389
ISBN13: 978-0323084383
Category: Other
Subcategory: Medicine & Health Sciences
Author: Edward F. Goljan MD
Language: English
Publisher: Mosby; 3 edition (April 29, 2011)
Pages: 656 pages
ePUB size: 1315 kb
FB2 size: 1820 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 216
Other Formats: mbr mobi lrf lit




Not very engaging

I am a huge fan of the illicit Goljan audio. I think what makes the audio so great is that Dr. Goljan is an engaging lecturer who peppers his talks with anecdotes and makes the content interesting. I bought this book hoping that it would provide a format that allowed for very high yield learning that could hold my attention. I found though, that each section is very dense and hard to read in the outline format. I now mostly just read first aid, listen to the audio, and leave this book at home.

I would not recommend this book for someone looking only for high yield facts, or for those who need a more narrative style of writing.
Everybody focuses on First Aid as the best resource for Step 1. I am not going to argue that you shouldn't read First Aid. However, First Aid does very little to help you understand the topics. When it comes to test day, your understanding of the topics is really what is being tested, as you don't have time to go through every mnemonic and to rack your memory on each question. It comes down to a gut impulse for many questions. Goljian's book helps you acquire that understanding so that your gut impulse is right most of the time. I recommend reading this book once throughout 1st/2nd year, and then once again in the week or so before your test. It is an essential part of studying for the Step 1 exam.
I bought this book the summer before M2 along with a bunch of other Step 1 review books. I forgot I had it until 2 months into M2 when I realized I was making the same mediocre grades as M1. Frustrated, I began looking up "great books to buy" and ran across this one online. I then remembered I had already bought it so I dug it up and began reading it. This book is awesome. It seemed too detailed and 'dry' to read at first, but I soon found that every line was gold. The way it is formatted allowed me to understand the mechanisms of disease. I now score in the 90's for school NBME exams, and this is without touching lecture materials! I compliment this with Pathoma videos, Pocket Robbins, and First Aid. I found that Pocket Robbins may not have high yield information throughout the entire chapter, but it does contain things that Goljian Rapid Review does not mention. Such as cancer cytogenetic markers for seminoma.
Personally, I have found Goljan's review texts much easier to read than BRS. I actually stay engaged while reading it. If you listen to his audio lectures you can tell he is very passionate and involved in teaching pathology, and this comes across in Rapid Review.

This text in many ways follows the same information as First Aid, but with more wordage. If you study this text early, and then First Aid before Step 1, you will find that you already know a good chunk of First Aid. Because Rapid Review goes into more detail, it is a good text to start early. I do not recommend this book if you feel you are short of time in studying for Step 1 since it is more verbose. Sometimes Rapid Review seems like it is also preparing you for Step 2. It is all useful information but it is important to realize this isn't the best high-yield cram right before Step 1 resource out there.

Honestly my only criticism is that this is not comprehensive enough. You will need First Aid on top of this. Even for Pathology, there are a few First Aid facts not in here. Nonetheless, after reading this cover to cover, reading First Aid, and doing USMLE World qbank I went from 220 to 260 over 3 months, and I definitely feel that Rapid Review is part of that response. It is a good book.

Again, read this book early in your studying.
if you have the time to read this book, then you're golden for step 1 & step 2.
it's very clinically oriented, and gives a comprehensive review for almost every subject (Immuno, genetics, Micro, etc)
I like the tables they're neatly written and gives a nice quick review.
The notes on the margin are useful tool as well.
How ever according to Goljan (Papi) the 4th edition is on the way so if you have time wait for that.

again if you have the time to read it that's great, but if you're rushing to take the step 1 then other sources would be enough to cover the pathology section
This is a great follow up to look into some of the concepts that you didn't understand through the bootleg Goljan audio. However don't use this as your primary source, it's way too big 600+ pages! and it covers more than the material needed for Step 1, in fact it's useful even for Step 2. But trying to memorize all he concepts given in his book will be disappointing due to the length. Best to use High yield or Goljan audio and look into this book for further understanding of difficult concepts.

I started my prep using this book, and soon moved on to Pathoma by Sattar, the 'New Goljan'.
I guess every medical student knows about this book so it really doesn't need a review .this is a must in your library wether you are studying medicine or taking the USMLE or studying for BOARDS you have to have this s book .although the format is not easy and not easy to learn and memorize and read .I wish instead of all those numbers and lines it was smooth flowing book like Robbin but no choice it is what it is and you have to have it .
I've used Rapid Review before. This "rapid" review is about twice as thick as the Physiology Rapid Review I used and has many more words and fewer pictures. I don't think I could use this unless I was already very comfortable with the material, which is part of the point of why it is a "review" book and not a textbook, but I don't think using this would be a particularly rapid sort of review.