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by Janel C. Atlas

Stillbirth, defined as the death of an infant between 20 weeks' gestation and birth, is a tragedy repeated thirty thousand times every year in the United States. That means more than eighty mothers a day feel their babies slip silently from their bodies, the only sound in the delivery room their own sobs. Eighty stillborn babies a day means heartbroken families mourn the death of children who will never breathe, gurgle, learn to walk, or go to school.In 2006, Janel Atlas became one of those mothers who left the hospital with empty arms; her second daughter, Beatrice Dianne, was stillborn at 36 weeks. Reaching out for comfort, she realized a dire need shared by so many others like her, and so was born a collection of new essays by writers each sharing their firsthand experiences with stillbirth. Atlas includes selections not only from mothers but also fathers and grandparents, all of whom have intimate stories to share with readers. In addition, there are selections that answer many of the medical questions families have in the wake of a stillbirth and that offer the latest research on this devastating loss and how it might be prevented. Grieving parents will find in these pages the comfort of knowing they are not alone on this painful path, validation of their babies' lives, and guidance from those who have suffered this tragedy. In addition, They Were Still Born both inspires and shows readers how to honor and remember their own babies and stories of loss.No parent- or grandparent-to-be sets out planning to purchase They Were Still Born. Unfortunately, there will always be readers-devastated, grieving, and searching for voices to help them through-who need it.
Download They Were Still Born: Personal Stories about Stillbirth epub
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At once both difficult to read yet comforting. The personal stories are so touching, one grieves for the parents touched by this tragedy as they share their stories. I think it is a good book to help families as they endure such tremendous grief.
I read this as a friend of a contributor to the book, not as a mother who's experienced the loss first-hand. But while my children are living, stillbirth and miscarriage will continue to touch my life. Not only has the book given me a better understanding about a subject that is usually discussed in hushed tones, it's shown me how to display more kindness and compassion when I encounter anyone who has experienced the loss of a child. Unfortunately, I know I will meet families who have experienced these losses throughout my life. It felt like a privilege to be allowed to sit in on a meeting of a club to which no one wants to belong, but everyone knows at least one member.

I appreciated that the multiple authors' perspectives will allow readers to connect to at least one, and probably many, of the essays. I felt like I could have been friends with many of the women if I met them in real life. We should all be so lucky to have a circle of girlfriends like them from which we can draw emotional support during the bleak times everyone encounters.

If you're reeling from a miscarriage or stillbirth yourself, or if you're just trying to understand it better so you can be a support to someone who has, this book is incredibly worthwhile. It is an act of generosity that the authors have shared their stories.
Perfect book.
I've read a lot of books about pregnancy loss and the loss a child since my daughter died in 2008, but nothing has hit home quite like this book did. Each and every story rang true to me and I nodded along from the first page to the last. Not just a collection of heartbreaking birth stories, where in every situation, the baby is born with no signs of life, this book delves deeper and shows the darker side of the loss and what happens when you come home from hospital without your baby.
For anyone who has lost a baby to stillbirth, no matter what the gestation, birth order or how long ago it was - you will find immense comfort in this touching book.
Comes very highly recommended, though I am sorry for anyone who has reason to buy this book.
Whether you had a loss 3 months ago (like myself) or 30 years ago, or even if you have a friend, sister, daughter who had a child born still, this book will touch you deeply. I felt I could have written just about all of the stories that were put in this book. From the ranging emotions after your loss to coping with subsequent pregnancies to dealing with other people unaware with our situation, these stories all ring true. I highly recommend this book!
Great resource for grieving parents. Normalizes the wide range of emotions that are experienced during such a challenging grief process and lays the foundation for creating a support network during an otherwise isolating experience. Provides hope that with time the pain becomes less acute and that beauty and joy can reemerge.
As the mother of a stillborn, this book was beautifully written and echoed many of the sentiments and feelings I am processing thru at this time. Each story written from a different perspective helped me process thru my feelings. This book also offered insight on how family members around me could be dealing with the difficult experience of a stillbirth. It was like going to a support group but on your own terms. While reading this book, I felt it was helpful and cathartic to my emotions and my feelings. I would recommend this book to anyone who's child was born still.
This book and these stories really helped me when I was dealing with the loss of my son. I would recommend this for anyone who has had to experience this horrible type of loss personally or through a family member or friend. It helps with knowing what to say and what not to say to someone who you know dealing with this type of pain