» » FIRST AID FOR THE NBDE PART 1 2/E (First Aid Series) (Pt. 1)

Download FIRST AID FOR THE NBDE PART 1 2/E (First Aid Series) (Pt. 1) epub

by Derek Steinbacher,Steven Sierakowski

The new “bible” of NBDE preparation - written by dental students for dental students!

This is the only high-yield yet comprehensive review of topics covered in the National Board Dental Exam Part 1. It includes 200 black and white images, plus an 8-page full-color insert of images likely to be tested on the exam. You'll also find information and advice about sitting for the exam from experienced test-takers.


Written by students who aced the National Dental Board Exam and reviewed by top dental school faculty and practitioners Hundreds of high-yield facts and mnemonics maximize your study time Performance-enhancing test-taking strategies and advice from students who've been there and succeeded 200 black and white clinical images you must know on exam day - including 52 NEW to this is edition 8-page color insert of essential images Based on the NBDE Part 1 content outline including Anatomic Sciences, Biochemistry and Physiology, Microbiology and Pathology, and Dental Anatomy and Occlusion Great for use during coursework and for last minute exam review
Download FIRST AID FOR THE NBDE PART 1 2/E (First Aid Series) (Pt. 1) epub
ISBN: 007160541X
ISBN13: 978-0071605410
Category: Other
Subcategory: Medicine & Health Sciences
Author: Derek Steinbacher,Steven Sierakowski
Language: English
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical; 2 edition (November 12, 2008)
Pages: 681 pages
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 980
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from earth
Hello everyone.
I would like to write my own review on this book, since recently I have passed my exam.
This book was my major source during the studying process, and I found it very helpful. I think it has all that you need to pass that exam successfully: all topics that you need to know are covered very well in a very compact way, it has many pictures, charts, funny and easy to remember mnemonics, facts. Also I liked that it has a lot of free space, so you can write down your own notes and the paper of this book is marker resistant, even to strongest markers.
While reading it I have found few mistakes, but I still think that the book is great.
If you don’t understand something, or it looks like you want to know more so that to understand some material better - you can refer to the topics in the subject-based textbooks or internet.
Alongside with First Aid, I was also using Dental Decks, Dental Boards Mastery App on iPhone, Released ASDA Exams, Netters Atlas, and also I had separate subject books for each of the sections of the exam. I was referring to these textbooks whenever I felt that I wanted to know more details or to get better understanding :)
I would definitely recommend this book as a benchmark in your NBDE preparation. Best of luck to everyone!
Has a lot of information and a lot of good facts, but everything is presented in note form without much text to connect things. May work for some, but I found the dental decks and mastery app much more helpful. Information was good though and pictures were helpful.
After a while reading and Studying from this book i came to the conclusion that it is a very good book. However, things are so summarized that it barely has explanations and sometimes in some topics you might actually need that. In those scenarios you will most likely end up looking up for extra resources. Long story short, if you really want to understand more rather than memorize, you need a little more. The book itself has pretty much everything that you need to know for the exam, but if you struggle with a topic, this is not the book for clarifications nor explanations. Use other books to reinforce.
Read the entire book and went through the dental decks. Passed. The micro and tooth morph sections are very well done. Albiet this book lacks flow, it has everything you need to know. The "notes" on the sides of the pages were honestly the most useful thing about this book. Will be buying part II.
The quality of the pages is pathetic. Even pamphlet papers are thicker !
The book is good but i cant mark or write or draw ( which is precisely why i ordered this book, otherwise its available for free online ! ) because everything gets imprinted on the back as well as one more page, yep the pages are that thin.
I use the thinnest and lightest pen to write but even that is getting imprinted.
I am disappointed.
I'm part of the unfortunate bunch that will be the last to take this amazingly stupid exam for a score. This book is an excellent supplement to the Dental Decks. It covers most topics in sufficient detail, many in too much detail. Despite having forewarning, I found no particularly good source for the TMJ and TMD which was rather plentiful on my exam.

If taking this test P/NP I couldn't imagine anyone needing more than the Decks + this book. A one two knock out to pass for sure. (this is all given that they're not going to be increasing the difficulty. There is no indication that they will be, nor do I feel it's necessary for them to)
Stylish Monkey
I spent maybe a week studying for boards, and I passed it with just dental decks. First Aid was too much of a drag to read, so I ended up using it only for the dental anatomy section. Just study the decks, and you will be fine!
Since there are not many comprehensive NBDE Part 1 review books out there, this book is good for providing an outline on what to study. You definitely need to look up more information to fully learn the material, as some subjects are only touched on, and some information is left out. There are some annoying things: a good amount of typos, and the writers tend to use their own acronyms without explaining what they are. It's almost like you're reading someone's notes from class that made sense to the person who took the notes, but not to you.