» » The Mythical Zoo: An Encyclopedia of Animals in World Myth, Legend, and Literature

Download The Mythical Zoo: An Encyclopedia of Animals in World Myth, Legend, and Literature epub

by Boria Sax Ph.D.

A varied and insightful compendium of animals and the relationships between humans and animals.

• Includes over 50 A–Z conversational entries

• Fully illustrated with a variety of images from medieval prints to editorial cartoons and advertisements

• Weaves together a cross-cultural tapestry encompassing mythology, history, art, science, philosophy, and literature while discussing the special significance of animals in human cultures

• Includes relevant quotes from worldwide texts preceding each entry

Download The Mythical Zoo: An Encyclopedia of Animals in World Myth, Legend, and Literature epub
ISBN: 1576076121
ISBN13: 978-1576076125
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
Author: Boria Sax Ph.D.
Language: English
Publisher: ABC-CLIO; 1 edition (December 1, 2001)
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 441
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I saw a short review of this book in Cat Fancy magazine. It said "The Mythical Zoo: Animals in Life, Legend, and Literature by Boria Sax, explores the meanings and traditions that have grown around more than 150 different kinds of animal species. Conveying the underlying ideas behind the treatment of animals in myth, legend and related aspects of human culture, the book explains how every creature, whether it's a ladybug, a tiger, or a rhinoceros, represents an alternative or partial image of humanity. This adventurous read lets us imagine familiar creatures as they would have been experienced in unfamiliar cultures and environments, and covers the folkloric meanings and histories of a menagerie of mythical creatures through cultural and literary history.

In case you're wondering, This is NOT a book about animal welfare.

I found this book hard to put down. In many cases it points out how ancient and Medieval traditions about animals still influence stereotypes, figures of speech, common legends and beliefs about animals that have roots in history and are still believed today, and even symbols in advertising and popular figures in childrens' lit.

I found several myths that I plan to write poems about.

This book was listed in the review as $29.95 but I got it on Amazon for about $22 (this is an unpaid testimonial!)
love this book
very creative
arrived on time perfect condition, alot of book!
Funny duck
This is one of the worst edited books I've ever encountered. It is full of errors of all sorts - typographical, editorial and factual. There are missing words, extra words, misspelled words and a host of other inconsistencies and errata. An author who states that the 23rd Psalm is known as The Lord's Prayer seems untrustworthy to me on other facts I may be less familiar with. "Lead" is used in place of "led", Theseus is said to "wander through the minotaur" instead of the Labyrinth, a story involving a cat and mouse switches from "mouse" to "rat" - not the same creature at all and just another sign of very poor copy editing. It is so painful to read it is hard to concentrate on the content. There is an error on nearly every page. Author, editor and publisher should all be ashamed.

As to content, the book is full of synopses of world folklore but also makes peculiar assertions, such as "Poets always love mystery, and so they also love cats." (p. 174) It is an odd hodgepodge, not terribly well written but not uninteresting, either; just difficult - for me, at any rate - to winnow the useful lore from the overall poor product.
This was the information I had wanted and needed. I had not heard of the book, so I am glad Amazon popped up the ttitle. The text is readable; the content is well documented.
thanx for these
There are so many books on the same topic, that another one does not make a big difference. Just keep it !