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by Jake Gyllenhaal,Richard Kelly

A companion volume to "one of the most original works of recent American Cinema"*

Donnie Darko was the surprise cult hit of 2001. Appearing nationwide on critic's year-end top-ten lists, the quirky independent film's effortless blending of science fiction, horror, adolescent angst, and social satire defied description while simultaneously providing "an unexpectedly poignant catharsis for Sept. 11 blues" (Jan Stuart, Newsday). Its Möbius strip-like narrative about Donnie, a troubled teenager who can see into the future, continues to inspire fans to obsessive heights. The Donnie Darko Book includes the film's screenplay, an in-depth interview with writer-director Richard Kelly, facsimile pages from The Philosophy of Time Travel book that Donnie uses to go back in time, as well as photos and drawings from the film and the artwork it inspired.

Download The Donnie Darko Book epub
ISBN: 0571221246
ISBN13: 978-0571221240
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
Author: Jake Gyllenhaal,Richard Kelly
Language: English
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 1 edition (October 31, 2003)
Pages: 208 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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I guess most readers are mad that this is a play-write. I loved it, because if you don’t have the movie you can read this.

I saw the movie and the book is better.

So, why is the book better? Well, the book really isn’t dictated by time, and allows for you to visualize the characters and scene. The movie is dated, as I it dictated by clothing of the time. “The 80s”

In the back of the book there is another book, The philosophy of time travel. It explains this play-write and movie. It’s needed. And, I adored that part of the book. Yes, I love the playwright as well. But, I love going to plays.

The movie makes one think, and, that is what I strive for when reading. I would say view the film . Then read the book. Both are intriguing. But, the book is what I truly adore. This book does an exceptional job at at explains the philosophy of time travel. While the book show you the actual time travel. I’m excited to own thes, and I can’t wait to read it again, because pondering the events in this book was/is fab.
Donnie Darko is probably my favorite movie ever. I thought this book would have more depth on time travel and possibly what the story is about in the movie, but similar to the movie it holds most of the secrets and ambiguity which is what probably makes this movie come alive. It does go deeper but not much, since this is how Richard Kelly wanted it. Interview questions with Kelly make up a 1/4 of the book and it's really entertaining hearing in detail about how the film was brought about. Most of this book is just the movie script, but it's still fun to read even after having seen the film many times. Near the end of the book there are some pages from Roberta Sparrow's "Philosophy of Time Travel" which actually clarify some points in the story that will help define your personal theory of what the hell is going on. I give it less than five because I had high expectations but anyone who loves the movie will find the book interesting, at the very least for the time travel pages and comical drawing at the end.
Loved it. But only because I loved the movie, if you dont love the movie then this book won't do much for you. It consists of four things, questionnaire with Richard Kelly about him, his inspiration and the struggles of donnie darko and how it came to be, this is the biggest section of the book, along with the script which is about half of the book. Then there's Robertta sparrow and her book which is less than 10 pages. And then a small gallery of pictures from the movie. That is about it, quite boring if you dont like the movie and isn't for you if you're trying to understand the movie better as you can get that online.
This book is filled with all sorts of information, pictures and facts and more. Also has a condensed version of The Philosophy Of Time Travel added to it. It's like two books in one. A must for the collector! And also a great suggestion for the Darko fan reader. I really liked it.I've read it over and over again. Even if your not a fan yet, give it a read. This could be your new beginning.
As a huge fan of the cult classic movie, I was thrilled to get this book. Every time I watch the movie I learn something new (and I've seen it quite a few times), and this book explains some of those things in greater depth. Roberta Sparrow's time travel book is inside this book too, which I had ALWAYS wondered about!!!
This is a script of the movie. Great for Darko fans. I absolutely love it!
I did not realize that this book is the actual script of the whole movie but it is totally amazing. Highly recommended!
If you are a fan of this great flick, this book goes right along with it. It has an interview with the director/writer and also Jake G. (cannot spell his name).

It also contains numerous pictures from and inspired by the movie.

My favorite part is that it has the actual pages from Roberta Sparrows book, so if you're interested, this is a killer movie memoribilia to own!