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by Rudy Valenzuela FSP MSN RN FNP-C

Spanish for Nurses can help you communicate clearly in most types of medical situations, from basic greetings to more complex phrases. Become comfortable taking patient histories, describing medical tests and explaining diagnoses with this guide to medical terms in Spanish. Learn dialogues from greetings to the diagnostic: Nurse Good morning. What brings you to the office today? Buenos días. ¿A qué viene a la oficina hoy? ('bweh-nohs 'dee-ahs ah keh bee-'eh-neh ah lah oh-fee-'see-nah 'oh-ee) Patient I’m here to see the doctor. I have a stomachache. Vengo a ver al doctor. Me duele el estómago. (behn-goh ah behr ahl dohk-'tohr / meh doo-'eh-leh ehl ehs-'toh-mah-goh) Nurse Describe your pain: Acute? Comes and goes? Describa su dolor: ¿Agudo? ¿Va y viene? (dehs-'kree-bah soo doh-'lohr / ah-'goo-doh / bah ee bee-'eh-neh)
Download Spanish for Nurses epub
ISBN: 1427799768
ISBN13: 978-1427799760
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Subcategory: Humanities
Author: Rudy Valenzuela FSP MSN RN FNP-C
Language: English
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing; 2nd edition (February 3, 2009)
Pages: 272 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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one life
I came across this book today at Borders while looking for a text on spanish. I've previously read/listened to cd's from Rio's "Spanish for Healthcare providers". For the best bang for the buck, the Rios books clearly outshines this one. Gives you lots of info, comes in a package w/ 3 audio cd's, has lots of vocab, has dialogue, and much better for the newbie. That said, once you've read the Rios book, I'd recommend getting this one to carry around and as a quick review.

-Only book I've seen to has a succinct section on ROS. I.e. If someone has pain, it clearly talks about the PRQST features.
-The amount of words in the H&P and ROS sections are pretty manageable so that after reading it for a few days (if you've previously read the Rios book or has some prior spanish experience), you'd know the basics of what to ask a patient, and not try to learn, and then forget, extraaneous words/phrases as is the case w/ the rios book.

-The Cardiac ROS is weak. For chest pain, it should talk more about Typical (Pressure like senseation made worse by activity, relieved by rest associated w/ nausea, vomiting, and diaphoresis) vs Atypical Chest pain.
-Some of the translations are quite literal, like cardiac enzymes.
-To expand market share, they should change the title and make it "Spanish for Clinicians" or something like that. This book is also useful if you're a med student, doctor PA, etc. They should also provide a CD.
-$14.95 list price is too should be $9.95.

5/31 update:
After further review, I'd rate this product 3 stars.
I already speak Spanish and I'm really unhappy that a reputable publishing company would think of selling a book with so many spelling and other orthographic errors. Ridiculous. Did anyone even proofread the Kindle version before publishing? Content-wise it's fine. But the multiple errors are just plain distracting and embarrassing. Bad work, Kaplan!
The size of the book is not small enough to fit into your pocket, and contents could be better.
This book gives you exactly what you need to carry on conversation with predominantly spanish-speaking clients in any healthcare setting. As soon as I learn enough in order to apply it to my healthcare settings, I will remember it.
good basic book, to help u communicate with Pt's.. gives u keys words to help u get ur p.a. done and charted.
I had basic spanish conversation skills coming out of nursing school, but medical terminology and nursing assessment is an entirely different thing. This book has been greatly helpful to me in interacting with my spanish-speaking patients, and helps me to provide better patient care. The patients (even the bi-lingual ones) really appreciate the effort you take to learn how to speak to them and care for them in their own language. A must-have for anyone caring for a spanish-speaking population.
The layout of the book was fine however, needed translations for post-partum and newborn care and this book was not helpful.