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Download Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy: Prepare for the Ride of Your Life! (Chomps) epub

by Christopher Hart

Download Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy: Prepare for the Ride of Your Life! (Chomps) epub
ISBN: 1435206193
ISBN13: 978-1435206199
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
Author: Christopher Hart
Language: English
Publisher: Paw Prints 2008-06-26; Reprint edition (June 26, 2008)
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Rating: 4.5
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I purchased three Hart books, which I've noticed are sometimes collectively referred to as his 'figure drawing trilogy'. These books include this one, The Beginner's guide to Drawing People, and his Human Proportions Book.

This book, Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy, is my favorite of the three. It was also the least expensive, considering that the book can currently be had, used on amazon, for only the shipping cost plus one penny. I paid the amazon retail price for the other books.

This book is on the thick side for a Hart release. It is useful and intuitive to use. I would recommend purchasing this book first, of the three in the aforementioned trilogy, and perhaps even as a first anatomy book. I have another recently released anatomy book for artists that is well regarded and, while I enjoy it, it is clear to me that first working through Hart's (this) anatomy book would provide an easier to grasp foundation and be more fun. Consequently, it will be easier to get more out of a more advanced anatomy book when it is time to study it.

The illustrations in this book are large and lack excessive line (a good thing). The illustrations have enough detail for a beginner without having too much detail. You get what you require to convey the anatomy to the viewer, which is what you want when you are learning the basics. Hart's shading style is clean, and this book more than his aforementioned others teaches it to you by clear, large examples. Each body part generally gets 1-2 pages. Often, the showcased body part is shown drawn from multiple perspectives.

This book is a no brainer for beginning to intermediate figure artists, especially for the price.
Because I am learning to draw manga, and because I struggle with drawing the body, this book is helping me find ways to practice my body drawings.

It doesn't go too deep into all the anatomy like in a biology class, which for me is great, because it focuses on the main points we need to understand to draw the human body.

I always prefer to find the 20% that has 80% of the benefit in anything I study to save myself sometime, and this books delivers it.
I wanted this more for sketching and to add onto than for refined this is perfect for what I shows the bases in sketching..if you want more refined and finished charactors youl have to add another book with this..but it has a good positive base for starting and giving you the bases for what you need..very happy with it.
My first impression of this book was not good. It looked too simple or dumbed down to be really useful. A second look gave me a different impression. This is a well done and well thought out book for beginners. If you are going to a real 4 year art school, I do not recommend this. But if you are looking to understand basic anatomy and the figure in motion, you'll find easy to understand anatomy lessons as well as a lot of tips and tricks for drawing that are often overlooked. These are the shortcuts that are really essential for amateurs and casual sketchers. A great choice for a beginners core library.
I got this as a teenager and thought it was great. As I got older and more advanced, I've noticed some flaws in the illustrations. He explains things correctly, but many of the proportions are not correct and if you follow will get you in trouble as it did me. For example, when the head is tilted down the ears are above the brow. In the illustration, one ear is below and the other is eye level to brow. I am still going to recommend for the beginner because it's in a language that's easy to understand. Or Hart's newer book Figure It Out: Human Proportions. It's more up to date and still just as easy to understand. For a more detailed instruction read Andrew Loomis book, Drawing the Head and Hands, or watch tutorials by a guy named Proko. He has free material as well as in depth courses.
Great book! Makes drawing people so much easier. Really enjoyable!
needed this for my Fashion drawings. Thanks
I love it