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by William Leary

Civil Air Transport (CAT), founded in China after World War II by Claire Chennault and Whiting Willauer, was initially a commercial carrier specializing in air freight. Its role quickly changed as CAT became first a paramilitary adjunct of the Nationalist Chinese Air Force, then the CIA's secret "air force" in Korea, then "the most shot-at airline in the world" in French Indochina, and eventually becoming reorganized as Air America at the height of the Vietnam War. William M. Leary's detailed operational history of CAT sets the story in the perspective of Asian and Cold War geopolitics and shows how CAT allowed the CIA to operate with a level of flexibility and secrecy that it would not have attained through normal military or commercial air transportation.
Download Perilous Missions : Civil Air Transport and CIA Covert Operations in Asia epub
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Author: William Leary
Language: English
Publisher: Smithsonian; 2nd edition (August 17, 2002)
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This book opened my eyes in-depth to the operations of C.A.T. in Asia. Since being a Vietnam veteran, I have immersed myself in the history of that part of the world from Chennault's Flying Tigers to the Mayaquez debacle.This book takes a close up look at the brave & perilous missions that were performed in support of Chiany kai Shek's China by these aviatiors and their successors Air America. I was privileged to work alongside some A.A. veterans in south Texas while flying electronic contraband across the Rio Grande into Mexico. My book: Over & Back by Wild Bill Callahan follows a few of them on their final quest of living life on the edge. Available on Amazon.
Many readers will buy this books for the tales of covert flights over Manchuria, North Korea and Indo-China and it certainly delivers. But of equal interest is how does an intelligence service buy and then operate a proprietary while maintaining plausible deniability. Thanks to the diligent research of the author we know the trials and tribulations involved. I'm sure most readers would think when faced with administrative difficulties the CIA would just go in and wave their magic wand and all the roadblocks dissolve. As the book point out the US government had all the leverage in the world with the Nationalist government on Taiwan and it was still a trial to keep CAT operating on the island. Also CAT's books were a nightmare for years until they got professional accounting (not something one immediately thinks about when discussing covert flights over the PRC). A must read for the serious student of intelligence.
A detailed and scholarly description of the formation and operation of CAT, before and after its acquisition by the CIA. Not as a criticism, but as a caution, I would suggest that the details of the first roughly 100 pages are rather tedious, describing as they do the struggles of the company as a legitimate airline before its acquisition by the CIA; however, it is necessary to read this material to come to an understanding of how the CIA came to be involved. So, be patient.
This is a very interesting and well researched book on the origin and operations of CAT. It is sad that Dr. Leary did not live to write his planned book on Air America. This book is a great addition to the library of anyone who is interested in the Cold War and/or aviation and is a tribute to those who flew under very difficult conditions to contain Communism..
Totally awesome! Massive amounts of information that doevetails well with other material. Worth the money to any student of US covert operations after WW2.
Very well researched book. It joins the all too few works covering that period between the end of World War II and the full US involvement in Vietnam.
Great story of missions in the "Secret War"
First of all I need to say that I was quite familiar with CAT, having flown on a number of their planes way back when. However, I have found that there were a lot of things about the airline that I had never heard or was aware of. This book does a wonderful job of filling in many of the blanks as well as bringing to light a lot of history to which I had never been aware. It's very interesting to see names and pictures of people I knew many years ago, which brings back many old memories. Needless to say, I'm very happy with my purchase.