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by Salem Kirban

Your supermarkets are already programmed for the day Anti-christ takes over! Laser scanning devices identify and price your food. One day these same devices will deny you the right to buy food for your family unless you have the Mark!

Your banks have already installed sophisticated devices that can deny you the right to withdraw your own money! Not even your safe deposit box will be sacred!

Your government now has over 20,000 computers and a potential spy network that eventually can trace your every move! Plus a new zip code system that can number each individual with a personal number.

These and many other issues are topics revealed by Salem Kirban in Satan's Mark Exposed. Dr. Kirban shows why this could be the last 20 years of history before Christ rules the earth! His keen insight into world trends should shock you into reality. These are the last days! The day that no one will be able to buy or sell is just about here.

You should know the facts. Protect your loved ones now and have Satan's mark exposed.

Download Satan's Mark Exposed epub
ISBN: 0912582367
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Author: Salem Kirban
Language: English
Publisher: Grapevine Book Dist (June 1, 1981)
Pages: 166 pages
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Excellent read. Wake up people!!
Didn't tell Nothing new wasn't very informative
It's unfortunate that many of Kirban's books are either out-of-print or hard to get. Many Christians familiar with Grant Jeffrey's or Hal Lindsey's works would find much familiar ground in Kirban's books. A born-again Arab, Kirban uses many examples from the Bible and then explains what they mean to us today.
Although not as good as Kirban's other books - I'd recommend "Guide to Survival" or "Revelation Visualized" for a starter book, "Satan's Mark Exposed" just how easy it will be to transfer from our current cash system to one that is totally computerized and what that will mean to born-again Christians.
The ATM cards you now use with the famous magnetic stripe are already being phased out in favor of a computer chip based card. This book details how easy it would be to transfer to a computer based cash system and how easy it would be then to deny access to your credit cards, your bank account, and even your government benefits - while still keeping you well under the thumb of a no-longer benevolent Uncle Sam.
We are already slowly making the transition to this now. Who among Americans doesn't have at least one "preferred customer" card that allows you to get discounts at the cash register of a big supermarket chain or department store? Rest assured, Kirban warns us, this will eventually turn into machines that can scan voice print ID, fingerprints (some banks are -already- requiring fingerprints just to cash a check!) and finally the ultimate tool - an electronic implant under the skin that will do all of this and more. Or perhaps you could go for the non-cosmetic mark - a tattoo on your hand (or forehead) that will do the same thing.
Kirban's warnings came long before the similar warnings of Grant Jeffrey and Hal Lindsey, but they're still just as valid (and much closer to reality) than ever. Good effort from Kirban. Well worth trying to find in a used book store.
An aunt had this volume years ago. It is a definitive and exemplary work of paranoia and technophobia. I was- sadly- less stunned than I would care to be to discover that it is available on GetTextbooks as well. If you're one who carefully lines their cap with aluminum foil and who refuses to touch fluoridated water, this is for you.