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by Saw Myat Yin

Introduces the geography, history, religious beliefs, government, and people of Myanmar.
Download Myanmar (Cultures of the World) epub
ISBN: 0761413537
ISBN13: 978-0761413530
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
Author: Saw Myat Yin
Language: English
Publisher: Benchmark Books; 2 edition (October 1, 2001)
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Rating: 4.9
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Very interesting book of course, all the more so because, unlike other CultureShock! titles, this one is written by a local of Burma/Myanmar instead of a long-term expat. As other reviewers have pointed out, most of the information is targeted at would-be expats rather than short-term tourists. There is a lot of valuable detail about customs and habits in a culture that appears to be very unlike Western cultures that should prove useful to anyone planning to live there.

One point to mention is that, perhaps because the author is Myanmar, some of the information and advice sounds decidedly odd to Western ears. For example, the author asserts that the Master and Mistress of the house (i.e. you, the foreigner) should not fraternize too closely with the domestic help such as the maid, driver or butler (!) because this will confuse them about their station; that Myanmar women do not make 'pretensions' towards intellectual discussion on topics like politics and society; or that colds and the flu are common due to the hot climate.

However, overall this is a fascinating and enlightening book and well worth picking up.
We have several new Mynamar (formerly Burma) families in our church congregation. This little book helps us to know what their cultural and ethnic background is, and ways we can assist this incredibly brave and resourceful people who left Myanmar with little else that what they wore and a hope for freedom and new life in the USA. I recommend this book to any person on group who work with Myanmarese.
grand star
I loved this book. It's not always the easiest to read but it taught me A LOT about the culture. I am very thankful i bought it
Interesting book but not much use for the traveler just going to visit. Written for someone who is actually planning to go and live in Myanmar, then I could see it being helpful. Stick to Lonley planet if you just want travel tips and information
Not useful at all
Knowledge + experience = wisdom. there is nothing wrong with diving into the unknown with a little help from those who know. great book
Was a great first look at the culture. It had a lot of helpful hints if you were moving there...great
Written around 1994, I think.

In interest of openness and transparency, I am the author's (writing under a pseudonym) sister. That is, she is using a pseudonym, not I.

I have also lived more than 35 years overseas and find the treacly tone highly annoying. It's like someone trying to be light and funny, about a very un-funny Burma. One of those mee ahn mar books.

As I am from Burma and don't want to go back, even to visit, this book is pointless for me. I did look at a complimentary edition that SMY gave me years ago.

My understanding is that Culture Shock approached her because Mi Mi Khaing, author of equally treacly Burmese Family was going blind or blind already due to a brain tumor, and could not work on this.

But MMK wrote her book in 1940s while in exile in India? during World War II and the Japanese Occupation of Burma.

I think Burma guidebooks should at least mention the political picture, and some very real dangers, instead of the focus on "culture" alone that the junta still endorses, and believe me, it is still a junta.

For instance, you can't say "Rohingya" in Burma and your should not discuss politics with your guide or anyone else. Someone will get hurt if you do. They are still jailing reporters, and killed a reporter even after the so-called opening up in 2011. They beat him so severely half his head was gone, and they harassed his widow who went to disinter the body from its shallow grave.

Mutual relatives told me "more than 2 m copies sold" is printed on the cover of this book, but I don't see it on any of these covers.

Part of the problem is I think Culture Shock dictated or specified the tone and formatting of the book.

A guide book does not need to say only nice things.

I myself use Insight Guides, for instance of Bali, and it does give a historical recap-of even ugly things like the Dutch invasion and the puputan or mass suicides of the Balinese royalty when they realized that the Dutch "magic" (cannons) were stronger.

I travel or used to travel a lot, and I found even in Berlin, one can run into a Nazi-type individual, like the rule-bound bathroom attendant in the loo, at which a stranger in my tour group, whom I think was an American Jew, rolled her eyes.

See my short story, My Potsdam.

My advice is don't go to Burma at all.

Therefore you don't need a guidebook.

As Burmese historian Dr. Than Tun said on air anyway, "the Bagan temples are mostly not authentic from the foundations up."

He may have exaggerated a bit.

The Bagan temples have uniform junta-designed tops.

I heard on the best of authority that the "renovation licenses" were really licenses to loot temple treasures and no less a person than Mary Callahan, told me she was at a temple in the 1990s and she saw soldiers go in and come out with big statues (human size) wrapped in gunny bags.

So don't go to Burma.

If you wish to do activism, go to Bangladesh and make a documentary.

Besides the political oppression, you will also find lots of diseases and unsanitary food and conditions and you might even get malaria or dengue fever.