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by Robin Sampson

Created for all homeschoolers that want to make the Bible the center of their school day. The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is a combination of several popular homeschool methods: Hebrew education methods, Charlotte Mason, delight directed, thematic unit studies, lifestyle of learning, learning styles, writing to learn and notebooking. Sampson provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend half the school day studying God's Word and the other half studying God's world (academics). Students study history chronologically and science in the order of the days of creation. This book will instruct you, step by step, how to give your child a Bible focused, comprehensive education from preschool through high school; one that will train him or her to read, to study, to understand, to love to learn and most importantly to desire and seek true wisdom. This approach can be used for all grade levels. Author Robin Sampson, homeschool mother of eleven is a popular author of a dozen homeschool and Bible study books.
Download The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Bible Based Homeschooling epub
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Author: Robin Sampson
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Publisher: Heart of Wisdom Publishing (April 12, 2005)
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The first half of the book is the authors research about education over the centuries, and her laying foundation work for you to understand why she promotes the theories/modes of education that she explains in the second half of the book. It is kind of a heavy read. (I did skip the whole, according to other Amazon reviews, controversial chapter about Anti-semitism and so have no opinion on that). She does contrast her mode of education with the ever popular "Classical" education style that is sweeping homeschooling today. I think her ideas are worthy of reading and consideration. I am not totally turned away from a Classical Christian mode of education however. The main take away, in a nutshell, that I personally have is this: All educational goals should be to glorify God and His ways, not our own intellect! Another major take away is that I think that I will wait to introduce Greek Myths until they are older and use these formative years to really focus on building a strong foundation of faith in God and the Bible.

Ironically the modes of education that she contrasts are really similar in a lot of ways. Jewish has three stages just like Classical. She is against lots of rote memorization (I disagree, I like the memorization in the grammar stage! I think it's helpful). Again, the main difference FOR ME is what is your motivation/goal. To Glorify God and not Myself!

She proposes Unit Studies and Delight Directed Studies. I like her ideas in this section. Delight Directed meaning "We can hang out longer on subjects you like" NOT MEANING "We can skip things you don't like". Also, she introduces a Four Part Instructional sequence for Unit Studies(that she links to how Jesus taught) that covers all the learning styles. Therefore every child gets to learn in their style as well as gaining strength in learning in the styles that aren't their strength. And it actually seems quite simple to implement! I think this section is worth reading if you don't read the whole book.

I think I'll use her methods along with the memorization from Classical Conversations. (Which is not at all what the book reccommends!) :-)
I am SO grateful to have found this book. I bought it about six months ago but it sat on the shelf. Last year was our first year of homeschool. We put our son through what amounted to a state education with some Bible thrown in. We were stressed. He was stressed. It was way too much academic pressure for him. He was in tears. We were frustrated. Then this year, I was thinking about going to a classical education model. I was going through some of the curriculum and my spirit was saying, "What are you thinking? False gods, mythology, humanism?" I quickly picked this book up off the shelf. It was an answer to prayer.

Through much prayer and seeking, I have found this: Our kids are not wards of the state. If we're just shoving curriculum or classics or Latin down their throats, we might as well put them back in public school. That's the knowledge of the world, which God says is folly. True wisdom and knowledge comes only from God. It's an entire paradigm shift. It's RADICAL! True wisdom is taught through daily discipleship in God's Word, mentoring and showing our children how to walk. That's what homeschooling for Christians is all about. It's about character, not knowledge. I seemed to have forgotten that. This book set me straight and showed us a path to get there.

Thanks Robin!
Elastic Skunk
Even though my kids are grown and out of the house, I still find this book inspiring and it challenges me to learn new things. This is my second copy as I happily gave my daughter my first one, she has two small boys she’ll be teaching at home.
Anything by Robin Sampson is excellent! I wasn't expecting as much wisdom as I got from this book. My husband & I have enjoyed reading this book together. We have learned the history of education, Greek vs. Hebrew thinking, how to teach our children using a delight-directed approach and so much more. Heart of Wisdom is a very child-centered way of helping your entire family fall in love with learning again.