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by Shannon Drake

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ISBN: 1557732027
ISBN13: 978-1557732026
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Author: Shannon Drake
Language: English
Publisher: Kensington Pub Corp; 1st Edition 1st Printing edition (1994)
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Rating: 4.2
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This was one of those historical romances that sweeps you away from the beginning and holds you captive until the last page. I could not put it down. Set in 11th century England and Normandy, it tells the story of William the Conqueror, the bastard duke of Normandy, who would be king of England following Edward the Confessor's death.

The prologue is 33 pages long and begins with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and its immediate aftermath. Alaric, the bastard Count of Anlou, has served William since he was 12 and victory is theirs that day. Fallon, the beautiful blue-eyed, black-haired Saxon princess, daughter of King Harold Godwinson, sees her father and uncles dead, her betrothed lost to her and her country ravaged by the dreaded Normans. Then Alaric, who takes her from the battlefield where she is wielding a sword with the best of the warriors, takes her innocence and her honor making her his whore. She has lost everything and you will feel the loss along with her. But she and Alaric have a long history for they have known each other since she was a young girl and he was a young knight. Even then she hated the Normans.

After the prologue, the story goes back in time to the original conception of William and first meeting with Alaric. Alaric becomes William's champion and a valiant warrior and commander of William's knights as William conquers Normandy and then seeks the throne of England. Alaric is in and out of Fallon's life as she grows up and each time they meet it is a tempestuous encounter as she is proud and willful and fiercely loyal to her father, her people and England and he is a Norman bastard who will not give an inch though he is known by all to be an honorable knight. But England will be conquered and the Saxons will be subdued. Alaric is bitter toward women as he was betrayed by his first wife. So, while he desires Fallon, he will not love her and he wants no wife. Fallon hates him but is now his prisoner and his woman whether she likes it or not. Though Alaric doesn't love her, he has claimed her so he will not let her go and escape becomes her passion.

It's another excellent historical tale by Heather Graham (pen name Shannon Drake) with history woven in so well you do not feel you are getting a history lesson but you will come away with a clear feel for what England experienced at the hands of the Conqueror. The characters are rich and well developed, the sexual tension very high (nearly constant) and the action is fast moving. You'll want to read the sequel,

Knight of Fire about Bret D'Anlou. While not quite as good as Princess of Fire (to which I'd give 6 stars if I could), I rated it 5 stars.
I usually tend to shy away from the Norman/Saxon love stories because they usually include rape or enforced slavery. Princess of Fire was a pleasant surprise. It has an engaging storyline that sucks you right into it in the beginning.
The story begins with a fierce battle where the king of England (Harold) is killed and his daughter, Fallon, is taken prisoner by the hero. William The Conqueror has won the battle for England. The hero was cruel to the heroine but had good reason. The new king of england was perfectly willing to make an example of Fallon by having her executed should she try to start a Saxon uprising.
I started losing interest towards the middle of the story. The hero, Alaric, is King William's right hand man and, although he sympathises with the saxon people wants to stop any uprisings with a firm hand to prevent the deaths of innocent people. Fallon hates all Normans because they have killed her father and are tearing apart her homeland. They are on opposite sides of the battle and fight and screech at each other for nearly the whole story. Suddenly the heroine realizes that she loves the hero and wants to be with him. I don't know where that came from since all they have done is fight and have sex. It does not make it quite believeable.
I would have given this three stars, but the fighting became repetitive and started to annoy me. The author should have either cut this shorter or lengthened it so their "I Love You" moment was more believeable.
The first of S. Drake's books that I have read, a story of forbidden love and extreme passion. A must read. I could not put it down. Fallon and Alaric have an undeniable chemistry that won't let you go until the end. Even then it isn't over! Check out the next in the series, Knight of Fire, which deals with their son Bret. Also a must read!!
lets go baby
Ok, so I am a fan of Drake/Graham, but this book - wow!!! Certainly her best! Both for historical detail and for the romance. Alaric is certainly one of her most fully developed male characters ever, and is he ever sexy! These are some of her best sex scenes as well - no fading out into spiraling clouds, etc. and leaving you wondering who did what to whom. Character motivation, which can sometimes be scanty or trite in Drake/Graham's books is definitely not lacking in this one. As usual, I did find Drake female protagonist a little annoying, but not as bad as some. The only plot devise that seemed a little lacking to me was when Alaric first captures her at the battle of Hastings, and having known her all her life, and being already attracted to her (as well as being a good friend of the family at one time), give her to one of his men. I just couldn't buy into it. It seemed out of character for him, and the same plot affect could have been achieved without Alaric doing this. He should have easily known he was the only one who could possibly handle her. Even Fallon asks at one point, "how could you give me to another man?" He never answers that and neither does Drake. Again - the sex scenes are amazing in this book! They sizzle! These two belong together and you know it keenly throughout the book. This book is a keeper for rereading again and again!!!
This was my first romance book that I've read. The hero, Alaric is such a wonderful character! He may be cruel at Fallon (the heroine) at first, but boy ..what a sweet, caring and gentle man he became to be! As any heroine character is describe in a romance novel, Fallon is very strong, proud and unwilling to bend to this man who has held her captive. They must face obstacles to truly understand one another and when they finally do ...*sigh. I had no sleep the night I read the whole book! I read the book in less than a day! It's that good!