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by Jack O'Connor

Download Hunting Rifle epub
ISBN: 088317054X
ISBN13: 978-0883170540
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Author: Jack O'Connor
Language: English
Publisher: Stoeger Pub Co (June 1, 1975)
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Rating: 4.9
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I have three copies and have read the book at least twice. Most of the advice given in the book is still relevant today. He has chapters covering each 'class' of cartridges, with enough history thrown in to make a gun-nut happy. For example, the same chapter lumps the 270 Win, 280 Rem, and 284 Win into the same bin based on nearly identical bullet diameters, weights and velocities. So, any more recent cartridge can be added to one of the classes already in the book. The part of the book dealing with scope mounts is outdated. The chapter on scopes is interesting because it was written when variable power scopes were just reaching the marketplace. He gives advice on what fixed-power scopes would be good for an application, and you can take that advice when choosing a modern scope. You can also read about the early use of variable power scopes, see how they were destined to be adopted, and compare that to the current scope marketplace and contemporary use of variable power scopes.
I do not want to give this one away. More boring, more targeted books, I just might. Not this one, though, because it would benefit every hunter to take the time and read this book. It offers a corrective to the spirit of things that have gripped the hunting scene lately. Today, if one reads a hunting magazine, they are offered the view that the fastest and loudest cartridges, rifles with special finishes and the most expensive of anything. Ole Jack reminds us that many have killed game with "lesser" guns for a very long time, and that these new gimmicks will not make you a more lethal hunter. Maybe a more confident one, but it is far from certain that you will be more lethal in the field. So, get O'Connor's view after reading this one and become a better rifleman and hunter.
Jack O'Connor's take on the title subject is not to be missed. While it doesn't cover today's new cartridges and rifles, it offers good insight into the more traditional. The outfitting information provided is also dated, but still interesting. Now roughly 40 years since publication, the book offers insight into how hunting and rifles used to be. Jack shares some of his personal stories and anecdotes giving insight into hunting in the "good old days." You'll learn why he believes using a firearm/cartridge combination that permits accurate placement of the bullet in the vital zone is more important that using the latest, uncontrollable magnum-thumper. The book is a thought-provoking, educational, and enjoyable read. Highly recommended, especially if you can get this book at a good price.
Every chapter is full of anecdotes discrediting other hunters. "I knew a guy who said you couldn't shoot a moose with a .270. I just smiled." "I knew a guy who claimed that African antelope were the most dangerous of all game." kind of a thing.

Buuut, I freakin loved the book. And I bought two more by O'Connor.
this book might be 40+ years old but jack o'connor tells it like it is on the hunting rifle.
my book is old and looks bad but I bought it to read .
I would tell any hunter of any age to read this book .

Some how I can't find my old copy ? So I had to buy another book . I like reading Jacks books .
The Hunting Rifle, by Jack O'conner, makes for interesting reading if you long for the "good old days". Mr. Jack takes you back to a time and place before all of the short fat, long thin, new and improved, super duper magnums, and all of the computer drawings for deer/elk tags, etc. arrived. The historic and/or technical information that you glean from his book is invaluable, and it is loaded with tasty tidbits of some of his actual hunts both in the U.S. and abroad. I find that Mr. Jack is somewhat opinionated (rightfully so)..... but at the same time amusing. If you like to curl up before the fire with a big cup of nostalgia, then this is the book for you.
Excellent Book!!
A great book by a great man Jack O'Connor sent me this book when I got drafted after it was published. I can't find the actual autographed book but treasure that memory!