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by Dorinne S. Davis

Sound Bodies through Sound Therapies Written by Dorinne S. Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, educational and rehabilitative audiologist with 35 years experience. In her latest book, Dorinne S. Davis, an educational and rehabilitative audiologist with over 35 years experience, explains the differences between various sound therapies, how they work, and why they work. Read all about Sound-based Therapy and learn  how problems with autism, Aspergers, ADHD, coordination and balance, speech impairment, Dyslexia, gross and fine motor skills development, and focus/directions relate to hearing and listening  what sound therapy really is and how it stimulates the voice-ear-brain connection  why some therapies are more appropriate for certain listening and behavioral challenges than others  thorough explanations of the leading sound therapies used today -- AIT (Auditory Integration Training), Tomatis®, The Fast ForWord Series, The Listening Program, Interactive Metronome®, Samonas, Earobics, and BioAcoustics  the considerations in developing a proper sequence of therapies that meets your needs  the parts of the ear, how they work and how they help the body work properly  real-life success stories of children whose lives have so greatly improved with sound therapy Ms. Davis-Kalugin is exceptionally qualified to explain these matters as she is the only audiologist in the U.S. trained and able to deliver the full range of sound therapies available to children with learning and behavioral challenges. These sound therapies include AIT (Auditory Integration Training), Tomatis®, The Fast ForWord Series, The Listening Program, Interactive Metronome®, Samonas, Earobics, and BioAcoustics. The book has 4 sections. The first reviews the supporting scientific information. The second discusses the various sound therapies in use today. The third pulls all the information together and details the authors "Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy®" concept. And the book concludes with a chapter of personal successes and challenges presented in various cases.
Download Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy epub
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Author: Dorinne S. Davis
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Publisher: Kalco Publishing LLC; Later Printing edition (October 6, 2004)
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Met Davis, she is a pioneer in sound therapy however it was very difficult for her to run this business. This is an esoteric modality that combines music and medicine and you will enjoy this, particularly as she is one of the pioneers in the sound healing field.
Very satisfied.Met product description. Also, it arrived timely.
Very informative and nice to know the difference between all the listening programs out there as it can be confusing... nice to gain perspective!
Great Experience!
Ms. Davis recommends many sound therapies. One such therapy she recommended was BioAcoustics. She claimed that it could treat all sorts of ailments. I tried it & it nearly killed me. I am alive today only because I spend about $10,000 a year in special treatments. My life is no longer normal just because I took ms. Davis' advice & tried BioAcoustics.
Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy is a fascinating and educational read written by an author who is well qualified to write a book about the differences between various sound therapies. Author Dorinne S. Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, has over 35 years as an educational and rehabilitative audiologist and certainly has the credentials

The first four chapters of this book contain detailed information about the physics of sound, the body's reaction to sound, the auditory system and processes of this system. Factual and well written, this intricate information is presented in terms a layperson can easily understand.

Chapters five through seven introduce readers to the various methods of sound therapy, their creators, methods and case studies supporting the techniques.

Chapter eight describes the powers and uses of the voice. This chapter offers medically based, but an understandable introduction to the physiological functioning of the voice. This is an educational as well as interesting chapter. Chapter nine discusses BioAcoustics, an explanation of, "This Signature Sound," of an individual and how our unique vocal frequencies affect us.

Chapter ten ties the various therapies and the physiology of our bodies together and how, "All of the physiological processes in the body are interlinked by a large number of interacting and crisscrossing pathways." Or, the how and why sound therapies and how they may stimulate the voice-ear-brain connections. Chapter 11 relates real-life success stories of sound therapies.

Although this book is a little off the beaten track and may be seen as interest to people involved in the field of medicine only, I found the book worthy of my reading/leisure time. Most certainly, Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy will be of interest to any parent who has a child with symptoms or a diagnosis of autism, apraxia, ADD.ADHD, dyslexia, hyperlexia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder or learning disorders.
My child was displaying some of the problems mentioned on the AIT website. Further research took me to this book. I learned a lot from reading it, and so would recommend it to those who have children (or self) struggling with auditory issues, however, do not expect it to tell you which auditory program will work best for your child. The author believes that she must test each individual, before making that decision. Where I do not doubt that this is the case, I am used to being able to do enough research to make good decisions. We went ahead and did the AIT with our child, with great results. The book did let us know that only about 4% have a negative reaction if AIT is completed when they should not have it done. We thought these were good enough odds to go ahead with the program.
This book as a MUST READ for any parent considering the use of sound interventions for a special needs child. Dorinne Davis' "Tree of Sound Enhancement Theory" is extremely helpful as basic concept to assist any parent through the many options of sound interventions currently available.

Of great importance are her findings through many years of research that Auditory Integration Training (Berard AIT) is a key beginning therapy that paves the way for recovery and improvements for special needs child and adults with hypersensitive hearing, sound sensitivities, auditory processing disorders and many other types of learning disabilities.

This is a thorough, detailed and fascinating book that educates and inspires the reader to consider sound as a non-invasive, safe, drug-free alternative to making sweeping life changes for special needs children and adults.