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Young King Jaron has taken the throne of Carthya, but, after enemies attempt to assassinate him and a neighboring kingdom threatens invasion, he finds that he has no friends in the palace, not even his bride-to-be, princess Amarinda-- and his regents think it would be better for Carthya if he just disappeared again.
Download The Runaway King epub
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Reader thoughts: I expected to be amazed, which is always dangerous with a book I want so badly to like. JN delivered; Jaron/Sage was just as good in this book as the last one.
The first is still my favorite of the three because there are the most reveals. I started to get used to Jaron's way of keeping secrets from the reader by the end of the trilogy, and, while I was still impressed with his cleverness, I was less surprised.
Now, the Runaway King shows Jaron with more responsibility and even more readiness to sacrifice everything to save those he loves, which happens to include his entire kingdom. He is as witty as Alcatraz Smedry, as wily as Artemis Fowl, and as dedicated as Percy Jackson. He's quite the gambler and repeatedly throws all into the conflict to gain the world or lose it. I just love that he has no trouble putting his life on the line for anyone he cares about, even those he just met.
I also love an MC in pain. Jaron is always getting injured and pushing through to resolve the conflict despite the pain of, say, a broken leg.

Writer thoughts: These stories are so well crafted. Somehow, readers get a sense of the outside world (the commoners, the other kingdoms, etc.) without JN having to mention anyone more than necessary. Even Jaron's encounter with thieves toward the beginning turns into a main plot point later. It is clear that JN has a plan going and each scene accomplishes three or four things. Master storytelling, and in one of the funnest voices, too (next to Connwaer's in The Magic Thief and Alcatraz Smedry's).
He may have taken his rightful place on the throne, but Sage - now known to be the long lost prince Jaron - still has many problems ahead. Roden, the brilliant swordsman who used to be his friend, has joined the vicious pirates of Tarblade Bay, while the evil king of Avania, Vargan, threatens invasion and war to Carthya. And, to Jaron's dismay, even those within his own kingdom are quickly turning against him. Desperate, he flees the kingdom, to take the defense of his country into the only hands he believes capable - his own.

Book two of the Ascendance Trilogy is one of the few sequels that overshadows its predecessor. April Henkley did it for the Rebellion Series, and, to a lesser extent, The Sea of Monsters for Percy Jackson.
But Runaway is truly a masterpiece, filled with emotion and the wild-fully childish behavior of Jaron, who, in many ways, is still the thief he used to be. He is as masterful, funny and brave as before, even though the odds are even worse in this tale than in False.

But, no book is perfect...
Imagen. That's not how you spell her name, but I don't care. Allow me to go scream in the phonebooth.
...ok, I'm back. I HATE HER.

I'm not exactly sure how to end my review, so I guess I'll just tell you the truth - this may be the best trilogy ever written for young adults - Imagen excluded - and all three books, False, Runaway and Shadow, are worthy of their fandom.
Well, I can't tell if I liked this one better or the first one. They were both excellent. And I am quite a sucker for sword fights and pirates, though...either way, I am so thrilled to have come across this series! It has been far more interesting than I thought it would be and I completely adore the characters, both new and old. Nielsen is a clever author and I very much enjoy her writing style. She is witty and even sometimes reminds me a little of Sherlock Holmes, though I don't know if that is Nielsen or Jaron specifically. I love Jaron's personality. He is a character whom I can both respect and admire. He has quickly become of on my very favorite heroes. I must also say that Harlowe completely stole my heart. The book was full of twists and turns and a few expected, but well-executed, plot twists. I very much look forward to the third installment of this fabulous adventure!
The False prince was a fast and fun tale that had a nice twist at the end that made the book all the more enjoyable. While I liked the Runaway King it didn’t quite capture the same feel as the first book. Sage now Jaron is King of a land on the brink of war. But he isn’t quite the same boy, he is a little bit snarky with everyone around him to the point that it is almost annoying and slightly whiney. But I guess I might be a little hostile is someone tried to assassinate me in the very first chapter.

Jaron isn’t sure who is really on his side and who is plotting against him. He seems to be getting mixed signals from everyone at this point. The only thing he seems to know for sure is that someone wants him dead. Jaron made some classic MG moves and not much of the story seemed to be surprising. I am an adult though so I think I caught a lot of the hints early on.

I had more fun with the story once Jaron went back to being Sage and ran away to try and figure out how to stall the war. He was back to his mischievous self and causing trouble for everyone he met. There are a few new characters Fink being the most fun and possibly a younger version of our Sage in some ways. Street rat to the max he has a tender heart and just wants to find his place in the world too. While they have a rough start I like how Sage feels almost responsible for him later, almost like a big brother.

Imogen is still one of my favorite characters in the series as she is so loyal and always there to help Sage get out of the terrible trouble he gets himself into. But the ending leaves it very up in the air as to how her story arc will ultimately play out.

I’d like to get a chance to actually see Jaron as King and how he deals with pulling his country together for a war. I’m also very interested in the dynamic between Imogen Jaron and Amaranth and how the relationship aspect of the story will all work out.