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by Tarquin Hall

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ISBN: 0091925649
ISBN13: 978-0091925642
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Author: Tarquin Hall
Language: English
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; 1st Edition/1st Printing edition (2009)
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Rating: 4.7
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I cannot believe there are so many five star reviews from Amazonians for Tarquin Hall's `The Case of the Missing Servant'. I wanted so much to like this novel, but it turned out uneven and unengaging. It is just plain unsatisfying.

The premise was a good one: Follow a Delhi detective agency through several cases and learn about India and the people at 'Most Private Investigations'. 'The Case of the Missing Servant' was a good platform from which to launch a whole series of Vish Puri Detective Stories. However, first-time author Tarquin Hall doesn't give us enough reasons to want to crave future Vish Puri mysteries.

Hall contributes greatly to my tiny Indian vocabulary, especially words of Indian cuisine. However he doesn't do a good job of describing the appearance, taste or texture what's being savored. I can also thank/blame Hall for increasing my repertoire of Indian cuss words. Words I'd never in a million years hear uttered by my polite and refined Indian friends and coworkers.

Vish Puri is a foppish, clever and resourceful second-generation gumshoe who solves cases while munching fatty fried treats. I'd have loved it if Hall had fashioned Vish into a hard-boiled, two-fisted Philip Marlowe-type of detective. But... he didn't.

While Hall paints Puri in colorful detail, other characters are only faint sketches. Is Puri's attractive female undercover operative Facecream tall, short, pudgy or slim? Why is she is so good at extracting information? What techniques does she employ? I don't know because Hall just doesn't bother providing any detd ails. Same goes for Puri's other detective helpers, Handgrip and Tubelight. The novel would have had greater substance if Hall had given some description and support to his supporting characters.

At times Hall portrays Puri as clever, insightful and well-suited to his work. Then he describes Puri as superficial, vain and egotistical. Puri tries hard to balance these inconsistencies while dealing with clientele who already show little respect because of Puri's low-caste, keyhole-peeping occupation.

I don't ever throw in spoilers in my reviews. Except now. Hall fails horribly as a mystery writer when he reveals the murderer at the same moment we meet that character for the first time. Where's the sport in a mystery if the Reader doesn't have a shot at solving it himself?

If Hall had written a different story in a different genre and made Puri a chef or tour guide, he would have produced a better product. I might take another chance on Vish Puri and Tarquin Hall if there is a second novel. But I'll read the Amazon customer reviews first.
The case of the missing servant" and it was written by a British-born newbie writer, whose name is as intriguing as the plot of his book.

Tarquin Hall( I had never read his books before) who has connections with India through marriage and also through his periods of stay in New Delhi, seems to know the intricacies of modern Indian life, like a pro. Read this book and you will know how the average, middle class, upper class and even lower class Indian lives in India today. For even though the caste system might have seen its last days, there is still a class system of sorts in India and its essence has been captured by the author remarkably. I say remarkably, because as a Britisher, he must have had to be extremely observant to have written this well-researched book.

The story is about a detective called Vish Puri and how he solves mystery cases. This detective, unlike other famous detectives we know or have read about works on a few cases at a time and the book describes many of these co-occurring cases altogether and no, the cases are not connected to one another. One of the cases, as the title suggests, is how he goes in search of a " missing servant". Indian society- both middle and upper class- depend on servants to complete the tasks of their daily living. So in this book, a maid from the house disappears a couple of months back and V. Puri, the detective is commissioned to find her and find her he did, in a most unexpected of places, and believe it or not, because of a few pebbles, she had left behind in her room.cvr9781476708485_9781476708485_hr

Another case he worked on at the same time involved investigating a groom. Indian society still uses the arranged marriage system to find out if a prospective groom is good enough for their daughter or vice versa and these days, they employ detectives to do the sleuthing. In a series of twists and turns,the author takes us through the social life of one of the nouveau rich people of Delhi- an employee of a call centre or a multi-national company.

The book was thrilling,enthralling and kept me reading, until I had finished it, which is something new for me these days. And above all, I want to keep the book. I find myself usually giving away books and it is rare that I find a book I want to keep and here is one.