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by Anne Pery

Download Execution Dock-- First 1st Edition epub
ISBN: 075532062X
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Author: Anne Pery
Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine; First Edition first Printing edition (2009)
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Received this today. If you like English Regency love (real life type, not debutante's, balls, etc or mysteries, past times, in Ye Olde England, etc... TRY Anne Perry's books.
Oh never of the finest writers I ever read. Graphic death scenes, life in the slums, hardships of life in the era she writes about. But NO Erotica, mild or wild!!!
Over the years I've read MANY of her books, picking up again with "Monk", where I left off, after I could not get to library anymore.
First Sentence: The man balanced on the stern of the flat-bottomed lighter, his wild figure outlined against the glittering water of the Thames, hair whipped in the wind, face sharp, lips drawn back.

Commander Thomas Monk of the Thames River Police is accomplishes the job his predecessor started and captures Jericho Phillips for the murder of a young boy, Fig. Phillips is the owner of a floating brothel that specializes in torturing young boys and using them sex and pornographic photographs with London's wealthy and powerful. Olive Rathbone, a leading barrister, is hired by his wealthy father-in-law, to defend Phillips. When Rathbone wins his case and Phillips is declared "not guilty," Monk, his force, wife Hester and their friends band together to get Phillips off the streets.

With each new Anne Perry book I am reminded of what an amazing writer she is. She seems to love contrasts but doesn't ignore the shades of gray. Her plots are so well done and touch every emotion. They are completely engrossing and the reading of them supersedes any other activity for that day. The courtroom scene is suspenseful and it aftermath poignantly conveys the sense of failure and frustration all police must feel when a criminal is found not guilty due to the evidence not being strong enough.

She shows us London with all its layers from the wealthiest to the most poor and desperate, and that goodness and corruption exist at all levels. Perry's characters are so real it is easy to remember them book to book. At the same time she gives new, or forgetful, readers enough of each character's background to the character to become known or remembered. Perry's dialogue, including her use of vernacular and dialect, make them come to life. Monk still has his determination for justice but has softened as a man, Hester is strong and determined, Scuff's street smarts layered over vulnerability, Sutton, the ratcatcher with his dog, Snoot, Squeaky, the ex-brothel owner, and so many more who give palpable emotion to the story. One thing I particularly loved in this book was her look at the differences in three marriages; Hester and Monk, Rathbone and Margaret and Claudine and Wallace.

Ms. Perry's books inform, entertain, and make me think. Her sense of time, place, dialogue, characters and plot are excellent. I look forward to each new book and am never disappointed. For what more can a reader ask? Brava, Ms. Perry.

EXECUTION DOCK (Hist/Pol. Proc- William Monk-England-1864) - Ex
Perry, Anne - 16th in Monk series
Ballentine Books, 2009, US Hardcover - ISBN: 9780345469335
Perry demonstrates the most extraordinary compassion and insight in all her books. And yet she does not resile from placing her characters in situations where there are no good outcomes. Simply tragedy. The books are compelling and I understand why she is a best seller. Sh does not churn out her well written books. In each one, relationships shift, people's characters develop and reveal unexpected courage or evil.
This had more violence in it than I would prefer, but liked the momentum to go after and protect these children. The increasing role of "Scruff" intrigues me also.
Anne Perry is an elegant writer - even when she is exposing (pardon the expression) the prevalent pornography exploitation in Victorian England.
This book takes place just after Prince Albert's death, and Queen Victoria has started her mourning - which will last decades -
Monk and his river police try to put away Phillips, a man who owns a river boat where patrons can come and use children for their sexual needs, or buy pornagraphic photographs, or watch the action as it happens. It is a disgusting thing that truly was the 'rage' in this era, and unfortunately pornography has no era constraint.
Phillips is tried (his counsel is the Monk's longtime friend Sir Oliver Rathbone) and found not-guilty for the murder of a boy who had started puberty and no longer useful to his porno industry.
Monk, and his wife Hester start an investigation to catch Phillips in something that will bring him to justice.
Including the characters that have endeared themselves to us in this series, Sullivan, the rat catcher, and his wonderful dog, Scuff, the homeless boy that Hester and Monk have semi-taken in, and a cast of others. They persue Phillips, and face dangers.
This book delves into the relationships of the Monks and the Rathbones and the dynamic changes. It is excellently written and is Anne Perry at her best.
Mrs. Perry is now writing one book a year and is alternating between the Monk series and the Pitt series (Victorian England at its latter stages), as well as the Christmas books she writes about a character from her series and their experiences around Christmas. She is a lovely lady - I emailed her and to my surprise received a lovely handwritten card from her and I have kept it in the 1st Christmas book.
Execution Dock is vintage Perry - you will not be disappointed - great read.
Another home run for Perry. Nuanced, well-crafted, and complex characters and a compelling plot.
The poverty and hopelessness among the poor is staggering. Also, the very real misogny of society is well depicted. And of course, an engrossing story with characters you want to know personally. Anne Perry writes so beautifully. I plan to read every thing she has written .
I put off reading this because of the repulsive subject, but I wanted to fill in the blanks of the main characters' lives, so I finally bought it. The crimes were well handled - no nightmares for me. Perry is a gifted story teller and my curiosity about the characters' lives was satisfied. Acceptable Loss is in this same category.