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Download Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, Volume 1) epub

by John Flanagan

Download Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, Volume 1) epub
ISBN: 1864719656
ISBN13: 978-1864719659
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Author: John Flanagan
Language: English
Publisher: Random House (2009)
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 620
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Book is a wholesome, young-adult (or maybe younger??) adventure novel of a young boy who is unsure of his identity finding a place in the world and feeling special. In other words, it is about what lots of these young adult books are about. However, in this instance, it plays out in a sort of medieval setting where there are castles, horses, kings, etc.... The only sort of magical aspect to the book is the appearance of a few monsters. So no sorcery here.

It is a kid's book, so the issues the main character, Will, faces are wondering who his parents were, feeling the first mysterious moments of noticing the other sex, dealing with bullies, feeling the joy and strength of friendship, facing up to being caught causing problems in the adult arena, feeling the anxiety of attending adult, formal social gatherings, seeking approval from role models etc....

What makes this a traditional work in this genre is that the role models in the end always come through and are fair to the kids. The evil is always defeated, though sometimes rather more quickly than it should given the build up of how no one EVER faced down monster X before. The kids in the book focus on a host of anxieties any young reader can appreciate, but in the end everything works out.

The book is very positive in this sense. I hope today's young kids are not so jaded they can not read this and find some comfort and stability before they reach the craziness and harshness of adulthood. I just am not sure if with the internet and the harshness of video games and the exposure to sexuality and violence that are so much a part of our society today's kids in third through sixth grade can read something this positive without thinking it is unrealistic. I hope like heck I am wrong.

I thought it was a pleasant read, but when I was in third or fourth grade I would have devoured this eagerly and thought it was the greatest thing! There is no swearing or sex in the book, a good deal of light humor that I think kids will catch even if the kids in the story do not always catch it, and a fair amount of stereotypical scenes and characters.

Clearly more for young readers than adults, but a nicely done book.
I bought this for my 11 year old. I read through it first to make sure it was appropriate and not too scary. I felt it was perfect for middle school aged kids. Has excitement and some hairy parts but nothing that will keep them up at night. There are plenty of teenage kid issues going on that they can relate to also.

The author did a good job setting up the book for a long series, it answers just enough to keep you happy but leaves you wanting to find out what happens as the series continues. It wasn't as good as the Harry Potter series, but I wouldn't expect that since they are so much shorter. There isn't nearly as much time devoted to detail the world around the characters. Its definitely worth the time and price.

I'm actually going to be reading the next book in the series as well before I pass them on to my kid, it was a fun read.
I have read the series a couple times and the first books of the series multiple times. This book would have worked as a standalone quite easily . The unique and interesting take on the medieval fantasy separates itself from other books of its kind. While there is no magic there is mystery and terrifying creatures for our hero's to face. There's also great character development and the feeling that the world is much bigger than what is shown.
I believe the narrative is set in third person omniscient and the story feels seamless and natural. It is an easy read that still offers the hard-core fantasy lover enough to wet the appetite.
I have now completed the entire collection/series of the Ranger's Apprentice. It was a very enjoyable and entertaining collection. The first book I got by accident. Yes, I know that Amazon would have given me credit, but it was my mistake. It proved, however, to be a very nice mistake. It was only after I started reading that I realized it was written for adolescents and young teens. But, darn, it was good! I never expected the great novel of the century, an instant classic, or any of the other accolades that are heaped on books to get people to buy them. The characters were well developed, mostly likable, and reminiscent of many people we meet in our daily lives. In the entire collection, there were few errors, either in development of the story or typographical, and what few there were did not detract from the story in any way. If my grandchildren were younger, I would gladly recommend they read the books for entertainment, maybe even a life lesson, or two or three, along the way. Being 72 years old and still of sound mind, I can wholeheartedly recommend these books to the hands of young, old, and in between. Thank you, John Flanagan for your agile mind and a way with words.