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by Ray Considine,Ted Cohn

WAYMISH means Why Are You Making It So Hard...for me to give you my money? A "Waymish" is any dumb mistake made when dealing with a customer. It's the disastrous effect of one minute's lousy service which loses a customer ready and willing to spend money.

One "Waymish." One customer lost. All future profits gone.

The book's examples make excellent staff training material.

Download WAYMISH: Why are you making it so hard for me to give you my money? epub
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Author: Ray Considine,Ted Cohn
Language: English
Publisher: Waymish Pub. Co (June 1, 2000)
Pages: 189 pages
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As a long time small business owner I have read hundreds of business books in my time. Some are good, some pathetic, and some ignorant. I have read useful books and books that are only good for firestarters. Some have been written by P.H.D's who don't have a clue about the real world and some that do - but WAYMISH is by far the best and most useful business book I have ever seen or read. I usually keep a dosen or so copies at the store and regularly send them to business owners or suppliers that I like and companies that need help.

Simply written and easily readable in a few hours - I read it about every 6 months and remind myself that the only reason my customers shop at my store - is because (and if) I provide excellent service.

If you own a business or want to start one BUY THIS BOOK. Don't do it later do it now - you won't regret it. My advice is to buy some extra copies to pass around, after reading it you will want to.

Bob Jacobsen

Galaxy Hobby
Best quick-read sales & motivational book I've ever read!
Lonesome Orange Kid
Very informative. Passed it on to a coworker
This is a great read for any person that deals in customer service. The stories in this book are amazing.
WAYMISH: WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT SO HARD FOR ME TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY? by Ray Considine and Ted Cohen is a book that should be read by anybody who deals with customers.

It presents lessons that may seem obvious, but unfortunately, many businesses seem to forget the obvious. The result: Customers, facing difficulties, often go elsewhere.

What truly made WAYMISH outstanding was its use of examples, all taken from real companies on how things could and should be done . . . one of my favorites involved Murray Raphel, my marketing guru, during his clothing days:

* [He delivered] a looks-like-every-other London fog trench coat: but in his, your name appears in a HUGE monogram on the inside front flap. "So you can always find your coat on a rainy day in a restaurant cloakroom."

I'm still shaking my head over that one, as well as how other stores approach things:

* At Nordstrom the rule is, "Treat your customers as you would a friend." At Carl Sewell's car dealership the decision to charge for an extra service is, "Would you charge a friend for this?" In essence, it's common sense.

And then there was this approach to marketing research that could be used by any business--or any other organization for that matter:

* A managing partner of a CPA firm was thinking customer service. He called the 25 largest clients and asked for three minutes of the CEO's time to answer two questions:

The Survey:
What do you like about our firm's service?
What do you not like about our firm...or any other CPA

(Note: This is the best and simplest survey any business will ever need.)

Though the authors probably had customer service folks in mind when they wrote WAYMISH, it could and should be read by countless others who deal with the public on any sort of regular basis. Just imagine how much more pleasant life would be if everybody made each and every transaction a pleasant one.
First, and in the interest of full disclosure: As many of you know, Ray Considine has been one of my closest personal friends, most trusted mentors/business associates since we first met some 35 years ago. He is, in a word, AWESOME!

Now let's talk about the book "WAYMISH" ("Why Are You Making It So Hard . . . for me to give you my money?").

If you will just purchase/read this book, then carefully study your own sales/customer service techniques against it (and those of your entire organization!), you'll quickly discover that you are probably throwing away 20-40% of all your established and potential sales volume. And I'm not exaggerating!

While the "WAYMISH" stories of poor service/missed sales are amusing at first (some are absolutely hysterical!), as you read on, you'll see far more of your own sales/customer service operation than you'd ever want . . . to the point that you'll become absolutely uncomfortable at times. I sure was!

As you know, when going about your own day-to-day activities, the sales/customer service world is frequently staffed by the untrained (our fault!) and absolute morons (accident of birth, I assume). Well, here's a news flash! While we laugh at those poor, sad folks . . . THEY ARE AMONG US! Or, as "Pogo" once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

See, while my "The Closers" series will teach you everything you need to know about closing sales, if you're letting them all get out the back door after that, you can't close enough sales to save yourself!

Let me cut it short with some personal advice: Buy "WAYMISH" from . . . right now, while you're still on this page!

Note: You may have noticed that all of my book reviews carry "5 Star" ratings (*****). But that's not the sign of a "soft reviewer." I only review books to which I can honestly give a "5 Star" rating. You may assume, therefore, that any sales training/self-improvement book without my "5 Star" rating is either something less that "5 Star," or I simply haven't gotten to it yet . . . and there are certainly plenty of those!