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Download Raintree: Sanctuary epub
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Had to buy it to complete the "trilogy." I didn't enjoy it. Sorry, I think it's a bad idea having different writers do something that's supposed to be cohesive. I did not like the characters, the situation was ridiculous, the so-called battle was sort of an afterthought, and the precocious wonder-child would benefit from some firm discipline. (Yes, I understand this is a fantasy genre, but at least the first two books had some kind of grounding in the real world.) I will not be seeking out anything by Beverly Barton.
I wanted to like this book, but the 2 main characters really got on my nerves! He was a not very nice bully and she was a wimp. How he got to be the head of the clan is obvious.. he was meaner than everyone else in the book except the villian. But how she got to be the keeper of the home place is totally beyond me! She has 2 brothers who are pretty powerful themselves yet she lets this guy come into her home, her clans sacred place, and start bossing her around, all because she doesn't want to tell her brothers that that he is her baby's daddy. Give me a break! This is the kind of "I love him---I hate him" writing that gives romance a bad name. Come on lady make up your mind, take a stand and defend that stand to your last breath. If you want him go get him, don't whine and cry and agonize, we all have wanted the bad boy at one time or another. Go get him or move on and don't take half of the book to make a decision.
Raintree: Sanctuary (Silhouette Nocturne)
I enjoyed this book so much I would love to know of any other authors and titles of this same style of writing. I liked the mythological angles mixed in with the suspense and romance. I do not particularly care for vampire stories but enjoy the myth.
I purchased this book because Beverly Barton is a favorite author. This is the third book in a series with the first two written by Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones. The entire set was excellent.
Don't like the comic format. Don't like the page direction. Don't like the drawing. Storyline hard to follow. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Certainly not what I was expecting and wouldn't have purchased if I had known what it was like. First two books good, this one definitely NOT.
This is the third in the Raintree and a great conclusion to the trilogy- all three written by three different authors Linda Howard wrote the first Raintree: Inferno, Linda Winstead Jones Raintree: Haunted, and the final by Beverly Barton. They tied the world/ gifts/ stories in very well. I read the first a while back, but had trouble finding the second. Thanks to Kindle I downloaded all three and really enjoyed the trilogy.
I enjoyed this book. I feel that it was different (i.e. not having a goody goody hero). I wasnt going to buy it after reading the reviews on here but im glad i did it anyway. sometimes you have to just get it and not pay atten tion to what others say because most of the time people only write reviews to complain. ok now i can get off my soapbox. I like the ending i feel that the author tied it together and explained what happened after the other two books for which i was grateful for because I felt like i was dangling on the end of a cliff :)
Entertaining and kept me interested, but not a forever keeper for me.
My favorite of the Raintree series with the Romeo and Juliet aspect. Even better when illustrated by one of my favorite mangakas. Hope they continue to make more manga available on kindle.