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by Irene Hickman D. O.

Download Remote depossession epub
ISBN: 0915689081
ISBN13: 978-0915689088
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Author: Irene Hickman D. O.
Language: English
Publisher: Hickman Systems; 2 edition (March 24, 1997)
Pages: 160 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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I wish Irene Hickman wrote more books. I have found her books "Mind Probe Hypnosis" and "Remote Depossession" a true delight to read. They are both informative and entertaining.

In "Remote Depossession", Irene Hickman describes a process which is a derivation of, and similar to the process described in the book that perhaps inspired the entire development of Spirit Releasement process, in a compassionate way (as opposite to "exorcism") - "30 Years Among the Dead".

The process described in this book involves the use of another person, who through guided hypnosis session, sends a fragment of his consciousness into a person who may be influenced by other human or non-human entities.

The process does involve asking the Higher Self, Higher Wisdom of the possibly possessed individual for permission to scan the individual and proceed with help, which is about 99% of the time granted, but in few instances may be rejected because the individual needs to undergo some other learnings.

In my opinion, whether we get permission to do anything specific to help the person who may be suffering or not, we can always send love and light to everyone. After all, what we wish and send to others, in due time, returns to us.

There is a brief mention of other therapists who have adapted remote depossession technique and who conduct the entire process mentally, without the assistance of an additional person.
The content of this book is very valuable in that Dr. Hickman addresses a very unique approach to therapy. Dr. Hickman hypnotizes an assistant who then reads a remotely located patient/person, and then the assistant removes spirits or dark entities to the light.
I appreciate the fact that she mentions St Michael and his helpers. St Michael is critical to this work.
The only reason that I gave only 4 stars is that Dr. Hickman must have written this on a manual typewriter and failed to have a spell/grammar check done by an editor. There are glaring errors in every chapter.
I highly recommend that one also reads Dr. Edith Fiore's book, The Unquiet Dead.
This is written by one of the best if not the best person in the field (no longer on earth). This is a must have book and worth 10x the price. A real bargain. If you have seen this woman work it is very inspiring. I have used this method with great success.
This is a decent book to get started, but if you're at all well-read on the subject of spirit release and remote exorcism, you won't find much new information here. It's slim, self-published, and has a fair number of typos, although Irene Hickman's style is entertaining and easy enough to read. But she doesn't really tell you how to do the process. There's no nicely spelled-out, step-by-step do-it-yourself guide. On top of that, she assumes the reader is already familiar with hypnosis, then seems to expect you to use a third party medium to talk to the spirits possessing your client. Huh? I've read pretty much all the books on this subject of spirit release (with or without using hypnosis, and some of which the author cites as her inspiration), but none of them bother with that. Not even a mention of it. Also, how is being in the same room as the possessed client considered a "remote" exorcism? I don't get it. There was nothing in this book about distance work, which makes the book's title rather misleading.

If you really want to perform remote depossession, a better book is Exorcism: How to Clear at a Distance a Spirit Possessed Person, by Reverend Eugene Maurey, which provides an idiot-proof system on how to exorcise anyone, anywhere in the world, without any experience or assistants. The system is completely spelled out for the average person and requires no hypnosis training. You'll need a pendulum to perform it (sold separately, or you can make your own with any pointy, weighted object on a string). While a reverend, Maurey's system is easily adapted to suit any religious beliefs (Christian or otherwise), nor does he attempt to force his religion on the reader. Anyone with a basic belief in spirits (angels, demons, ghosts, etc.) can use it and should be able to achieve positive results.

In closing, I'd like to point out that I did enjoy Irene Hickman's earlier book, Mind Probe Hypnosis, which is a good introductory text on hypnosis and the various metaphysical issues raised through it, particularly on the subject of reincarnation (referred to in hypnosis as past life regression work). Mind Probe Hypnosis contains some very interesting transcripts of her past-life regression work with clients as she helps them solve their problems in this life by dealing with the source of the trouble in one or more of their past lives.
I picked up this book from an occult shop as a sort of curio around 2000, and only got a chance to read it this weekend. While clearly self-published, the information is valuable, and the authors make some effort to answer to scientific concerns, albeit the response is "you probably won't like this."

I'm wishing that this came out at a time when online networking was common, as I can see this type of work being invaluable. It doesn't matter if the entities are just extensions of the unconscious mind or literal beings - if this form of visualization and release genuinely helps people and can be done without invasive surgery or chemical alteration, it's well worth exploring. I only wish I knew how to begin to ask to find people who practice this now.