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Download Damned If You Do in the Nightside (Nightside Omnibus Editions) epub

by Simon R Green

Download Damned If You Do in the Nightside (Nightside Omnibus Editions) epub
ISBN: 190673562X
ISBN13: 978-1906735623
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Author: Simon R Green
Language: English
Publisher: Solaris (2010)
Pages: 416 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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This was another fun read from simon green. Not a deep or heavy discussion but an enjoyable distration. Well worth buying used copy and ship down range while deployed to combat.
Damned If You Do in the Nightside (2010) is the fourth Fantasy omnibus in the Nightside series, following The Dark Heart of the Nightside. The initial volume in this sequence is A Walk on the Nightside. This volume contains Hell to Pay and The Unnatural Inquirer.

Hell to Pay (2007) is the seventh novel in this series. In this story, John Taylor is invited to Griffen Hall. Jeremiah Griffen is an immortal and the richest man in Nightside. He owns most of the properties and many of the inhabitants. The Authorities had kept him from taking over everything, but now they are gone.

Jeremiah's granddaughter and heir is missing. Three days before, someone -- or something -- had killed Jeremiah's family lawyer and his copy of Jeremiah's will was stolen. Shortly after that, the whole family had learned that Melissa was the sole heritor of Jeremiah's estate. Now she is gone -- kidnapped, murdered or fled -- and Jeremiah knows nothing about her whereabouts.

Taylor goes through the motions of obtaining a recent photograph and asking about the movements of the family, yet he plans to use his talent to find the girl. This time, however, something is blocking his extrasense. Then something comes after Taylor and/or Jeremiah, but Taylor counters the attack.

He can use his talent for other things, but not to locate Melissa. Taylor is going to have to locate the missing heir the hard way. He starts by asking Jeremiah to describe his family.

The Unnatural Inquirer (2008) is the eighth novel in this series. In this story, Taylor has just finished a case for the H. P. Lovecraft Memorial Library in which a book was reading the patrons. Outside the entrance, Walker and Suzie Shooter are waiting for him. Walker has hired Suzie to find Max Maxwell, but the man has disappeared beyond her kenning.

Maxwell has found the Aquarius Key and used it to force the Voudon gods to possess his minions. The loa are very irritated and have turned the tables on Maxwell. Now he is hiding from a herd of possessed bounty hunters. Naturally, Taylor soon finds Maxwell and gives him to Walker for incarceration in the Shadow Deep.

Then Cathy calls from the office and tells Taylor that the Unnatural Inquirer wants to hire him for a large amount of money. Naturally the gossip sheet wouldn't tell his secretary about the case, but did give Cathy a place where he will be met by a runner who will guide him to their office.

The Unnatural Inquirer has a larger circulation than the Night Times, but also has more enemies. So many people have tried to attack their offices that they brag about the futility of such attempts. Their main offices are located within a pocket dimension.

Taylor is met by Harry Fabulous and keyed into the Reception office. As soon as they arrive, every alarm in the place goes off. Taylor apparently has every indication of armed and dangerous. After Harry explains that Taylor is there by invitation, Security desensitizes the system to ignore him.

The next installment in this omnibus sequence has not yet been released on Amazon.

Highly recommended for Green fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of magical places, private investigators, and interesting people. Read and enjoy!

-Arthur W. Jordin