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Download Chicken Soup For The Soul: Heartwarming Stories To Renew Your Faith epub

Download Chicken Soup For The Soul: Heartwarming Stories To Renew Your Faith epub
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My thirteen-year-old daughter was having some bad attitude problems. She was very ungrateful, and most the things that came out of her mouth were angry. So when I finally had enough I decided to come up with a different kind of punishment. I would teach her different habits and force her if needed to remember all the reason she has to be grateful. When I came across this book I was thrilled. A Christian book on her level with inspiring stories. It was exactly what I needed. She read some of these stories alone, but every night we read a few together. Most of the stories are very short, I think some of the longest were about 7 pages, but usually they were two or three. We laughed, we cried, we bonded, we learned lots of things and saw things for many different points of view. Very great uplifting book about how God can turn anything around. And how you can always turn to him no matter how dark things look. I recommend this book to everyone!!!!
If you are down, or have health issues, family problems, or any other situation of that nature, this book will lift and inspire you. While it won't eradicate all troubles, it demonstrates how individuals through prayer and divine intervention saw the light and had a profound effect in their lives.

While some of the "Chicken Soup" books I didn't care for; this one is exceptional. It is a must read for a dose of good old fashioned faith!

I found this book to be very comforting as I went through my grief of losing my husband unexpectedly . Reading the stories of other people who have lost loved ones and have found a new life and hope encouraged me that my life would go on and that I could obtain happiness in spite of my grief.
Gave it as a gift to a dear friend who loss a loved one. She loved the book and read it every night was great to give to her when she was going through a loss of a loved one and for anyone who loves reading about messages from heaven anytime!
I always say that you can't go wrong with Chicken Soup. I don't think I will ever give one of these books less than four stars. This is another one that is so filled with wisdom and inspiration that I was looking forward each day to reading more stories. Many people had to climb the ladder of success in order to achieve happiness. They had to get more education and training. Others had to downsize. They already had degrees and high-powered careers, but they weren't happy. Sometimes that six-letter word, stress, was slowly killing them. One became a full-time stay-at-home mom and found that PB and jelly with her kids beat luncheons with executives. One went from management to administrative work as an executive secretary and was so much happier. Many people came to realize that managing with less money wasn't a hardship if they had less stress and more peace in their lives.

Others had handicaps or illnesses that they needed to accept. One blind woman made such a beautiful life for herself that a cure for her blindness wasn't the end-all and be-all of her existence anymore. As usual, I was truly moved and astounded by so many of these stories. Others were pleasant stories, but they didn't have the power to really move me to a great degree. This is a matter of personal taste I'm sure. But I had to take a star off because of the stories that didn't have the punch that I've learned to expect--the stories that move me to tears or really amaze me with their wisdom and beauty.

It's a wonderful book for the bedside--sure to relax you and give you hope. By the way, I know that some people can be turned off by stories about people who leave perfectly good jobs to find a more peaceful existence. People can't always leave their jobs, but I seem to remember that there were some good ideas here for making the most of leisure time or achieving some balance in life. One story is even about the joy of having a box of chocolates all to yourself--loved that one!
Another great Chicken Soup book. I saw a lot of Zen thinking in this book. It showed me, once again, that acceptance of a situation, concentration on the present moment, and enjoyment of the good, positive aspects of all circumstances helps us to rise above difficulties. Some of the authors have illnesses or disabilities which would depress many people. Would you see the positive side of Alzheimer's Disease? Could you still be happy if you had macular degeneration and were slowly going blind? Could you have Asperger Syndrome and still want to travel the world knowing that you were directionally-challenged? I don't think I've ever made it through a Chicken Soup book without crying. And this book was no exception. It was so moving. I am a person who tries to look for the silver lining, but I often fall short, and this book has helped me to look for the beauty in all circumstances.
These stories are not only beautiful and uplifting but many of them are as exciting and thrilling as mystery stories. Can you imagine trying to escape from your burning home or from a burning plane? I felt as though I were right there with the authors--breathing the smoke and seeing the flames. All of these stories help us to see divinity in action whether God is actually speaking to the writers in a clear voice, sending an angel or human helper, healing the sick, keeping someone alive, or leading a loved one to the other side. You will be so moved by the miracles in these stories that you will cry. You will be amazed beyond belief at the way simple prayer can change lives.
Think I would have missed something if this book only contained 50 or 60! As it is, I am always hoping for just one more before I hit the bios page. This book is a keeper. I now have about 150 Chicken Soup books. If you like reading POSITIVE and don't like depressing reads, I strongly recommend this book. So many teachers are using them in classrooms that you need not worry about X-rated content. Just a real shame that Amazon only allows five stars.