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by Matthew Bracken

"Foreign Enemies And Traitors" is set in the near future in an America that is creeping steadily toward socialist tyranny, in the midst of the second Great Depression. A year after earthquakes have devastated the Tennessee Valley, survivors are resisting demands by the federal government to relocate to FEMA refugee centers. United States National Guard units have proven ineffective at forcing these survivors out of the earthquake-damaged regions, due to their reluctance to employ deadly force against fellow Americans. As a result, the president has invited so-called foreign peacekeeping battalions to do the work of forcibly relocating the holdouts. The novel follows a small group of determined survivors in their resistance to the foreign enemies, and the American traitors who are their allies.
Download Foreign Enemies And Traitors epub
ISBN: 0972831037
ISBN13: 978-0972831031
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Author: Matthew Bracken
Language: English
Publisher: Steelcutter Publishing; First edition (May 6, 2009)
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Rating: 4.2
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Having enjoyed the first two books of the trilogy, I naturally wanted to read the third. It could have been, should have been, better than this. It seems like the author got lazy and just wanted it to end. There was far too much duplication - sentences repeated almost word for word on the same page. I read it on a Kindle, and it seemed to have been typeset for printing at another size. There were hard hyphens in words in the middle of lines instead of letting it wrap normally. The number of typographical errors was staggering. Words were omitted, added, or entirely the wrong word. A good proofreader would have brought this book up to four stars. A good editor should have been able to get the author to do the work to earn that last star. The potential was there, but the execution was flawed.
lets go baby
I just finished reading this, the third in Matt's trilogy, and have decided that I will be purchasing quite a few copies of all three books to give as a set as Christmas gifts. I plan to give them to (1) friends who are aware of much of what is going on in America and the world, and will therefore comprehend the potential for these books to become stark reality, and (2) friends who are clueless regarding what is going on in America and the world and who are in desperate need of a wake-up call.

Not only does Matt exhibit a thorough knowledge of American and world history, military matters, politics, human nature, and the threat that America's enemies, both within and outside of her borders, pose to each and every one of us, but he also writes an incomparably interesting, suspenseful, human story every bit as gripping as any current writer of political thrillers. The difference between Matt's story and most modern political thrillers is that the events and societal changes that occur in The Enemies Trilogy find themselves becoming stark reality in America with each passing day.

Matt's crystal ball is unforgiving and eerily accurate, and those who might see this trilogy as an entertaining piece of fiction need to begin paying more attention to the smothering effects that the left's agenda is having on every aspect of American life, and the manner in which that agenda is emboldening the enemies of freedom who pose as 'leaders' in Washington D.C., and the enemies of freedom who are openly seeking the demise of the West. The Enemies Trilogy is fast morphing from well-grounded fiction to abominable truth.

Five stars are not sufficient.
If you know your history and politics, this trilogy tells you where the elite power brokers want the USA to be...broken and busy fighting amongst each other to stand united against our real enemies. A long game that's been in play since before WWII.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" is the Modus Operandi of these people, and Bracken takes us from a staged terror attack intended to vault one man's ambition for power and shows how it can snowball down a long road that leads to civil war and foreign occupation under the hands of "leaders" who despise America and the independence and freedom for which it stands.

Admittedly Bracken's storytelling runs a bit long (why I don't give 5 stars) as he retells key events from the perspectives of different key characters, but the events portrayed are not just believable, they are inevitable if Americans don't wake up from the mass media thought conditioning and begin to relearn critical thinking skills and demand answers to hard questions from both those in power and those who seek to be placed in positions of power.
I almost quit reading about 20% of the way in. It was too depressing.
Then I realized that our country is just a gnat's whisker away from this being truth.
It's a long read, over 500 pages. And the characters come and go, eventually, they all come together.
I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did. You'll recognize a lot of things you fear. The constitution is replaced, guns are banned, gold and silver are illegal.
Foreign armies are patrolling because our soldiers won't fire on Americans trying to defend their homes.
Terms like "The Rural Pacification Program" are government speak for "shoot on sight".
It's sad on many levels. The author doesn't sugar coat anything. It's not at all PC.
Two Hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast, while at the same time two earthquakes devastate the Mississippi valley.
Power is out, bridges are down, supplies can't be delivered, and the government is crippled to act.
When the food runs out in the cities, the urban dwellers start raiding the farms, and guess what, the farmers didn't surrender their guns.
If you're out after curfew, or seen with a gun, a drone will not ask questions.
Some people, once called extremists have hoarded ammo, water, and food, and they're not about to be killed for it.
Bodies rotting in the streets and roads. No police, no power, no water, no food, no gas, no heat, no law.
And it's all believable.

A band of misfits decides to take matters into their own hands. A few were former Army Rangers, so they know how to kill,
and after what they have witnessed, kill they do. They'll die before they see the country they love be run into oblivion.

The president is an avowed socialist, the first half-black president, who meets with a former terrorist to discuss "social justice".
You'll recognize a lot of newsworthy people in the "fictional" characters.

I didn't really like the ending, I'm not sure it was doable.

Not only did I finish, I'm buying a hard copy to give to friends.