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Download The Million Dollar Putt epub
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Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
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My 5th grader read this as a fun summer read. It has a nice message that there are no excuses to persevering. Anything is possible even when your blind.
I use this book for the boys book club and the boys are now excited to experiment with trying out the game of golf.
Can a blind boy win a golf tournament for a million dollars? Edward Bogard (Bogie) is blind and has never touched a golf club in his life, so when his enemies ask him to go golfing with them, he's quizzical. When they get there, Bogie finds out that he's a lot better than he thought. The manager at the golf course tells him that he's a pro, but needs a coach to get even better. Bogie turns to his weird neighbor Birdie for help. Then, someone signs him up for a golf tournament with a first place prize of a million dollars. Do Bogie and Birdie have what it takes to win?

One of my favorite things about this book is the author's message: even if you're different, you can still do great things. Also, I like how it's realistic so you can connect to the characters better. The topic was one of my favorite things too: the unique idea of a blind 13 year old training to win 1,000,000 dollars at a golf tournament. You should really read this book - you won't regret it! '
Bogie was able to do many things even though he is blind. This made me wounder if i could do all the things i do if i was blind or not. He was able to tech himself to play the guitar and even learned how to golf. being blind did not stop him from competing. I wounder if bogie was more determined because he si blind and felt that he had to prove he could do what other kids could do. I rated this book 4 stars because it left you wanting to know more about Bogie and what he would accomplish with the rest of his life. I think anyboby that has dreams would enjoy this book. It makes you feel like you can do anytyhing if you set your mind to it. I can tell you if Bogie won the golf tournament you will have to read the book your self to find that out. Which I recomened you do. The Million Dollar Putt by Dan Gutman is a fantastic book for all ages of kids. THis book is a sports-fiction so if you like sports books go and get this book at your local book store today.

by: Jake G.

Read This Inspriational Book!!
The Million Dollar Putt, written by Dan Gutman, is a powerful book that shows that blind or disabled people can do more than they think they can do. He has courage stand up to bullies, and enters the golf tournament with the help of BIrdie. This sports fiction tells the tale of a blind kid named Bogie taking the unbelievable challenge. I gave this book a 5/5 rating because it was a very well written book with a good message to disabled people. Children of all ages will enhoy The Million Dollar Putt. I would highly recoomend reading this inspirational book.
By: E.G.
The Million Dollar Putt had a lot of things in common with me. This book is mainly about golf, and I like golf a so that is the main reasons I chose this book in the beginning. There were many things that made this book interesting; however, there were parts that got a little boring.

The two main characters are Birdie, and Bogie. Birdie is a girl that is a neighbor of Bogie and is kind of weird. The blind man Bogie, likes playing guitars and playing golf. Bogie makes this book really good because you always think he is going to mess up, or something bad is going to happen. You have many doubts about him, for example, most people would predict that a blind man would never go out for golf, and if they did they would be horrible. He makes the book a lot more interesting

Overall, this book had a lot of ups and downs, but it was still good. You might like this if you like unpredictable books. I think anyone that does play golf would like this, especially people that like putting. I think blind people are underestimated and can do a lot more than people would think. That is why I think the point Dan Gutman was trying to make is you can do almost anything if you really try.
The best book I've read this year was The Million Dollar Putt by: Dan Gutman

The two main characters in the book were Bogey and Birdie. Bogey was a twelve year old boy who liked to play guitar and golf. His best friends name was Birdie, she was the one who taught him how to play golf. Birdie was a twelve year old girl who didn't have many hobbies. Bogey taught her how to play the guitar. They learned how to play golf together and eventually Birdie became Bogeys coach.

The plot of the story is when Bogey finds his mom's old golf clubs in their basement and decides he wants to learn how to play golf. Golf is not easy for a blind person to learn but Bogey seemed to be a natural! The first time Bogey ever played he hit a hole in one and that made him determined to learn the game of golf. One day Birdie read a book called Golf for Morons and this changed everything! After Birdie read the book Birdie and Bogey decided that Birdie would become Bogeys golf coach. With Birdie as his coach Bogey went on to play a lot of good golf.

The main setting in the book takes place on the golf course where Bogey learned to play golf.

The main theme of the book was friendship. Birdie and Bogey had an awesome friendship. They learned a lot of things together but most importantly Bogey learned how to play golf.

The Million Dollar Putt was one of best books I've ever read because the book was about golf and I love golf. It was also so exciting and had so many adventures. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody!
I liked this book. Although i believe that the dad should have given him more support when he wanted to golf at the beginning. They live in Hawaii and i thought that was creative because most people would have just made them live in like a more popular golfing area. The boy might have been blind but he had natural, raw, talent. -Kassidy