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by Jude watson

In the latest supernatural thriller from Jude Watson, Gracie's premonitions hit very close to home when her long-lost father returns ... with some secrets buried deep in his past. Gracie's never known her father -- he disappeared when she was little and was never heard from again. Now, after her mother's death, he's back ... with some dark secrets in tow. Is his reapperance linked in any way with the death of a local tycoon? Or the disappearance years ago of a student? Suddenly Gracie's premonitions are a family matter...
Download Disappearance: A Premonitions Mystery epub
ISBN: 0439796393
ISBN13: 978-0439796392
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Author: Jude watson
Language: English
Publisher: Not Avail (2005)
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Rating: 4.7
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Watson's narrator Gracie tells us her tale of abduction and heroism with an honest depiction of pain, loss, and resentment. Gracie, already without a father, loses her mother in an accident, one she'd warned her mother about. Gracie is bitter after the loss, and Watson's writing of Gracie is dead on. Gracie explains her story, but at the same time, gives insights into what it feels like to lose a parent...and a family. She notices things in other people and how they connect with their own families. She sees her aunt and cousin relate in family shorthand, something she had with her mother, but now believes she'll never again have with anyone.

Gracie's feelings of loss and resentment are authentic. So much so that when she meets psycho Jonah, her sympathy for him makes complete sense. They have an understandable connection through their losses, and the few scenes where they comiserate are moving. Luckily, Gracie is intelligent enough to see beyond his pain and realize he is still insane, despite how bad she may feel for him.

This story is a great page turner, but is also more. Gracie learns by the end of the story that she does have a place in the world, even though her mother is gone. She also sees kids her age and younger who have experienced things she doesn't want to think about.

Watson creates a thriller with a moral. She keeps the story going, keeps the reader's interest piqued, and makes each of the characters, however small, his/her own person. Each of them has a reason for his/her actions, each has individual motivations. An entertainging emotional read.
A wonderful mystery short that is a continuation of the series. A great read that keeps the reader guessing with little hints spread throughout.
A great start to a series. Good character development as well as storyline. Kept the reader engaged and suprised until the very end.
Sermak Light
The seller was fast a shipping and my kids loved the book it took only a 2 days for them to read and they gave it to other friends to read.
Gracie is living in Beewick Island in Washington far away from Maryland where she lived with her mother, Carrie. Here on this island, she lives with her Aunt Shay and cousin Diego. She also gets to meet her estranged father and her stepmother in suburban Seattle. It is here that she becomes embroiled in a mystery of the disappearance of Billy Applegate, Hank Hobbs' murder, and her mysterious father.

She learns the truth about her father and the unsolved crimes. While Gracie's psychic ability also comes into play, it's a bit unrealistic at times. I still think the book is entertaining and beats reading about vampires, werewolves, and supernatural forces. Gracie is more realistic here. Psychic ability is believable here.

I am sure teens and adults will enjoy this quick mystery that took me awhile to enjoy but I did. I just want to know what happened to Sonia.
This story is about a girl, Gracie, who can see into the future. Her mother died a year ago in a terrible car crash, and since then she has had to live with her Aunt Shay, who she doesn't like at all. When her best friend Emily disappears one day, she must use her powers to same her friend before it's too late. The
combination of the characters set the mood for the book. Zed is a mysterious character, and he makes the mysteries in the book more exciting. I found myself guessing who has done what and what would happen next, but I never seemed to guess correctly. Watson always surprised me with the turn of events. My favorite part of the book was the growing relationship between Gracie and
Diego. They're friendship proved the Gracie was becoming more independent after her loss. This idea for a book was very neat, and Watson did a great job of portraying it.

This is a great book and a fantastic adventure story. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and a little bit of mystery. There were only a few profanities but I still think the language would be suitable for an 11 year old or above. The idea for the book was neat, but may be hard to understand for some readers.

Small Black
Gracie's a young teenager with psychic abilities. She has just lost her beloved mother in a car accident in Maryland and has relocated to live with her Aunt Shay and Cousin Diego in Berwick Island near Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest.

The novel is pretty easy reading for the most part and it's targeted to a young audience of readers. Gracie's psychic visions come in handy when her new friend Emily disappears. At first, the story progresses in a fast pace. The truth is a little-far fetched but I won't spoil it for any potential readers.

Anyway, I thought the ending could have been better and the storyline could have been more believable. But it's entertaining even if it's fiction with a dash of psychic abilities. I do admire the author for trying to write as if being psychic isn't always a blessing and that psychics like Gracie don't have all the answers when they need too.

By: Jude Watson

I have just finished reading this book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery solved or for anyone who always has to find out what's going on in the story. This story is about a young girl named Gracie, who has physic abilities. Her mother had past away in a car accident and is now living with her mean annoying aunt Shay and her silent cousin Diego. While Gracie has been having these physic visions she meets a new friend from school and while having her own problems in life her friend goes missing. So now it's up too Gracie to find her new kidnapped friend by having to go through painful premonitions.

I believe it was an easy book to read and that you will enjoy having a good time reading it with someone else. I rate this book 3 stars because is was not that interesting as I hoped even though the authors word choice and tone of the story kept me hooked on it, and as for being myself I cannot let a good mystery book pass right before my eyes. So if u enjoy these types of books I say you go for it and buy this book.