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by Ian Andersen

Details a method of winning at black jack, betting and playing strategically, without being detected by casino personnel and asked to leave the table
Download Turning the Tables on Las Vegas epub
ISBN: 0814907768
ISBN13: 978-0814907764
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Author: Ian Andersen
Language: English
Publisher: Vanguard Pr; 4th Printing edition (November 1, 1976)
Pages: 205 pages
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 938
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Cherry The Countess
I couldn't believe this book only had three reviews and they averaged to four stars! This book took camouflage out of the realm of cave paintings! One bozo actually said it was out of date. Duh, bozo! It was written in the seventies!!! What are you going to do, give Ed Thorp's "Beat the Dealer" one star because the ten count is obsolete!!! I bought my original copy of this book used at 99 cents. I described it as "finding a Picasso at a garage sale". I recently bought this copy I'm reviewing for a floorman I know at Silverton. I wanted him to see all the casino countermeasures that Ian forced with this book... You read Beat the Dealer, Playing Blackjack as a Business and Playing Blackjack to Win for your history lesson. You read Wong's Professional Blackjack and Blackjack Secrets. You read Kenny's Million Dollar Blackjack. You read Ian's two books. You read Snyder's "Blackbelt" and Schlesinger's "Attack". You read Griffin's "Bible". If it ain't in those books, it ain't real!!!
I bought this book for the first time in the late 70's. I lost it over the years, and bought this from Amazon as a replacement. The card counting and managing of the game of blackjack really works. I always win, but always play within moderation. I never try to draw attention by winning big money, the pleasure for me is in the knowledge that I can beat the game.
Ian Andersen has written 2 books that I truly loved to read, this one and Burning the Tables in Las Vegas.
This book is out of date in terms of card counting,there are better book out there today. What htis book offers is how to avoid getting caught by not getting out of the typical sterotype of a card counter and look more like a regular gambler. Anyone that in card counting or thinking about should read this book.
The challenge of cardcounting is not learning to do it, but "conning" the pit personnel into letting you do it.
I was the stereotypical counter till I read this book (felt guilty, avoided contact with pit supervisors, neglected value of rapport with dealers). The result was very quick shuffles and even being told not to make any more blackjack bets.
Since I have adopted the mind set described in this book and the resultant behaviors, (engage pit personnel in conversations that interest them, appear to play just for fun and the money means nothing, dress like you can afford to lose) I have enjoyed deep penetration into single decks for multiple hours at a time (the difference that makes the difference).
I agree with the top authors on the game that this is the best book on casino comportment and developing your "act".