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Throw her heart
This next book in the Marjory Fleming series is excellent. It is well edited and some of the too long, tedious sentences at the beginning of the first novel are not in this book. The writing is much crisper. Ms. Templeton has enviable talent in weaving a great story while developing the characters so that you become involved with them and begin to get inside their heads and thought processes. She also creates atmosphere so that you can almost visualize where the story takes place. You can "feel" the cold and bitter winds, or snow, or rain coming from the sea or over the moor, or the warmth of a blazing fire with a glass of brandy or Scotch in your hand. I lose myself in her books. I have already read a few more of her books and haven't been disappointed yet. I put one down only to pick up another one. She has a very fertile and talented mind, and I hope she doesn't run out of plot ideas any time soon.

One of my favorite genres of books is murder mysteries that keep you turning pages and in suspense almost to the end of the book. Also, another quality I appreciate in her books is that she doesn't feel the need to use obscenities and graphic sex to make her books interesting. In fact, she uses virtually none of either. It's refreshing and it's obvious that the story and characters carry the story. I've discarded reading not a few books because the unrelenting cursing and sex are distracting and often are "filler" for less than a stellar story. Ms. Templeton doesn't need to employ either of these except for emphasis occasionally. She has an amazing story telling talent.
A dead sheep starts it all in this exciting book. An elderly man is shot in his doorway. An elderly woman is harassed by motorcycle riding teens. Tam is coming off sick leave and anxious to get involved - even though he hasn't been cleared yet for duty. Margery feels overwhelmed at the number of potential suspects. Discounting them one by one, she gets closer to finding out the truth. The suspects? The elderly woman, the snobbish nephew and his wife? The surprise grandson? We'll find out in this excellent thriller by Aline Templeton.
I am fairly new to the series but am finding them to be quite addictive. This is first rate procedural writing with the huge benefit of truly well crafted characters. These are not just quick read diversions, as so many others in the mystery category are, but rather good reads to be savored. You can get yourself lost in both the Scottish countryside and complex recurring characters you wind up caring a good deal about.
A very happy accidental find for me. It's always nice to read a series in order, but you can start anywhere in this series and have a good read.
These DI Fleming mysteries seem to get better and better. A series of killings. Investigative blind alley after blind alley. The frustration among the usually brilliant detectives is palpable. And just when you think you know whodunnit and why, you realize you didn't know anything.
All of the books written by Aline Temoleton has been superb. I even look at other sights to fine the ones I have missed. The suspense is always there. I would like to spank the daughter sometimes. I'm glad she is going off to University, although I I expect she will be getting into things that will involve her mother coming to her rescue.
This mystery is like wrapping up in a soft, old robe in the cold winter. I am comfortable with the plot and the characters are well developed. This is my first Marjory Fleming thriller. In fact, I consider it a mystery, like a well done Agatha Christie, which I read in my younger years. Enjoyed this immensely.
Well drawn characters and a mystery to keep you guessing til the last page. I have read her 3 previous mysteries and plan to read all in the series.
This was an absorbing read. I wasn't able to read non stop but would have if I could. Love the character development, being surprised at each twist of plot, and a plot that had me thinking about it when I wasn't reading.