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by Margaret Wise Brown

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ISBN: 0439389224
ISBN13: 978-0439388450
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Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic (2002)
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 200
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I can't explain why my 2-year-old loves this book so much, but he does. We've borrowed it from the library so many times over the last year we finally just got him his own copy for Christmas. When we have it from the library, it's the only thing he wants to read. When we have to give it back, he talks about it and repeats snippets to himself from memory.

I thought it was an odd book at first -- so different from what I was expecting, I suppose -- but I have come to enjoy it very much myself. Another reviewer said it grows on you and I agree with that. It is a gentle, calm world, full of the kind of observations a child would make, expressed in the way a child would express them. It has also generated a lot of fruitful bedtime conversations with my son -- about family relationships, about the rhythms of the day, about "the way things used to be."

I'm happy to be adding this to our permanent collection and I know my son will be, too.
Like just about everyone who purchased this book, we ordered it because my daughter absolutely LOVES Goodnight Moon. This book was just strange. It just kind of goes through and compares "my" things to Mommy and Daddy's things.
I hated it the first time I ready it, but it has started to grow on me. My daughter doesn't mind it and will sit through it, but I think that's only because the illustration is so familiar. When she sees specific things that were also in Goodnight Moon, she tells them goodnight and quotes from the other book,
I wouldn't buy this on again.....

EDIT: I'm upping my review from 2 to 4 starts. My daughter now refuses to read Goodnight Moon without following it up with My World.
My 1yo son absolutely loves Goodnight Moon, and brings the book to me throughout the day for multiple readings. I was so excited to learn there was a companion book!
Before purchasing, I read poor reviews annoyed that this did not rhyme. I scoffed, sure that the book must retain at least some of its predecessor's charm. I was so wrong. The problem is not that it doesn't rhyme, but that there is no rhythm at all. In fact it seems crafted with the sole purpose of being as jarring and awkward as possible. In most children's books, the obvious repetition has a soothing effect; here it calls to mind the addled ramblings of an unwell mind. If I had to leave a one-word review: unpleasant.
Also my son didn't like it and refused to stay for readings. He has good taste!
My child and I haven't read this in a while. We would read it around the time she started talking and pointing things in the book out like the baby, the car, the dog. It was an awkward read the first couple of times since it is from the perspective of the toddler/baby. Given that information it is a book to have in the child's collection.
No offense to the late Mrs Brown but this is no Goodnight Moon. It's fine for a one year old as they really just want to hear you talk, but this is frustrating with the flow.
This is an adorable book to add to your collectiom. The poetic flow and colorful illustrations really keep my baby boy engaged! The pages switch between bright colors and black and white! This has become one of our go tos!
purchased this because, who doesn't like Goodnight Moon? well, this book is FREAKY. illustrations are scary. story is so-so. now I know why this book isn't as popular as the aforementioned book by the same author, Margaret Brown. but ill still cautiously open-minded towards trying some of her many.other kid's books.
So, I'm pretty sure that after the success of 'Goodnight Moon', Margret Wise Brown's publishers pushed her and her illustrator to collaborate for a sequel.
I don't care how often you've read 'Goodnight Moon' to your toddler.
I don't care if you've memorized every blessed word and have motions and sound affects to go along with it.
I know you're looking to mix up bedtime but, don't buy this book.
For some sick reason, your toddler will love it.
Trust me, you will not.
The same formula is there, little bunny? Check. Brothel house colors and decorations? Check. Words on two pages, pictures on others? Check. Rhyming? Check.
This book is wrong. The story is off. The pictures and words demand heads be slammed into walls. Rabbits eat fish. The rhyming is over simplified. I wish someone would have warned me with an honest review before I purchased this book; just don't.