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by Dale Bowman

In 2001, Leon Russell Wilkeson, also known as “The Mad Hatter of Southern Rock”, and the bass guitarist of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, was found dead in Ponte Verde Beach, Florida. While declared an accidental death, many friends who knew Leon personally, including his personal manager, Dale Bowman, question many of the strange unexplained events surrounding the mystery of his death. This book is the true story of Dale Bowman’s relationship with Leon Wilkeson as his manager and friend, and gives a behind the scenes glimpse of life on tour with the band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Experience the truth of a normal man swept into the whirlwind of Southern rock and roll, as he travels along with the group in the tour bus, at the concerts, and in the many hotels and locations. Meet the true Leon Wilkeson, a supremely talented man with a unique sense of humor, and a kind soul. Discover the depth of their friendship, as Dale and Leon work their way through the many twists, turns, dips, and high points of a rock star’s life, and still come out smiling. Then learn the starting details surrounding the tragedy of his demise. When the facts of Leon Wilkeson’ s death become apparent, there are many reasons to question what really happened to the popular bass guitarist. This book lays out the strange facts about the death, Leon’s strange behavior before that day, and the puzzling notes left by Leon predicting his own demise. Consider the facts, the history, and the life of Leon Wilkeson as experienced thorough one of his closest friends, Dale Bowman. Draw your own conclusions from the facts, and the truth may shock you.
Download The Unsolved Murder of Lynyrd Skynyrd Bassist Leon Wilkeson epub
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Author: Dale Bowman
Publisher: Jaguar Publsihing (June 15, 2005)
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I do not believe the stuff this guy says. I know all the people involved in this sad story and none have anything nice to say about the author.
First of all, The Unsolved Murder of Lynyrd Skynyrd Bassist Leon Wilkeson, appears to be a self -published book. Because of that fact the book has a number of spelling and formatting errors, but having self-published in the past myself I am aware of what it's like to try to put a book out without the benefit of an editor. But don't let that stop you from reading this book if you are interested in the band or the rock business. Dale Bowman has written a fact filled, extremely interesting book on the last few years of Leon Wilkeson's life as he continued to tour with the post-crash version of Lynyrd Skynyrd - a band that Leon himself is quoted as being nothing but a tribute band - although obviously still a very lucrative band. Mr. Bowman was Leon's personal manager up until the time of Wilkeson's death and joined the band on a number of their tours. His behind the scenes experiences with the band and with Wilkeson, who actually lived at times with Mr. Bowman, shines a particularly seedy light on the underbelly of the rock and roll business. Leon comes off himself as a rather sad, tragic figure who seems to exist only to play his music but is horribly taken advantage of by members of the band and their management and the hangers-on of the music business. Was he murdered? I doubt that that will ever be proven. Wilkeson lived a life style of someone you wouldn't be surprised to hear died in a motel room but if the facts that Mr. Bowman point out are true - there is reason to be suspicious. After all, Leon was an original member of the band and his yearly profits still remain in the very high six figure range and there were a number of people who could profit from his death. All in all it's a good account of some private sleuthing. Just take everything with a grain of salt and go along for the ride.
Dale Bowman was no friend of or to Leon. He was a parasite. This entire book is fantasy. Even after Leon's death Bowman is still trying to make money off Leon's name. Shame on him.
Dale Bowman fails to mention in this book that he was asked to leave Leon's wake because of his behavior, blaming Leon's death on other people. He also fails to mention that Leon told him that he was not to pick him up at the airport and that he would be in Wyoming because he was hiding from Dale Bowman. After years of living in Dale Bowman's basement in a home that he paid for, Leon finally had realized that Dale was taking advantage of him and wanted him out of his life. Leon had been clean and sober and was doing very well for 18 months when in April of 2001, Dale threw him a party for his birthday and gave him drugs. 3 months later, Leon was dead, and was found dead right there near where Dale Bowman lived. If he wanted Dale Bowman to know where he was, and if they were such good friends, then Leon wouldn't have been hiding in a hotel room. Period. Ask ANY Lynyrd Skynyrd band member, and they will tell you that Rick Howe (who Dale slaughters in this book) kept Leon alive probably 4 years longer than he would have lived. Rick Howe put Leon in rehab multiple times and saved his life on more than one occasion, while Dale Bowman tried to babysit Leon and tell people, "He can still have drugs, he just needs me around so I can control it and keep him safe." This book is a ridiculous mockery of the truth, and I'm sure that God is looking down on Dale Bowman with disgust, and that Leon is also looking down on Dale Bowman thinking, "I'm gone and he's STILL trying to make money off of me..."