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Download The World Today: Concepts and Regions in Geography epub

Download The World Today: Concepts and Regions in Geography epub
ISBN: 1118790375
ISBN13: 978-1118790373
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Language: English
Publisher: Wiley; 7 edition
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Rating: 4.9
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Excellent geography textbook. I have used this edition (and the previous edition) for two World Geography classes. The text provides a good overview of concepts related to world geography and divides the world into "Realms". It uses a consistent format of two-part chapters for the majority of the book - the first, an overview of the realm, the second describes regions of that realm. Detailed maps are provided at the beginning of each chapter and within the chapters themselves. This consistency of layout, and an almost conversational writing style provide an easy to read and understand textbook that is suitable for beginning geography students. The Appendix B provides a wealth of demographic data that can be used to easily understand the differences between realms, countries within a realm and between all countries.

Notes about the Kindle version: The book does not fill the whole screen of the Kindle Fire HD, but is a scaled reproduction of the print book (other than some pages that show maps). If reading in the portrait mode, the maps and Appendix B (which in the print book are landscape) will change size and turn (from landscape) to be easily read in the portrait mode. If you can afford it, I encourage you to purchase the physical book, as it is richer, more immersive experience, especially with the maps and appendices.
This book was in fair condition when I received it. I ended up needing a different book for my class so I never read this book but it looks interesting and I will probably read it when I bored one day. There are lots of visual aids throughout the book and it breaks the information into manageable chunks. This seems like a good textbook for Geography.
I dreaded the idea of taking geography last semester, but this book made it a lot deeper than maps and mountains and borders. It discusses relevant topics about each country, is very interesting, and easy to understand. I loved it. I'm making my sister take this class next year in hopes that it will benefit her as much as it did me.
They do a good job with detailing overviews of countries and their realms
I needed this textbook for school and ordering digitally was the way to go. You can even rent digitally, which I definitely suggest, seeing as I don't want the book in my library after the class is over.
It is really entertaining the way it is written ---as a first person story from a guy who has been travelling around the world, commenting the pictures that he took himself.

But I found the overall presentation of the book kinda disappointing. The printing is not the best (some photos have a bit of a "ghost" effect), the covers don't accurately match in width with the pages inside (they are smaller), also one of the pages is wider than the rest and sticks out (I had to cut it), and I was honestly hoping that the covers would be a little bit harder.
This is an excellent textbook, well written with good materials (maps, charts, photos) supplementing the text. I enjoyed the references to current events and that the book is up to date. It was published in 2012 and I am reading it in 2013. The authors did a good job.
I had to buy this book for a geography class I am taking but my whole family has been reading it. No one will let me sell it back after the class is over. The maps are excellent in each chapter. The writing is entertaining enough to not put you to sleep.