» » The Scorpion's Tail: The Relentless Rise of Islamic Militants in Pakistan-And How It Threatens the World

Download The Scorpion's Tail: The Relentless Rise of Islamic Militants in Pakistan-And How It Threatens the World epub

Download The Scorpion's Tail: The Relentless Rise of Islamic Militants in Pakistan-And How It Threatens the World epub
ISBN: 1451627211
ISBN13: 978-1451627213
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Language: English
Publisher: Free Press (2010)
Pages: 256 pages
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This book has allowed me to see the U.S. relationship with Pakistan in a new light. We too often believe the mass media in every news story about what is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan but not the people who haved lived through it. The Scorpion's Tail is a great read with a little more insight to the history of US/Afghan/Pakistan relations and the amount of support the insurgency is getting from a nation that is given so much international funding from the U.S. specifically. Good read and thank you.
Excellent book! This is a great read for all knowledge levels of Middle East relations. If you don't have much knowledge of the Middle East and our relations with Pakistan this will completely fill you in not only what is happening currently but also the 20th century. It is also a great book if you are well educated in current affairs and find yourself somewhat frustrated with Pakistan and question why they do not do more to help Allied Coalition forces in the destruction of the Taliban on the Af-Pak border. It definitely changed my opinion of Pakistan as our allies and gave me a different review and respect for them, especially after realizing they have been at war with terrorism right there with us, but in their own country. Also, not sure if the book was updated but some of the reviews I read before I bought the book complained about it being hard to remember locations and regions throughout the entirety of the book. My book came with a map of Pakistan and important surrounding regions right in the beginning so it was a great help to occassionally flip back to and put the pieces together. Would recommend this book to anyone interested in everything going on in our world today.

The take home here is that the old guard of the Al Qaida comprised of a bunch of disaffected Arab and Central Asian Islamists is being replaced by a new generation of highly educated, militarily trained Pakistanis ... and that this shift is detrimental to US security, and to global and regional stability. But actually the whole new Al Qaida movement is wracked with self-contradictory impulses, and it is likely to leave more dead Pakistanis behind than Americans, Afghans, or even Indians.

Okkkkkaaaaayyyyy - Aah... Paging Dr. Obvious, Paging Dr. Obvious... why is this well known fact suddenly the subject of a book?

The book confirms some of the conclusions that I have reached in my own deep dives into the myriad ailments of Pakistan, i.e.

- The Pakistani state lives in a constant (self-imposed) fear of extinction - this psychosis is collectively shared by the government, the media and everyone else who wants to think this way/

- This fear leads the Pakistani state to constantly make deals with the devil. All of these deals rebound on the Pakistan state - reinforcing the same fear that led to the deals in the first place.

- Absent any mechanisms for true accountability, the cycle of fear perpetuates leaving a trail of dead people in its wake.

- And a bunch of observers write all manner of self-serving accounts of the "troubled times in Pakistan".

- And some miserable chump like me actually buys such books and reads them only to discover that whatever is written there is already published in much greater detail elsewhere.

Seriously, my money would have been better spent on the modern classic "How to Avoid Huge Ships" by Capt. Trimmer!
Very good book which deals with many of the ongoing challenges that Pakistan faces.
Forcing a review to have a minimum number of words is silly and stupid. so there so there so there!
a poorly written and poorly thought out book. you need to have a detailed map of the countries and regions burned into your head. author also assumes you are already aware of all the foreign named persons in the book. don't buy it unless you are a geography expert and student of islam.
Whether it is Bush or Obama, the United States is faced with an unpleasant task. Do we negotiate with a bunch of medieval killers (the Taliban), or stay the long hard road and try to defeat them militarily? The Pakastanis don't want to face this choice and have chose the negotiating route, although in probability, it is the route we will go down. In the meantime, there are Americans and civilians dying. There is no quick solution. Hussain shows that the Taliban, al Queda, and other fundamentalists all share the same hatred of Americans. When drones kill killers, they complain because we are violating their sovereignty, and when the drones kill civilians, there is a blood debt. I guess they didn't think 9/11 was a big deal, since they blame the Zionists for that massacre, or else say it was a conspiracy. Either way, the United States faces two unreliable allies and feckless politicians not wanting to face the terrorism of the Taliban.

This is an interesting though disturbing reading. It is scary to believe a Taliban government ruling both Pakistan and Afghanistan. This book shows it is a very real possibility.
This book is what Paul Harvey said "the rest of the story". This story explains the story behind events we see in Pakistan. I think any thinking person who will read this book then find sleeping a little difficult. You will see a nuclear armed Pakistan that does match the image we want.

The book covers both the history of Pakistan plus recent events over the past few years. I think everyone will have seen these events on the news as the last story before the broadcast runs the daily feel good story of the day. However this book will give you the rest of the story. The book starts out with a good history of the nation. You will see then how the history of the nation really shapes events today. It covers the story of the Swat valley invasion, the terrorist attacks, the assassinations and more. You will see how the western press has minimized these events in the interest of time. An how these events were much more serious and extensive than the news said. Normally that would be just another day in the third world. However this third world nation has nuclear arms. That is what will keep you up.

A great book for any serious student on world affairs.