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by Ann Downer

Poor Theodora Oglethorpe! Her biologist father has gone off to explore the jungles of Laos without her, her two best friends are away on vacation, and a long, hot, lonely Boston summer is all she has to look forward to. Poor Gideon Wycca, his pet wyvern, has disappeared through a magic hole in time in search of a place to lay her egg. Kobold, Gideon's rival wizard, wants nothing more than to capture Wycca and turn her against her master. In a desperate attempt to rescue Wycca from Kobold's evil clutches, Gideon follows her through the magic hole...and finds himself transported from his castle in thirteenth century England to the terrifyingly modern world of 2002. Little does Gideon know that what he needs most in order to find his wyvern is stuck to the bottom of Theodora's shoe. And little does Theodora know that Gideon is the reason why her summer vacation has begun to seem a whole lot more interesting...
Download Hatching Magic epub
ISBN: 0439692423
ISBN13: 978-0439692427
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Author: Ann Downer
Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc; English Language edition (2004)
Pages: 242 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 298
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Kiddo loved it
Great book. Arrived on time.
The book Hatching Magic, by Ann Downer, is about a wizard, Gideon, from thirteenth century England who looses his wyvern, Wycca, through a bolt-hole to a different Where and When and ends up following her to twenty-first century Boston, Massachusetts. A girl, Theodora Oglethorpe, who suddenly finds his wyvern trump card on the bottom of her shoe, but if it falls into the hands of Gideon's half brother, Kobold, Kobold will gain more power and try to get his revenge on Gideon. Wycca, who's hatchling is about to come out of her shell, is also having trouble finding a nice comfortable place to hide her nest from the new world. As Gideon explores the new world he is introduced to Professor Iain Merlin O'Shea who works at Harvard University. Merlin, as he is called in the book, shows Gideon all the new technology of the twenty-first century. With the help of some magic and friends Gideon gets his card back and returns to thirteenth century England with Wycca and Theodora has an exciting summer and gets to actually touch a real, live wyvern. This book is interesting and adventurous with action. I'd recommend this to someone who likes fantasies and magic.

This book is interesting because the author makes the book seem real like it could happen. The book is also interesting because the details of different characters are so perfect and that the author doesn't say that the animal is a dragon, the author says it's a wyvern and that's what gets me thinking that it's real. It's also interesting how the author tells the reader how Gideon is seeing things in the new world. When the author is talking about him she'll explain what things he finds new to him how he sees it. The author does that with every character. The names in this book are interesting too, like Gideon, Wycca, Kobold, Febrys, and Oglethorpe. The first four names mentioned are from medieval times it seems like, and Oglethorpe is an outrageous name I've never heard of.

This book is adventurous because once Theodora finds the wyvern trump card everything gets put into place and everyone's trying to get something from the other. Febrys, the demon serving for Kobold, acts as a human woman in public who has foot problems. She also can go into someone's body and act as that person, and just like Gideon, although, they are from thirteenth century England. At the end of the story Gideon and Kobold are fighting for the wyvern trump card and they yell spells at each other trying to kill each other for the card. It's also adventurous when Theodora's trying to take care of the baby wyvern because Wycca had fallen in flight with the baby and were separated. Febrys was in Mikko, the caretaker for the Oglethorpe household, so Theodora was noticing differences like when Mikko made the omelet of eggshells and anchovy dip with dish detergent apple juice. Theodora had to try and feed the wyvern but it every time she did it threw up on her.

Also this book has some action at the end where Kobold and Gideon were fighting with spells. Kobold made Gideon sink into a hole in the floor of the Oglethorpe household. Then Gideon said a spell that created Kobold's coat into live moles that itched really badly. Then Kobold made Ouroboros, Gideon's trusted snake into an anaconda to suffocate Gideon which cracked one of his rib bones. Then Gideon yelled a spell which created bees all over Kobold's face. What topped it off though was Kobold's banned spell that produced a ghost of Gwenylyn, Gideon's love when he was sixteen.

This book is recommended to people who like fantasy and magic because it's a story of a wyvern and a wizard that go through a bolt-hole through time to a century 800 years later. People will like the interesting and adventurous parts finally because it's a story about magic, wyverns, demons, and wizards that makes anything adventurous.

T. Shepard
Ann Downer brings out her creativity in the magical adventure Hatching Magic. Published by Scholastic Inc., the first copy was printed in September 2004. Hatching Magic is so new it hasn't had any chance to win award but in the future it probably will.

Wycca, a wyvern, goes through a bolt hole (a way to travel through time) from the 14th century to present day 2002. Wycca's owner, a wizard, follows her. Wycca's owner's enemy also goes through the bolt hole. Wycca finds a nest and has a baby and they both have many adventures that lead them to Theodora's house(she is a girl that is obsessed wyverns). Wycca's owner meets another wizard and their tracking of Wycca leads them to the same house. The evil wizard and his demon also have adventures that lead them to Theodora's home. There, it all comes down to a very fierce duel between evil and good. I wonder, who will win?

Downer's amazing voice make it seem as if the characters come right into your life and have adventures with you watching, not reading. Her perfect sentence fluency makes the story flow like warm milk going down your throat. Her wonderful word choice makes everything else go black. With these traits Downer pulls you through new time zones, shows you new creatures you never knew about, and introduces you to the world of magic. Teachers, librarians, and students, I would recommend you to visit your local book store and buy this book.
Hatching Magic was definitely one of my favorite books of all time. I liked the book because of mostly one reason. The main character was one of the best that I have ever read about. Her name was Theodora, and I think that I would not have liked this book at all if she was not in the book. She made the whole book worthwhile. At the beginning of the book, her father was going on a trip by himself, and she was not allowed to go. "Dodo" was left behind with her sitter, Mikko, and that is what started one of the best summer vacations of her life. She was a strong, and awesome character. She was also brave, I don't think that I would have survived a summer of wizards, mythical creatures, and magic on my own. I say again, without Theodora, this book would be terrible. Most people would have liked this book mostly because of the wizard, Gideon, But I think that Gideon was one of the characters that I could ignore. When the story came to a part that included Gideon, but not Theodora, I could not wait until the next chapter so that I could get the story of my favorite character in the book.
Hatching Magic , by Ann Downer is a fantasy book. Published in 2003 by Atheneum Books, this book was recommended by the Scholastic Book fair.

One minute, Gideon is having fun with his pet wyvern, Wycaa. The next minute, Wycaa is sent from 13th century England to Boston Mass., 2002. When Gideon thinks losing his pet is bad enough, Wycaa is having a baby! So Gideon goes to Boston and meets up with another wizard, Merlin O'shea. Together they look for Wycaa. Evil also takes place in this novel. Gideon's brother, Kobold, also wants to find Wycaa. Wycaa's hatchling ends up with Theodora Ogelethorpe, who's fascinated with magic. And so begins a tale of adventure, suspense, and excitement.

Ann Downer really uses a lot of vivid words in her writing, like malpractice, and oasis. The author also uses good similes. Here's a good sentence I liked- " His red suspenders stretched out like a bungee cord over a cliff" (pg. 59). The whole story flows like thread. She doesn't get too full of ideas and make the story blow up.

I would recommend this book for people who believe in magic, and for patient readers. I have to admit, the story gets kind of slow in the last half. If you like this, then you might like the Charlie Bone series. Hatching Magic is a fabulous book!!!!